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vrbo vs airbnb

Airbnb vs VRBO: Which Is Best For Landlords?

Do you want to make more money from your rental property? You can join the new trend of renting it to people who need a place to stay for a short time. These are usually travelers who prefer a homey environment over a traditional hotel. There are currently two big names for listing your property…Read More

Fair Housing Testing

Fair Housing Testing: What Landlords Need To Know

As a landlord, have you ever received a Fair Housing complaint or been contacted by a Fair Housing tester? If so, you know the anxiety and confusion that can cause. And if this is the first time this has happened, you may also be wondering what Fair Housing testing is and how it can affect…Read More

Top smoke detectors for apartments

5 Best Smoke Detectors For Apartments And Small Rental Properties

Yes, it is a legal requirement for landlords to install and maintain functioning smoke detectors in all rental properties, to ensure your tenants are living in a safe environment. Laws do vary among the states, but you can assume that maintaining a working smoke and carbon monoxide detector is a minimum requirement. Local laws will…Read More

How To Build Business Credit For Your Real Estate Venture

If you want to take out loans and find lines of credit for your real estate business, your business needs to be considered creditworthy. A strong business credit score will make you look more attractive to banks offering loans and mortgages and more viable to other businesses that you might want to work with. But…Read More

How To Check Your Business Credit Score Right Now

Did you know that more than one credit score is currently affecting the types of financial assistance and business opportunities you can access? In addition to your personal credit, it’s also essential to know how to check the business credit score of your business. Your business’s creditworthiness must be established to ensure you can get…Read More

Basic Real Estate Terms And Definitions For Landlords

Do you ever need clarification about the meaning of sample lease agreements, mortgage terms, or other real estate terms? You’re not alone. Landlords and industry professionals find that real estate terminology includes hundreds of words, many of which they aren’t familiar with. Do you know more than the most basic real estate terms? While you…Read More

How To Rent To Corporate Housing Tenants (Landlord Guide)

Expanding your property portfolio to include specialized properties can bring in big profits. Corporate housing is one of the most profitable types of rentals to manage, but it’s not the right market for everyone. The stress of renting out fully furnished (and frequently turned over) apartments seems impossible to some landlords. Without the right tools,…Read More

The 8 Best Real Estate Books For Investors

Are you interested in property investing? It offers the potential for financial gain and allows investors to take on exciting projects, transform properties, and build a diversified portfolio for long-term wealth creation. But let’s be real, it’s not as easy as it may sound. Luckily, there are experts who have successfully navigated the market for…Read More

How To Use Rental Key Lock Boxes: Short-Term Rental Guide

Changing the entire lock on a short-term rental property every time tenants come and go would be prohibitively expensive for landlords. That’s why using a rent lock box for short-term rentals has become so popular. With the rise of short-term rentals for business and leisure travel, many landlords work to manage a variety of properties…Read More

Landlord’s Guide To Different Types Of Credit Reports

Credit reports provide a financial snapshot to landlords, lenders, and other parties interested in determining a third party’s reliability. Business credit reports vs consumer credit reports showcase significant differences and present very different information. Do you know which type of credit report you should review when screening tenants, considering bank loans, and taking other financial…Read More