rent payment apps

The Best Rent Collection Apps For Landlords (RentPrep Guide)

For decades, rent collection was primarily done via cash or checks, but that has changed dramatically in the last decade. Now, rent payment apps and other online payment systems are taking over the industry. Landlords, both new and experienced, must learn more about these rent collection apps to see how to best utilize these updated…Read More

property inspection checklist

Rental Property Inspection Checklist: What You Should Check

Before buying a new investment property, it is essential that you work through your rental property inspection checklist and ensure that you are making a wise choice. Inspections done by you and by professional home inspectors will help you better evaluate potential repair and renovation expenses and rentability. If you choose to skip an official…Read More

landlord friendly states

Best States To Be A Landlord: A Simple RentPrep Guide

Landlord-friendly states have laws and procedures that allow landlords to exert more control over their properties. That’s why many small business owners are attracted to working as a landlord in these areas. From the eviction process to programs like rent control, many parts of landlord-tenant law tend to favor tenants. However, not all states slant…Read More

california abandoned property law

When Is Property Considered Abandoned In California? (Landlord Guide)

Most new landlords think that the most stressful part of their job is going to be dealing with trying eviction cases. In reality, however, other challenging issues may be even more frustrating. One example is abandoned property, and all landlords should be familiar with California abandoned property law if they’re renting housing in the state….Read More

who will pick up furniture donations for free

Can I Donate Furniture With Free Pickup? (Landlord Guide)

When tenants move out, landlords often end up with many things that need to be donated or hauled away, and it can become a real expense to pay for these processes. This leaves many landlords wondering the same thing: Who will pick up furniture donations for free? Donating furniture in good condition that is left…Read More

marketplace rentals

Houses For Rent On Marketplace: How Ads On Facebook Work

Landlords have an incredible number of options when it comes to advertising their rentals. From local newspapers to online portals, renters browse properties almost everywhere. Marketplace rentals, which are listings on Facebook, are rapidly becoming a place these tenants browse. Do Marketplace rentals near me help landlords find great tenants, or is this just another…Read More

rent split calculator

Rent Split Calculator For Tenants (Landlord Guide)

Once you sign a lease with your tenants, how they decide to split the rent between them is out of your hands. However, it’s good practice as a landlord to be aware of the tools tenants may use and what troubles they might encounter. One tool worth knowing more about is a rent split calculator….Read More

reddit for real estate

Real Estate Reddit: How Community-Based Learning Is Beneficial

Reddit is home to more than 2.8 million subreddits, and there are more than 100,000 active communities on the site. Some of those subreddits, like r/realestate, are spaces specifically for real estate discussion. Here, you’ll find many landlords, investors, and buyers all talking about the latest market news and beyond. Are these communities on Reddit…Read More

best places to buy rental properties

Where To Buy Rental Property: A RentPrep Guide

Every landlord would love to know the best places to buy rental properties, but determining what is ideal for each business can vary. What are the best places for rental property nationwide, and can those locations be a good investment for your own business? By learning about the best places for rental property both near…Read More

rental market predictions

Rental Market Forecast: What All Landlords Should Know

Every year brings new challenges to the rental market, and this year will be no different. The past few years have been particularly volatile as society struggled with ongoing crises and rapid housing market changes. What is the rental market forecast looking like now? Like other market experts and analysts, we’ve taken time to examine…Read More