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raising the rent

How To Raise The Rent On A Property

Updated September 2023 In today’s competitive rental market, it’s common for landlords to raise the rent on their properties periodically. While setting the right rent to attract tenants and maximize value is challenging, the bigger hurdle is often discussing and implementing this rent increase with your tenants. Tenants will often question why their rent is…Read More

rental yield

What Is Rental Yield? Easy Rental Yield Calculator & Guide

Owning rental property isn’t all it takes to grow your rental business. Analyzing your properties, markets, and plans is also essential to long-term success. Rental yield is one of the best calculations landlords use to calculate how much they make from their properties. What is it about rental yield that is so powerful? The rental…Read More

what is a monthly rent concession

What Is A Rent Concession: Landlord Lessons From RentPrep

To some landlords, it might be hard to understand why you would want to give tenants discounts, free rent coverage, and other rent concessions. What is a monthly rent concession, after all, but less money toward your bottom line? In reality, a rent concession is a discount that builds your long-term profit. Even if rent…Read More

tenant tracker

Tenant Tracking And How It Helps Landlords (RentPrep Guide)

A big part of finding success in the rental industry is keeping organized. Believe it or not, it’s not always about having the best rentals in the area but about being able to keep your business running smoothly. Time and other investments are quickly lost when you don’t have things in order. Sometimes, you need…Read More

What You Need To Know About California Rent Increase Laws

Updated June 2022 At the start of 2020, new laws surrounding rent increases and rent control went into effect in California. While many of these rules were simply clarifications of things that were already in place, other rules completely changed the way that landlords must do business in California. In particular, with regard to the…Read More

rental arrears

What Are Rental Arrears? What To Know About Late Rent

If you’ve got a tenant in rental arrears, you’re likely stressing about how it will affect your business in the coming weeks and months. How will you handle the late rent, and how fast do you need to act? Rental arrears are not a good place for tenants to find themselves, but they sometimes don’t…Read More

best online rent payments

What Is The Best Online Rent Payment Service For Landlords?

Collecting rent is central to your business and success as a landlord. What if you could be doing this with more efficiency and effectiveness? Rent collection doesn’t have to be a tedious task, and tracking the payments collected doesn’t need to take up much time. Instead, you could be saving time, money, and your sanity…Read More

rent payment apps

The Best Rent Collection Apps For Landlords (RentPrep Guide)

For decades, rent collection was primarily done via cash or checks, but that has changed dramatically in the last decade. Now, rent payment apps and other online payment systems are taking over the industry. Landlords, both new and experienced, must learn more about these rent collection apps to see how to best utilize these updated…Read More

rent split calculator

Rent Split Calculator For Tenants (Landlord Guide)

Once you sign a lease with your tenants, how they decide to split the rent between them is out of your hands. However, it’s good practice as a landlord to be aware of the tools tenants may use and what troubles they might encounter. One tool worth knowing more about is a rent split calculator….Read More

how to calculate prorated rent

How To Figure Out Prorated Rent: Why It Matters To Landlords

Updated November 2021 When a tenant won’t be living at your property for a full month, it’s unlikely they will want or be willing to pay for an entire month’s rent. And you shouldn’t expect them to! Instead, you should make the most of flexible move-in dates while still keeping consistent rent due dates by…Read More