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tenant destroyed rental property

How To Handle Angry Tenants Who Damage Your Property On Purpose

Updated August 2023 This may be every landlord’s worst nightmare! An angry tenant decides to cause damage to your property on purpose. This could be due to a conflict they’re having with you over rent, repairs, or possibly eviction. Their destructive behavior might be motivated by their own personal issues, but it’s you and your…Read More

landlord-tenant law

Landlord-Tenant Law: The Foundation Of Your Rental Business

If you’re working as a landlord or property manager, you’re likely already familiar with landlord-tenant law. Even if you don’t know these laws by that name, they outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties that must be followed during a tenancy. Landlords unfamiliar with applicable laws often find themselves in trouble. Financial and legal…Read More

landlord retaliation

What Is Landlord Retaliation? Dos And Don’ts For Landlords

When things get frustrating for landlords, retaliation against tenants occasionally happens. Feeling out of control of the property they own, landlords sometimes make the mistake of overstepping their legal boundaries and committing landlord retaliation. Retaliatory action, however, is a serious offense. These actions typically move landlords further from conflict resolution and closer to fines or…Read More

California landlord-tenant law utilities

Utility Laws In California (RentPrep Guide For Landlords)

While landlords are required to provide access to utilities at their rental properties, are they also required to cover the cost of those utilities? Now, you don’t have to pay for utilities for your tenants, but you do have to follow the terms of California landlord-tenant laws on utilities when renting in the state. There…Read More

what a landlord cannot do

What Is Illegal For A Landlord To Do? Must-Know For Landlords

There’s a common misconception that landlords wield more power than tenants when it comes to rentals. While there are state laws that may provide additional rights to one party or another, the truth of the matter is that both landlords and tenants have to abide by specific rules. What a landlord cannot do is clearly…Read More

california abandoned property law

When Is Property Considered Abandoned In California? (Landlord Guide)

Most new landlords think that the most stressful part of their job is going to be dealing with trying eviction cases. In reality, however, other challenging issues may be even more frustrating. One example is abandoned property, and all landlords should be familiar with California abandoned property law if they’re renting housing in the state….Read More

Is BeenVerified Legal For Tenant Screening? (RentPrep Guide)

Updated March 2022 Finding tools to make your work as a landlord more efficient is essential if you want your business to grow. However, it’s also crucial that any tools you use meet reasonable legal standards that must be followed during tenant screening. To that end, is BeenVerified legal to use for tenant screening? There…Read More

Signs Of Meth Lab In Apartment: What Landlords Should Know

Signs Of Meth Lab In Apartment: What Landlords Should Know

Updated February 2022 When assessing the risks to your rental property, have you ever considered the risk of meth labs? Landlords know meth labs are dangerous, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily know how directly those labs could affect their business. Landlords everywhere need to understand the importance of educating themselves on meth labs and…Read More

breaking a lease due to domestic violence

Breaking A Lease Due To Domestic Violence (RentPrep Guide)

Updated January 2022 When a tenant breaks a lease agreement, it’s sure to cause additional property management problems. However, there may be circumstances where the tenant has a good reason to do so. One of the most common scenarios is when there is domestic violence. Landlords must know what to do when tenants are breaking…Read More

landlord llc

LLC For Rental Property Management: Does It Make Sense?

Updated November 2021 Landlords both new and experienced often come to the same point in their career. That is the point when they start to wonder whether or not they should create a landlord LLC (Limited Liability Company) to better manage their rental property. Most landlords in the rental industry get curious about LLCs because…Read More