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What You Need To Know About California Rent Increase Laws

What You Need To Know About California Rent Increase Laws

Updated November 2023 In recent years, California has seen significant changes in legislation impacting landlords and rental properties. Since the end of 2019, the state has implemented a series of laws that place restrictions on when, how often, and by how much landlords can raise rents, aiming to address the severe housing shortage and homelessness…Read More

What is Lifetime Rent

What Is Lifetime Rent? A Guide For Landlords

Are you exploring opportunities in the real estate market that cater to retirement communities or assisted living homes? If so, you may encounter a unique contract known as lifetime rent or a life lease. Lifetime rent, commonly observed in retirement villages and assisted living homes, allows tenants to fully control a home within a supported…Read More

Landlord Next Steps: Tenant Didn't Pay Rent and Left

Recovering Unpaid Rent A Landlord’s Guide To Handling Tenant Abandonment

Discover how to handle tenants who leave without paying rent: from proving property abandonment and assessing unpaid dues to legal avenues for recovery, learn strategies to safeguard your investment and mitigate future losses. Key Takeaways Document Everything: Ensure you have proof of the tenant’s abandonment and unpaid rent to support any legal actions. Legal Recourse:…Read More

how to calculate prorated rent

Prorated Rent Calculator + Guide To Collecting

When a tenant won’t be living at your property for a full month, it’s unlikely they will want or be willing to pay for an entire month’s rent. And you shouldn’t expect them to! Instead, you should make the most of flexible move-in dates while still keeping consistent rent due dates by using prorated rent….Read More

friendly rent reminder

Maximizing On-Time Rent Payments: The Effective Use of Friendly Rent Reminders

Navigating timely rent payments can be a delicate balance for landlords. In this guide, we explore the effectiveness of friendly rent reminders and how they can benefit both landlords and tenants in maintaining smooth rental transactions. Key Takeaways: Rent reminders can be a gentle nudge to encourage on-time payments. Depending on your relationship with the…Read More

how to ask for rent money nicely

How To Ask For Rent Money Nicely (Plus A Backup Plan)

When tenants don’t pay rent on time, you are put into a difficult situation. Landlords need to take swift action to ensure that their business doesn’t suffer due to late payments, but not all landlords will be ready to move straight to eviction. Landlords like you should always have a good grasp on what can…Read More

Rent Bureau

Best Rental History Bureaus And How They Work

Rental history bureaus are among the most valuable resources available to landlords in screening tenants. Rent bureaus compile and provide information about potential tenants’ past rental behavior to help landlords better predict if they are the right tenants for their property. These bureaus can also perform criminal background checks and identity verification to flag potential…Read More

raising the rent

How To Raise The Rent On A Property

Updated September 2023 In today’s competitive rental market, it’s common for landlords to raise the rent on their properties periodically. While setting the right rent to attract tenants and maximize value is challenging, the bigger hurdle is often discussing and implementing this rent increase with your tenants. Tenants will often question why their rent is…Read More

What Is Rental Yield? Easy Rental Yield Calculator and Guide

What Is Rental Yield? Easy Rental Yield Calculator & Guide

Owning rental property isn’t all it takes to grow your rental business. Analyzing your properties, markets, and plans is also essential to long-term success. Rental yield is one of the best calculations landlords use to calculate how much they make from their properties. What is it about rental yield that is so powerful? The rental…Read More

Tenant Tracking and How it Helps Landlords

Tenant Tracking And How It Helps Landlords (RentPrep Guide)

A big part of finding success in the rental industry is keeping organized. Believe it or not, it’s not always about having the best rentals in the area but about being able to keep your business running smoothly. Time and other investments are quickly lost when you don’t have things in order. Sometimes, you need…Read More