wholesale real estate

What Is Wholesale Real Estate? (And How It Affects Landlords)

Wholesaling is not a new practice, but is growing in popularity in the current investing world. Wholesale real estate involves a middleman finding a seller rather than the buyer or the buyer’s agent handling this marketing and research process. But what is it about wholesaling that’s valuable to real estate investors and even landlords working…Read More

how to buy an auction property

How To Buy A House At Auction (And Why You Should)

It’s a common belief that buying auction homes is a great way to find a deal and expand your portfolio when working as a landlord. Experienced landlords, however, will tell you that simply knowing how to buy an auction property is not enough. You must also learn when the risk is worth it because buying…Read More

How To Sell A Tenant-Occupied Property (Notice Template Included)

Updated June 2022 There are many reasons for landlords to get into the real estate investment business, and there are just as many reasons for them to exit it. In other words, there may come a time where a property owner decides to put a rental home on the market and look for a buyer….Read More

reddit for real estate

Real Estate Reddit: How Community-Based Learning Is Beneficial

Reddit is home to more than 2.8 million subreddits, and there are more than 100,000 active communities on the site. Some of those subreddits, like r/realestate, are spaces specifically for real estate discussion. Here, you’ll find many landlords, investors, and buyers all talking about the latest market news and beyond. Are these communities on Reddit…Read More

best places to buy rental properties

Where To Buy Rental Property: A RentPrep Guide

Every landlord would love to know the best places to buy rental properties, but determining what is ideal for each business can vary. What are the best places for rental property nationwide, and can those locations be a good investment for your own business? By learning about the best places for rental property both near…Read More

rental market predictions

Rental Market Forecast: What All Landlords Should Know

Every year brings new challenges to the rental market, and this year will be no different. The past few years have been particularly volatile as society struggled with ongoing crises and rapid housing market changes. What is the rental market forecast looking like now? Like other market experts and analysts, we’ve taken time to examine…Read More

conventus llc review

Conventus LLC Review For Landlords (Rating and Analysis)

When you’re interested in buying more properties, renovating new flips, or otherwise expanding your rental industry, there may come a time when you need to investigate hard money loans to fund your business expansion. Traditional loan structures do not always fit the needs of an entrepreneur; non-traditional lenders can work out for many landlords and…Read More

bank prospector reviews

How Investors Use Bank Prospector To Get REOs & Notes (Review)

For many interested in real estate investing, they are constantly looking for ways to buy the right properties and notes in order to turn a good deal. Buying off-market homes, non-performing notes, and REOs that banks have been holding onto for too long can turn major profits. The problem with all of these techniques, however,…Read More

profit drive reviews

Profit Drive: How This App Improves Real Estate Investing

Driving-for-dollars (also known as D4D) is a time-honored tradition in the world of real estate investing. Using this method, investors drive around target neighborhoods looking for potential properties and collecting information. They use this information to pull up records to find out if the property might be a worthwhile investment, and then they begin trying…Read More

pensco trust company reviews

Pensco Trust Company Reviews For Investment Landlords

As a smart investor, you’re looking towards the future, considering the investment options you have, and wondering if there are other ways for you to diversify your retirement and investment portfolios. Many people in your situation consider changing up their IRA (individual retirement account) management style and doing some type of IRA-directed investments, but it…Read More