Landlord Guide: Can A Landlord Install Security Cameras On Rental Property? [2022]

Updated July 22, 2022 Security systems have grown in popularity over the past few years. In fact, according to the 2022 State of Safety report, 62% of Americans use at least one type of security system to protect their homes. With security cameras becoming more affordable for consumers and available everywhere, the low-cost investment compared…Read More

top blogs for starter landlords to follow

Top Property Management Blogs For New Landlords

New landlords are often overwhelmed with information. There’s a massive world of property management, and determining exactly what is relevant to you as you start your journey into this can be challenging. What information matters most to beginner landlords, and how can you access it? Today, we’ve gathered a list of the top blogs for…Read More

tenant responsible for lawn maintenance

Who Is Responsible For Lawn Maintenance: Landlord Or Tenant?

When renting out a property, the tenant gains the right to use the property as their own. In doing so, they take on specific responsibilities. Is the tenant responsible for lawn maintenance as one of those responsibilities, or does that job still fall to the landlord? This question is confusing for many landlords, particularly when…Read More

property inspection checklist

Rental Property Inspection Checklist: What You Should Check

Before buying a new investment property, it is essential that you work through your rental property inspection checklist and ensure that you are making a wise choice. Inspections done by you and by professional home inspectors will help you better evaluate potential repair and renovation expenses and rentability. If you choose to skip an official…Read More

make apartment handicap accessible

How To Make Your Apartment Handicap Accessible: 10 Tips

Updated December 2021 Millions of people in the United States have disabilities. Often, these individuals find that traditional housing options don’t meet their needs. Landlords can attract these potential tenants by taking time to make an apartment handicap accessible so that these rental properties are more comfortable, welcoming, and friendly to those with special needs….Read More

tenant dies in your rental property

What Should A Landlord Do When A Tenant Dies? (RentPrep)

Updated November 2021 Thinking about death is always a complicated topic, and it can be difficult trying to handle this sensitive situation whenever it affects your business. Working as a landlord, there’s a chance that you will have to face the task of doing business when a tenant dies in your rental property. You should…Read More

rent inspection

What Can A Landlord Look At During An Inspection? (FAQs)

Updated November 2021 New landlords often underestimate the importance of doing regular rental property inspections, but experienced landlords will tell you just how helpful they can be to boost your profit margins. Why are rent inspections so necessary, and why should you make sure that you work these into your regular management routine? Without regular…Read More

how often should landlords paint rental properties

Landlord Painting Responsibilities: When Should You Paint?

Updated November 2021 It’s easy to know that you need to repaint your rental property when there are clear damages or when you are getting it ready to rent for the first time, but what happens after that? How often should landlords paint rental properties to keep them in the best condition and habitable for…Read More

rental property management fees

What Are Typical Rental Property Management Costs And Fees?

Updated June 2021 Owners of expansive investment property often struggle to find enough time each day to run their business. From collecting rent to finding ways to increase their rental income, there are many pieces to juggle when working in the rental industry. Investing in rental property management fees rather than extra-long nights is a…Read More

hiring independent contractors

How To: Hiring Independent Contractors As Property Managers

Updated April 2021 In any business, hiring and managing employees can be a difficult and challenging process. It can also become a legal and bookkeeping nightmare and cost a lot in terms of bureaucracy and record-keeping. As an alternative, hiring independent contractors in the rental industry is common practice. Landlords bring these individuals on as…Read More