late rent notice

Late Rent Notice Template For Landlords (5 Free Forms)

Updated March 2021 What do you do when your tenant is behind on rent, and you’re left wondering how exactly to handle a late rent notice? It can feel very awkward to send out a late rent notice to tenants you like. Nothing strains a relationship quite like someone owing you money. It’s important to…Read More

tenant leaves without paying rent

Landlord Next Steps: Tenant Didn’t Pay Rent And Left

When a tenant leaves without paying rent, you might be left with hundreds or thousands of dollars missing from your business funds. The exact amount will depend on the property and how much rent is owed, but the bottom line remains the same. Your business could suffer due to this loss of income. Is it…Read More

Negotiate lower rent

What To Do When Your Tenant Wants To Negotiate Lower Rent

Updated November 2020 New landlords don’t often prepare for this occurrence, but sometimes, tenants will ask to lower the rent. It happens more often than you think — the lease expires in the next month or two and an excellent tenant leaves you a message about possibly renewing. However, they want to negotiate a lower…Read More

Late Rent Calculator & Guide: How To Calculate Late Fees

For your rental business to run successfully, you need your tenants to pay rent in full and on time each month. When tenants start to fall behind, landlords need to know how to calculate late fees on rent, charge them appropriately, and protect their business from major losses. Are you aware of how to use…Read More

How To Send A Friendly Reminder To Pay Rent

Do you ever feel like your tenants would be more likely to pay rent on time if you were to send them a bill every month rather than waiting for them to pay? You wouldn’t be alone in that thought; there are many landlords who believe that billing for rent each month would be more…Read More

accept rent payments online

The Top Advantages Of Allowing Online Rent Payments

Modern renters often expect to be able to pay rent online, and you might be surprised by how common it is for landlords to accept rent payments online. Landlords across the country have realized that receiving electronic rent payments is a fast, easy way to improve their rental process. What is it about accepting rent…Read More

Rental Grace Period

Rent Payment Grace Period – When Is Rent Late?

Updated August 2020 Rent grace periods are sometimes a confusing topic for landlords and renters alike. If rent is due on a specific date, why are renters not immediately responsible for covering a late fee from the next day? Why isn’t the rental payment due date changed to simplify the process? Rental payment grace periods…Read More

tenant not paying rent

Handling A Tenant Not Paying Rent (Notices, Guides & More)

No landlord wants to deal with a tenant not paying rent, but every landlord is likely to encounter this situation at some point in their career. When a tenant doesn’t pay rent on time, it can be confusing to figure out what your next steps are. Do you immediately move on to filing for eviction?…Read More

rent payment app

What Is The Right Rent Payment App? A Guide To Choosing

The rental industry is constantly changing. As technology advances, markets change, and the world keeps moving, there are going to be opportunities to change the way you do business. One aspect of the rental industry that has been rapidly changing in the last decade is the way that rental payments are collected. While everyone used…Read More

How to help a tenant falling behind on rent

5 Top Tips To Help Tenants Falling Behind On Rent

For a landlord, there are few things worse than a tenant starting to fall behind on rent. Unfortunately, that scenario comes to life too often for comfort. When a tenant that you believe to be a good and generally reliable person begins to fall behind on rent, deciding what to do next can be confusing….Read More