can you evict a tenant without a lease

How To Evict Someone Who Is Not On The Lease (Guide)

Updated September 2021 The real estate world creates a lot of unique challenges that can be difficult to address without previous experience. From intricate tax rules to changing rental laws, it’s hard to know how to handle new situations. One complex question that many landlords have is: Can you evict a tenant without a lease?…Read More

credit freeze background check

Landlord Guide To Credit Freezes & Apartment Applications

Updated August 2021 What do a credit freeze and background check have in common? For landlords trying to find the best tenants for their rental properties, credit freezes can present an interesting situation to navigate. What do you do when information on a tenant’s recent credit history isn’t readily available? Landlords should always run a…Read More

how to handle inherited tenants

Landlord Guide: What’s Next After Inheriting Tenants?

Updated August 2021 Buying new investment properties offers fantastic opportunities for your rental business, but it’s not always possible to buy vacant properties. Sometimes properties come with rental contracts already in place, and that means it is time for you to learn how to handle inherited tenants. Inheriting tenants doesn’t need to be a difficult…Read More

tenant screening without social security number

Doing A Background Check Without SSN From Applicant: How-To

Updated August 2021 As a landlord, you might be at a loss for what to do whenever a rental applicant doesn’t provide their Social Security number (SSN). After all, choosing the right tenant for your property requires tenant screening, and it’s not possible to do tenant screening without a Social Security number, right? That’s not…Read More

Zibo RentPrep

RentPrep Partners With Zibo And Joins Zibo Marketplace

It is more important than ever to protect your rentals by finding trustworthy tenants in today’s day and age. Even though it would be great if every tenant paid their rent on time, kept noise levels down, and carefully maintained a property, this just isn’t the case. In reality, bad tenants can fly under the…Read More

verify social security income rental

Landlord Guide: How To Verify Social Security Income Of A Potential Tenant

Updated August 2021 To be a successful landlord and property manager, you need to be filling your properties with the tenants that fit best. Often, this means ensuring that the tenants can afford to rent your unit. Though you may not have done this before, you may need to verify the Social Security income of…Read More

long bankruptcy reportable consumer report

Guide: How Long Can Bankruptcy Information Be Reported?

Updated August 2021 A comprehensive credit and financial history is a key component of every tenant screening report. But how long is bankruptcy reportable on these consumer reports? Due to how closely linked bankruptcy, credit, and debt are, they are all considered public records and are included on consumer credit reports. However, not all bankruptcies…Read More

holdover tenant

Tenant Won’t Leave After Lease: A Landlord Action Guide

Updated July 2021 Keeping tenants on regular leases is the preference of experienced landlords, but sometimes, you end up with a holdover tenant that stays at the property beyond the official tenancy period. How can this precarious situation end up affecting your business long term? There are potential positive and negative outcomes of this situation,…Read More

marketing ideas that will fill rental vacancies quickly

How To Attract Tenants In A Tough Market: 5 Great Ideas

Updated July 2021 Looking for marketing ideas that will fill rental vacancies quickly? Finding the right tactics to use when trying to market a new property is difficult, but filling vacancies is essential for any successful rental business. A vacant rental property is like a pimple on the complexion of your real estate investment business—it’s…Read More

security deposit mistakes

How To: Avoid 4 Common Landlord Security Deposit Mistakes

Updated July 2021 Collecting security deposits from tenants is an essential part of being a landlord. However, handling security deposits is one of the most rule-specific responsibilities of a landlord’s financial world. If you make one of many potential security deposit mistakes, you could be on the hook for big fines or penalties. Every state…Read More