write rental reference letter

Top Tips For Writing A Rental Reference Letter – RentPrep

Updated December 2021 As a landlord, you’ve likely asked prospective tenants for a landlord reference. Now, learn how to write a rental reference letter for your own tenants, with all the necessary details. Many landlords have answered phone calls to give tenant recommendations, but tenants may also ask for a physical written letter from time…Read More

escrow account for security deposit

Escrow Account For Security Deposit: A Guide For Landlords

Updated November 2021 Did you know that you might be required to keep the funds given to you as a security deposit for your rental unit in an escrow account? Security deposits often need to be managed in specific ways, but not all landlords know this. There are laws for where to keep tenant security…Read More

tenant dies in your rental property

What Should A Landlord Do When A Tenant Dies? (RentPrep)

Updated November 2021 Thinking about death is always a complicated topic, and it can be difficult trying to handle this sensitive situation whenever it affects your business. Working as a landlord, there’s a chance that you will have to face the task of doing business when a tenant dies in your rental property. You should…Read More

landlords offer move in specials

5 Apartment Move-In Specials To Offer (And How They Work)

Updated November 2021 Wondering if landlords who offer move-in specials are onto something? Or are they just wasting their time? Rental markets across the country can be very competitive. With more properties than ever on the market in some areas, landlords have to find ways to make their properties and businesses stand out from the…Read More

landlord llc

LLC For Rental Property Management: Does It Make Sense?

Updated November 2021 Landlords both new and experienced often come to the same point in their career. That is the point when they start to wonder whether or not they should create a landlord LLC (Limited Liability Company) to better manage their rental property. Most landlords in the rental industry get curious about LLCs because…Read More

eviction and foreclosure moratorium

What Does The Eviction Moratorium Mean For Landlords?

Updated November 2021 As COVID-19 continues to play a role in how you do business as a landlord, you’ve likely gotten more accustomed to how eviction and foreclosure moratoriums have been used over the last year to help renters, homeowners, and landlords navigate the pandemic. Multiple phases of the moratorium on evictions have been implemented,…Read More

how to calculate prorated rent

How To Figure Out Prorated Rent: Why It Matters To Landlords

Updated November 2021 When a tenant won’t be living at your property for a full month, it’s unlikely they will want or be willing to pay for an entire month’s rent. And you shouldn’t expect them to! Instead, you should make the most of flexible move-in dates while still keeping consistent rent due dates by…Read More

rent inspection

What Can A Landlord Look At During An Inspection? (FAQs)

Updated November 2021 New landlords often underestimate the importance of doing regular rental property inspections, but experienced landlords will tell you just how helpful they can be to boost your profit margins. Why are rent inspections so necessary, and why should you make sure that you work these into your regular management routine? Without regular…Read More

notice of termination of lease

Termination Of Lease: How Landlords Should Write This Notice

Updated November 2021 While no landlord wants to have to write this type of notice, you must learn how to handle a notice of termination of lease. Whether the tenant has broken the lease or you are changing the property in a way that requires them to go, a termination notice is a must. However,…Read More

how often should landlords paint rental properties

Landlord Painting Responsibilities: When Should You Paint?

Updated November 2021 It’s easy to know that you need to repaint your rental property when there are clear damages or when you are getting it ready to rent for the first time, but what happens after that? How often should landlords paint rental properties to keep them in the best condition and habitable for…Read More