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A business credit report allows you to look into the financials of any business to help you make more informed decisions.

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What's Inside The Report?

Failure Score

Predicts the likelihood of a business incurring a 90 day severe delinquency or charge-off over the next 12 months.



Balance Trends

An overview of accounts receivable data on open accounts reported by the creditor within the most recent 24 months.



Payment Index

Provides a dollar-weighted index of a business’s current and past payments according to the Equifax database.



Latest Review

“I was about to sign a contract with a partner, but someone told me to run a report on them first. I’m glad I did! The company ended up having terrible payment history. RentPrep saved me from a financial disaster.”

Benefits Of Business Credit Reports

Monitor Creditworthiness

A business credit report offers insight into a company’s creditworthiness, whether you are applying for a business loan or looking into a potential partner.



Improve Business Credit

Like your personal credit, improving your business’s credit is essential. Your score is a golden ticket for accessing more funds to run & grow your business.



Secure Critical Funds

Knowing how to manage and improve your business credit score can save you time and lower your cost of securing funds critical to growing your business.



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Here are the most frequently asked questions about business credit reports.

  • The report lists general company information like the size of a business and the type of industry. It will also include information like payment history and account details.

  • Just like your personal credit score, a credit reporting agency can report most information like late bill payments can stay on for as long as seven years.
  • By having good business credit, a business gains access to better financing and it shows partners or lender that your business is worth the investment.

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