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how many lease violations before eviction

How Many Lease Violations Before Eviction? A Landlord’s Guide

As a landlord, have you ever pondered the tipping point for eviction when a tenant crosses the line and violates their lease in some way? You’re in the same boat as many landlords. Lease breaches can turn the landlord-tenant dynamic into a legal maze, especially when it comes to seemingly minor infractions like a late…Read More

how to get rid of tenants without eviction

Effective Tenant Transition How To Encourage Tenants To Leave Without Eviction

Explore practical strategies to encourage tenants to vacate without resorting to eviction, balance legal rights with respectful communication and incentives, and learn how to navigate tenant turnover smoothly and ethically. Key Takeaways Respectful Communication: Clearly and politely communicate with tenants about their need to move out, ensuring a transparent and understanding approach. Cash for Keys:…Read More

cash for keys

Mastering Cash for Keys: A Landlord’s Guide to Ethical Tenant Transition

Explore the controversial yet effective “Cash for Keys” strategy, a pragmatic solution for landlords navigating tenant evictions. Discover how this approach can streamline property reclamation while maintaining respect and fairness for all parties involved. Key Takeaways Legality and Ethics: Cash for keys is a legal and ethical alternative to eviction if conducted transparently and consensually….Read More

accepting late rent during the eviction process

Landlord’s Guide to Handling Late Rent and Eviction: Strategies and Legal Considerations

Dealing with late rent during eviction can be complex for landlords, balancing legal obligations and financial implications. Key Takeaways: Eviction starts with a pay or quit notice. Accepting late rent may waive eviction rights. Partial payments can reset the eviction process. Tenant screening can help avoid late rent situations. State and local laws may affect…Read More

60-Day Notice To Vacate: Ultimate Guide For Landlords

As a landlord, it’s essential to know all the different notices you can give your tenants, including the 60-day notice to vacate or the 60-day eviction notice. This notice informs the tenant that they must move out of the rental property within 60 days or less. Writing a 60-day notice to vacate can be overwhelming…Read More

can you evict a tenant without a lease

How To Evict Someone Without A Lease: Landlord Guide

Do you have someone living in your rental property who is not on the lease, and you want them to leave or need to pursue eviction? Knowing how to proceed can be challenging for landlords, whether it’s because of expired leases or inherited tenants. Under the law, someone living in your rental property without a…Read More

how to evict a squatter

How To Get Rid Of A Squatter [The Right Way]

Are squatters unlawfully living in your property? The rise of squatter incidents have left many landlords feeling helpless, as some laws actually protect squatters and don’t consider the negative impact this activity has on landlords. Along with the frustration, increased stress, and financial strain caused by illegal occupancy, the eviction process can be drawn out…Read More

how to look up evictions

How To Look Up Evictions (And Prevent Disastrous Rentals!)

There’s one word all experienced landlords have come to fear: eviction. Nothing is worse for a landlord than going through the long and expensive process of evicting a tenant. Many landlords hope to avoid this nightmare by performing an eviction records search on their potential tenants. But, how do you make sense of the results…Read More

what happens if tenant wins eviction

How To Win An Eviction Case (And What Happens If The Tenant Wins)

Updated November 2021 Many landlords consider themselves lucky to get responsible, communicative, and long-term tenants.  However, there are times when you’ll wind up with tenants you’d like to evict. But what happens if the tenant wins the eviction case? When you start renting properties, you’re setting up an investment plan that requires a lot of…Read More

how to deal with bad tenants

Easy Landlord Guide: How To Get A Tenant Out ASAP

Updated April 2021 Sometimes, tenants just don’t work out. From causing frequent problems to finding loopholes right and left, there are many ways this can happen. In addition to the loss of income, a bad tenant can add serious stress to your life. Learning the best way to get rid of bad tenants can be…Read More