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What is the Right Rent Payment App?

What Is The Right Rent Payment App? A Guide To Choosing

The rental industry is constantly changing. As technology advances, markets change, and the world keeps moving, there are going to be opportunities to change the way you do business. One aspect of the rental industry that has been rapidly changing in the last decade is the way that rental payments are collected. While everyone used…Read More

How to help a tenant falling behind on rent

5 Top Tips To Help Tenants Falling Behind On Rent

For a landlord, there are few things worse than a tenant starting to fall behind on rent. Unfortunately, that scenario comes to life too often for comfort. When a tenant that you believe to be a good and generally reliable person begins to fall behind on rent, deciding what to do next can be confusing….Read More

how to calculate the rent

How to Calculate the Rental Rate: The 5 Most Important Factors

Whether you’re a first-time landlord ready to test out the rental market or a more experienced landlord trying new locations and property types, deciding how much rent to charge can be one of the hardest parts of the rental process. And one of the most important. The amount that you charge for rent will decide…Read More

can security deposit be used for unpaid rent

Can a Security Deposit be Used For Unpaid Rent? What Landlords Should Know

No landlord wants to end up in a situation where they have to settle for losing money because of a bad tenant. Sometimes, however, landlords get stuck between whether it is worth it for them to pursue unpaid rent or not. One such situation that puzzles many landlords is the balance between unpaid rent and…Read More

The Best Tenant Excuses For Late Rent

The Best Tenant Excuses For Late Rent

All landlords want are good tenants that pay rent on time. However, getting the occupants of their rental properties to pay what they owe, in full and on time, is no easy task. Landlords have heard just about every excuse in the book, and  to end a lease agreement when its term expires. Why Tenants…Read More

Batman Collects Rent

We hope you haven’t made this mistake before when collecting rent! Have a happy Halloween everyone!…Read More

Do Landlords Need to Provide a Security Deposit Receipt?

Do Landlords Need to Provide a Security Deposit Receipt?

In the age of electronic financial transactions and digital deposits, many landlords wonder about whether or not they are required to provide a security deposit receipt. Like most issues that have to do with rental properties, the answer is that it depends on several factors. Landlords should always have written records of transactions, but that…Read More

Using Security Deposit as Last Month's Rent?

Using Security Deposit as Last Month’s Rent?

Toward the end of a lease agreement, some tenants request that the landlord start using a security deposit towards last month’s rent. Landlords need to consider how else they will get funds for damages if the security deposit is used for rent instead. Why Tenants Try Using a Security Deposit Towards Last Month’s Rent ?…Read More

Setting Rent - What to Know

Setting Rent – What to Know

Getting the right tenant for your rental property can be a challenge. A good first step, is setting rent at the right price. The amount you charge for rent will factor into the amount of response you get with your rental listings. Too high of a price and you’ll get little to no applicants for…Read More

Top Apps for Tracking Rental Expenses

Top Apps for Tracking Rental Expenses

Have you ever thought about using apps for tracking rental expenses? Being a successful landlord means that you need to be really organized when it comes to paperwork. That’s because tracking things like invoices, receipts, documents are important when turning over units. Because of the nature of the business, landlords usually work with an accountant…Read More