How To Get Renters Out Of Your House

Updated August 2022 When you are renting out a property, your tenant legally has a right to be in control of the property during their lease period. While this enables you to collect rent when things are going smoothly, it can also cause problems when your property situation changes. If you need to get rid…Read More

Landlords And Cash For Keys: 5 Tips And 5 Common Mistakes

Updated March 2022 Do you know about cash for keys, and if so, do you find it to be a good way to get unwilling tenants to move so you can retake control of your property? Cash for keys is controversial whether you’re talking about a landlord and a tenant or a bank foreclosing on…Read More

eviction and foreclosure moratorium

What Does The Eviction Moratorium Mean For Landlords?

Updated November 2021 As COVID-19 continues to play a role in how you do business as a landlord, you’ve likely gotten more accustomed to how eviction and foreclosure moratoriums have been used over the last year to help renters, homeowners, and landlords navigate the pandemic. Multiple phases of the moratorium on evictions have been implemented,…Read More

how to evict a squatter

Evicting Squatters: An In-Depth Guide For Landlords

Updated November 2021 While squatters taking over your property might seem like something out of an old Western movie, it’s a very real thing that could happen to you or any other landlord. These days, landlords need to learn how to evict a squatter more than ever before. Squatters in modern times are less likely…Read More

what happens if tenant wins eviction

How To Win An Eviction Case (And What Happens If The Tenant Wins)

Updated November 2021 Many landlords consider themselves lucky to get responsible, communicative, and long-term tenants.  However, there are times when you’ll wind up with tenants you’d like to evict. But what happens if the tenant wins the eviction case? When you start renting properties, you’re setting up an investment plan that requires a lot of…Read More

can you evict a tenant without a lease

How To Evict Someone Who Is Not On The Lease (Guide)

Updated September 2021 The real estate world creates a lot of unique challenges that can be difficult to address without previous experience. From intricate tax rules to changing rental laws, it’s hard to know how to handle new situations. One complex question that many landlords have is: Can you evict a tenant without a lease?…Read More

best way to get rid of bad tenants

Easy Landlord Guide: How To Get A Tenant Out ASAP

Updated April 2021 Sometimes, tenants just don’t work out. From causing frequent problems to finding loopholes right and left, there are many ways this can happen. In addition to the loss of income, a bad tenant can add serious stress to your life. Learning the best way to get rid of bad tenants can be…Read More


What Happens In Eviction Court? Preparing For Your Hearing

Updated February 2021 At some point in a landlord’s career, it will be time to attend an eviction court hearing. How to prepare for an eviction court hearing is something many landlords are unfamiliar with because they do not think they will ever be in that situation. However, that’s unlikely to be true. Whether it’s…Read More

how long does it take to evict someone

Best Landlord Cheat Sheet: How Long Does It Take To Evict Someone?

Updated August 2020 Keeping to a timeline is one of the hardest parts of being a landlord. Even when you’ve made lists, plans, and schedules galore, unexpected obstacles can often throw you off by weeks or even months when you least expect. And in the rental property business, time is money! One situation that can…Read More


Is Accepting Late Rent During The Eviction Process OK?

Updated July 2020 Collecting late rent can be one of the most frustrating parts about being a landlord. After all, collecting money for the use of your rental property is the primary reason you got into real estate investing. When tenants force landlords to start the eviction process, it can seem as if getting any…Read More