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What Are Typical Rental Property Management Costs and Fees?

What Are Typical Rental Property Management Costs And Fees?

Updated June 2021 Owners of expansive investment property often struggle to find enough time each day to run their business. From collecting rent to finding ways to increase their rental income, there are many pieces to juggle when working in the rental industry. Investing in rental property management fees rather than extra-long nights is a…Read More

How To: Hiring Independent Contractors as Property Managers

How To: Hiring Independent Contractors As Property Managers

Updated April 2021 In any business, hiring and managing employees can be a difficult and challenging process. It can also become a legal and bookkeeping nightmare and cost a lot in terms of bureaucracy and record-keeping. As an alternative, hiring independent contractors in the rental industry is common practice. Landlords bring these individuals on as…Read More

Landlord Guide: How Often Can a Landlord Inspect a Property?

Landlord Guide: How Often Can A Landlord Inspect A Property?

Updated March 2021 Even though you are the rightful owner of your rental property, the law is quite clear on when and how often a landlord can inspect a property. Landlord access to a tenant-occupied property is limited by these laws, and you cannot simply enter at will without good reason. Breaking these rules could…Read More

Spring Cleaning and Maintenance for Property Owners

Spring Cleaning Tips And Maintenance For Property Owners

Updated February 2021 Even though it is still early, spring is setting in. That means it is time to do some important spring cleaning for your rental properties. Where should you begin? Spring cleaning and maintenance for property owners can feel overwhelming at times because of how many things there are to get done. This…Read More

Landlord Guide: What Is Considered Normal Wear and Tear?

Landlord Guide: What Is Considered Normal Wear And Tear?

Updated February 2021 When tenants move out of your property, the property is not going to look exactly as it did when they first moved in. When considering both damage and wear and tear, the security deposit returns to the tenant may be affected. Why is that? The law allows landlords to deduct portions of…Read More

Is Pest Control the Landlord's or Tenant's Responsibility?

Do Landlords Pay For Pest Control? Everything You Must Know

Updated October 2020 When bugs and other pests make their way into rental properties, it can cause conflict between tenants and landlords as to who is responsible for pest control. It’s a part of your responsibility as the landlord to ensure that pests are not able to infiltrate the property, but the tenants share in…Read More

rta direct cabinets review

Landlord Guide: Cabinets Direct RTA Reviews With Ratings

Many landlords and property investors look for simple, affordable solutions when dealing with home renovations. Whether you’re working on a new property or remodeling one you have been renting for a while, having the right supplies at the right prices can make a huge difference in your profit margin. RTA cabinets, also known as ready-to-assemble…Read More

maintenance requests

How To Handle Maintenance Requests During Shelter At Home

The new shelter-at-home guidelines being enacted in many areas are something that most landlords have never had to deal with. Continuing your usual rental practices during this time may seem overwhelming or impossible. However, there are ways you can keep up with the necessary work during this time. One area of confusion for many landlords…Read More

How to Use Landlord Controlled Thermostats in Your Rentals

How To: Use Landlord Controlled Thermostats In Your Rentals

Managing utilities in your properties can be a daunting task. When the properties are rented, you need to be sure the tenants are following the lease agreement and keeping the temperatures above the minimum. When the properties are vacant, you want to be sure the property is being properly heated and cooled to prevent any…Read More

covid-19 letter to tenants

COVID-19 Letter To Tenants

Download Your Editable COVID-19 Tenant Letter (Free) Dear residents, Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, management felt that it would be appropriate to give you some guidance as well as outline what precautions we are taking to reduce the risk for our tenants. At this time, we are taking the following steps: The cleaning schedule…Read More