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Landlord Forms

[FREE] Landlord Starter Kit:

  • Rental Application
  • Move-in/Move-out Checklist
  • Applicant Denial Letter Templates
  • Lead Paint Disclosure
  • Lead Paint Pamphlet
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  • Lease Agreement
  • Notice of Past Due Rent
  • No Pet Notice
  • Housekeeping Addendum
  • …and 60+ more.
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Free Rental Application, Lease Template, and 60+ Other Landlord Forms

From first-time landlords renting out a room to long-term investors managing more doors than they have hours in the day, our free library of key landlord forms and documents will have what you need delivered right to your inbox for easy record-keeping.

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Tenant Screening Course

We have created a comprehensive tenant screening course on Udemy. If you’d like a quicker guide we recommend checking out our tenant screening guide.

Tenant Screening Criteria

Use our tenant screening criteria guide to create a screening criteria for your rental property. This will help you create a standard for your tenant screening process.

State Specific Resources

Laws vary from state to state. Use our interactive map to zone in on the laws that apply to you. –View all 50 states

Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group called “RentPrep For Landlords” is a helpful resource for you to connect and crowdsource your landlord questions.