photography for rental listings

If you have a vacant rental property, your goal is to get the best tenant possible for your rental.
To get a good tenant you want to get a lot of people interested and to apply.
Good photos of your rental property will help you do just that.
Here’s some quick (screenshot) tips on how to take better photos of your rental property courtesy of Dombowerphoto.
In all the photos below, he shot with Canon 5d mark 3 camera and a 16-35mm f2.8 lens and flash.
When shooting interior photos you want a wide angle lens that will make the space seem larger. The lens he used was 16-35mm, the lower the number the wider the shot.

Taking Photos of the Kitchen:

The kitchen is a main selling point for any rental. You want to make sure you’re doing it proper justice.
In this photo below the camera is positioned too low.
Tips for shooting rental property
The countertop, sink, and range are all blocked out due to the height of the camera.
kitchen photography tips
By bringing the camera up a little bit you lose some of the floor but you see the range, the nice sink and all the counter space available.
Make sure you’re not shooting from too low of an angle and be careful using a wide angle lens in a kitchen because of all the vertical lines that can be distorted.
Rental Property Photography Tips
In the photo above you can see that it is taken too high up. The upper cabinets seem like they’re closing in on you while the lower cabinets are opening up.
The wide angle lens needs to be centered nicely like the middle image.

This is the final image when taken with a flash. Nicely done!

Get Different Perspectives

In this scene there is a bedroom with many features to highlight.
Bed with fireplace
One photo can’t capture all of the items you want to feature because one person might be in love with the idea of having a fireplace but another might be more interested in the balcony windows.
Bed with windows
Make sure you move around the space to get multiple vantage points so you can highlight the various features of each room.

Be careful of bathroom mirrors

Photos of bathroom
In this particular shot you want to make sure you position yourself so that you… and your flash aren’t showing up in the mirror.
If you have a fancier flash you can adjust the direction on it. In the video the photographer angled the flash to the left so you wouldn’t see it flare across the mirror.
Here’s an example of an adjustable flash that Amazon makes for only $28:
Adjustable flash

Furnishing and arranging the home

Another video with photography tips comes from Fstoppers

The best pictures will have a home that is furnished. In the images above you can see that they rearranged the furniture for the second picture.
It is shot from the same perspective but it is much more inviting because the furniture is complementing the room so well.

In the scene above the photographer Mike Kelley is explaining how to shoot at dusk.
If you’re taking photos of the exterior of your home morning and dusk have been called the “Golden Hour.”
This is when there is a soft ambient glow casted on the home which is a great time to capture a warm inviting photo of your rental property.

In conclusion…

Photography is an extremely deep field where you can learn and experiment for years.
In the last image you’re seeing a multi-million dollar home and they can afford to hire a professional to take the picture.
If you’re a landlord on a budget I’d suggest at least getting a DSLR camera setup so you can take good photos of your rental property.
The cost of DSLR cameras have come down in recent years and a camera bundle like the one you see below can be purchased for under $500.

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One word of advice… a tripod can go a long ways in producing better picture quality.
One feature of a DSLR is the ability to control the shutter speed. The slower the shutter speed you have the longer it is open and movement can cause image blur.
Using a tripod will allow you to create more crisp photos for your rental listings.