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how often should landlords paint rental properties

Landlord Painting Responsibilities: When Should You Paint?

Updated August 2023 Who is responsible for painting a rental property: the landlord or the tenant? And how often should a property be painted? As the owner, you’re usually responsible for repainting the property, as it’s part of the property’s upkeep.  Regular repainting also counters wear and tear, offering an affordable way to rejuvenate the…Read More

tenant dies in your rental property

What To Do When A Tenant Dies In Your Rental Property? (Guide For Landlords)

Updated July 2023 It can be a shocking and stressful experience for any landlord when one of their tenants dies, not to mention a situation that isn’t simple to resolve. After all, a lease does not automatically end with the death of your tenant — you now have to deal with their estate. As a…Read More

Who Is Responsible for Pest Control, Landlords or Tenants?

Updated June 2023 Your tenants don’t want to live in a home crawling with pests. And you certainly don’t want the value of your rental property to drop due to damage from invasive insects or rodents. But when rodents, cockroaches, or other pests infest a rental, it’s not always immediately clear who is responsible for…Read More

landlord property management app

Should You Use A Property Management App? (Landlord Guide)

One of the biggest obstacles landlords face in their line of work is a need for more time. Being as a landlord means that you may also be working as a property manager, handyman, and even a rental broker. Take back some of your time with a landlord property management app. Property management apps provide…Read More

rental agency

How Rental Agencies Help Landlords Succeed: A Guide

Many landlords point to the same part of the rental process as their number one priority: tenant selection. Filling vacancies is vital to success, and finding the right tenants for each property is just as important. Using a rental agency to assist with advertising vacancies, screening tenants, and choosing a good fit is one of…Read More

Hiring A Property Manager

10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Property Manager

Ready to hire a property manager? According to an infographic on MySmartMove, 44% own, but do not manage their rental property. You need to ask the right questions to hire the best property manager for your rental portfolio. A property manager has experience in finding the right tenants and managing all those tedious tasks that…Read More

Guide To Appliances In A Rental Property

With every rental property, landlords must consider maintaining each part of the unit, from the walls and windows to the electrical and plumbing systems. One significant area that landlords deal with is the rental unit’s appliances. Because there is no single approach to appliances—from providing them in the first place to keeping an inventory or…Read More

how to start a property management company

Starting A Property Management Company: How To Succeed

Property management is an essential business for many in the rental industry. Landlords and tenants work with property managers on both sides, making their role necessary. If you’re ready to learn how to start a property management company and get involved in this thriving market, today’s your day to know more. Running a property management…Read More

Wear & Tear Checklist for Rental

Wear And Tear Checklist For Landlords

Most successful landlords understand the importance of a move-out checklist. It’s the document that requires both landlord and tenant to go through the rental property a week or so before the tenant moves out. Landlords prepping a unit for turnover might think that the condition of the property is good enough or they are so familiar with the…Read More

Do Landlords Supply Rental Appliances?

Do Landlords Have To Provide Rental Appliances?

Landlords are required by law to behave a certain way, such as providing notice before entering and delivering written notices for lease violations. They are also required to provide their tenants with a number of things when renting out a property, such as working electricity and plumbing systems. When it comes to appliances, however, many landlords…Read More