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rta direct cabinets review

Landlord Guide: Cabinets Direct RTA Reviews With Ratings

Many landlords and property investors look for simple, affordable solutions when dealing with home renovations. Whether you’re working on a new property or remodeling one you have been renting for a while, having the right supplies at the right prices can make a huge difference in your profit margin. RTA cabinets, also known as ready-to-assemble…Read More

maintenance requests

How To Handle Maintenance Requests During Shelter At Home

The new shelter-at-home guidelines being enacted in many areas are something that most landlords have never had to deal with. Continuing your usual rental practices during this time may seem overwhelming or impossible. However, there are ways you can keep up with the necessary work during this time. One area of confusion for many landlords…Read More

How to Use Landlord Controlled Thermostats in Your Rentals

How To: Use Landlord Controlled Thermostats In Your Rentals

Managing utilities in your properties can be a daunting task. When the properties are rented, you need to be sure the tenants are following the lease agreement and keeping the temperatures above the minimum. When the properties are vacant, you want to be sure the property is being properly heated and cooled to prevent any…Read More

covid-19 letter to tenants

COVID-19 Letter To Tenants

Download Your Editable COVID-19 Tenant Letter (Free) Dear residents, Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, management felt that it would be appropriate to give you some guidance as well as outline what precautions we are taking to reduce the risk for our tenants. At this time, we are taking the following steps: The cleaning schedule…Read More

do property management companies find tenants

How Property Management Companies Help Find Tenants

As full-time landlords gain momentum, they often realize they could use a few extra hands to keep things organized. Some part-time landlords that have other work to focus on come to the same realization when they cannot put as much time as they would like into certain aspects of their landlord job. Are you finding…Read More

hemlane reviews

Hemlane Reviews For Landlords: Tool Uses, Tips, And More

As a landlord, there are many different tools at your disposal. From paperwork templates that some banks offer to online management systems that you might consider purchasing access to, there are hundreds of ways that you could systemize and change your workflow. The problem isn’t whether or not these tools exist; the problem lies in…Read More

what to do if tenant disconnects smoke detector

What Can You Do If Your Tenant Continuously Disconnects The Smoke Detectors? Know And Exercise Your Landlord Rights

Smoke detectors are a necessary part of keeping your renters and property safe. But, unless included in the lease, there is often confusion about who is responsible for installation and upkeep of these critical devices. Ultimately, the hope is that a smoke alarm will protect your renters, their property, your property, and your home from…Read More

property management business plan

How To Create A Business Plan For Property Management (Guide)

Welcome to the world of property management. Perhaps you’ve already been acting as a landlord to one property for a few months or years now, and you’re ready to expand. Maybe you haven’t actually bought any property yet, but you’ve been itching to be able to call yourself a landlord. Regardless of how you ended…Read More

Complete airDNA Review for Landlords

Complete AirDNA Review For Landlords (And How It Works)

Keeping up with the dynamics of the local short-term rental market can be incredibly time consuming, and that’s why many landlords and property managers are getting help. Today’s AirDNA review will help you see why many turn to tools like this one to change their business forever. Do you often feel like you’re playing a…Read More

Home Advisor Reviews for Landlords

Home Advisor Reviews For Landlords: Will It Work For You?

Home Advisor is a service that helps to connect property owners with pre-approved service professionals in the area that can help them solve plumbing, housing, and other problems at their properties. If you’re considering using Home Advisor, you’re likely looking to hire professionals to make repairs to your rental properties. It’s essential that you find…Read More