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4 Best Tenant Screening Services [2024 Edition]

Choosing tenants is an essential part of your rental business. With the right tenants in your properties, your business will be better managed and more secure than if you are stuck with tenants that don’t align with your business model. Do you know how to choose tenants effectively? Do you take the necessary time to…Read More

Step 8: What Does a Rental Background Check Consist Of?

What Does a Rental Background Check Show?

A rental background check is a vital part of the tenant screening process. Its purpose is to take a deeper look at rental applicants who might seem like the right fit on paper.  Background checks allow landlords to identify red flags and avoid problematic tenants. But what is a rental background check, really? And how…Read More

Step 7: Free Rental Application Form

Tenant Screening Form [Free Rental Application Download]

Our free rental application form is completely free for landlords like you to use and will provide you with the necessary information to make the best decision when it comes to whom you’re renting to. Your Free Rental Application Includes… Permission from the applicant for you to run a background check, gather credit information and…Read More

Step 5: Questions to Ask Potential Tenants

20 Key Questions to Ask Potential Tenants

When trying to find the right tenant, you can save yourself a lot of time by knowing what questions to ask potential tenants. Marketing a vacant rental property means you will be getting emails and phone calls from interested prospective tenants with all kinds of questions. Save time for both you and the interested caller…Read More

Step 3: Tenant Screening Criteria

How to Create an Ironclad Tenant Selection Criteria

Establishing the criteria you want to select a good tenant is not always fun and easy. It might feel like you’re unnecessarily showing your cards or taking decision-making out of your hands by listing your criteria. However, the more prepared you are the more confident you may be in finding a highly qualified tenant.  …Read More

Step 1 :Tenant Screening Checklist

The Ultimate Tenant Screening Checklist [Free Download]

RentPrep is your go-to for anything tenant screening. From blog posts, to guides to downloadable landlord forms, we’ve got everything you need while you’re on your rental property journey. For right now, we’ll start off with a brief one-page checklist for screening a tenant. It’s handy to have a one-pager to gain the bird’s eye…Read More

How to Calculate NOI

Net Operating Income Calculator: What’s Your NOI?

Whether you’re expanding your rental business or deciding which properties should be your focus moving forward, knowing how to calculate the income-producing value of your properties is essential. Landlords often use NOI calculations to help with these complex decisions. Are you familiar with NOI and the value of a good NOI calculator? NOI, also known…Read More

How to read a transunion full credit report [2023] (1)

Landlord Guide: How To Read A SmartMove Report [2024]

Updated April 2024 Congratulations! You’ve embarked on the crucial journey of tenant screening, a vital step in ensuring the right fit for your rental property. As a diligent landlord, you’ve already run a background check, and now you have your results in hand. But here’s the question: What does it all mean? In this comprehensive…Read More

rental application fees

A Landlord’s Guide To Rental Application Fees (50 States)

Updated July 2023 Are you a landlord looking to charge and manage rental application fees? Navigating the legalities can be tricky, but fear not! We’re here to simplify it for you. Rental application fees serve to cover administrative costs like credit checks and checking references, and most states allow landlords to charge them. However, each…Read More

Illegal Rental Application Questions

12 Illegal Questions To Ask Rental Applicants

As a landlord, you want to find the perfect tenant, but also want to make sure not to ask illegal rental application questions. With that, that means carefully screening applicants and getting to know them as best you can. But, there are questions that landlords cannot ask an interested renter. Part of the process of…Read More