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What is a Lease

What Is A Lease? A Guide To Rental Agreements For Landlords

Understanding leases is crucial for landlords. After all, the lease is the backbone of your rental business, defining the rules of engagement between you and your tenants. It’s your rental playbook, safeguarding both your interests and those of your renters. In this guide, we’ll break down lease jargon, explaining what a lease is, what key…Read More

can landlords change rules mid lease

Understanding Lease Modifications: A Landlord’s Guide to Legal Changes and Tenant Agreements

Discover the essential dos and don’ts for landlords considering lease changes. Learn when and how to legally adjust your rental agreements to align with your business needs without breaking into legal pitfalls. Key Takeaways Tenant Consent is Mandatory: Lease changes require agreement from both landlord and tenant, typically through a lease addendum. Use of Lease…Read More

Ground Lease

What Is A Ground Lease? Benefits And Risks

Forbes once recognized ground leases as an often-overlooked development solution, but what advantages do they offer to businesses and property owners alike? With a ground lease, the landlord leases their property for an extended period, usually 49-99 years. But it’s not a standard lease where the landowner manages the property and must approve any developments…Read More

renting out a room in your house

How To Rent Out A Room In Your Home

Most people think of landlords and tenants living in separate spaces, but what about when you decide to rent out a room in your home? When you do this, you become a landlord just as surely as if you owned another building that you would be renting out completely. Still, the rules and regulations might…Read More

who needs to sign the lease?

Understanding Lease Signings: Who Should Be On the Lease And Why

Navigating lease signings involves understanding who needs to be on the lease, from minors to adult children, and the implications of each. Key Takeaways: Legal tenants are those of legal age who sign the lease. Minors should be listed as occupants, not tenants. Adult children (18+) should be on the lease for legal clarity. Co-signers…Read More

What Is A Triple Net Lease?

What Is A Triple Net Lease & How Does It Work?

It’s widely agreed upon in the rental industry that the bottom line of your success often relies on your lease. Ensuring that this document is clear, thorough, and legal further ensures that you can profit while protecting your assets. For commercial landlords, an NNN, or triple net, lease is often considered the best-case scenario depending…Read More

Lease Renewal Notices: Letters For Landlords And Tenants

Mastering Lease Renewals and Non-Renewals: A Comprehensive Guide for Landlords and Tenants

Navigate the complexities of lease renewal and non-renewal notices with clarity and confidence through this essential guide for landlords and tenants. Key Takeaways: Legal requirements for non-renewal letters and lease renewals. Step-by-step templates for landlords and tenants. State-specific notice periods for lease non-renewals. Answers to frequently asked questions in lease management. As a lease draws…Read More

Simple Landlord Guide: Adding Someone to a Lease

Adding Someone To A Lease: RentPrep’s Simple Landlord Guide

Updated December 2023 Your rental lease agreement is more than just a piece of paper—it’s a legal roadmap defining who lives in your property, their financial commitments, and maintenance responsibilities. When a current tenant wants to bring in a new roommate, it’s not just about rearranging furniture but updating that crucial legal contract. Lease agreements…Read More

Renting a house vs apartment

The Difference Between Renting A House And Renting An Apartment: A Landlord’s Guide

Considering whether to invest in single-family homes or an apartment complex is a crucial decision for landlords looking to expand their portfolios. The choice between renting out a house vs. an apartment involves various factors that can significantly impact your investment strategy.  What are the key differences in property investment, tenant demographics, and landlord obligations…Read More

tenant breaks lease before moving in

What Happens If A Tenant Breaks Their Lease Before Moving In?

Updated September 2023 You’ve recently gone through the lengthy process of finding and screening a new tenant for your rental property. Both parties have signed the lease. But then the tenant suddenly contacts you to let you know about their change of plans and that they no longer intend to move in. As a landlord,…Read More