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It can be hard to keep track of all the information and paperwork that landlords and property management teams have. Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to property management software that can help take a load off. I wanted to compare two of the most popular: Propertyware vs. Buildium. 

No matter how many properties you have under your belt, we could all use a little help. I was in this position until I tested out a handful of are considered the best property management software options available. 

Both Propertyware and Buildium can help get jobs done, but they also excel at different things, so I figured I would share with you my comparison of these two software options to show you what they have in common and which one is the better of the two. 

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Whether you own property or you’re the landlord of a handful of buildings, property management software like Propertyware or Buildium can make quite a difference. Let’s talk about my overall winner and then get into the reviews! 

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Propertyware vs Buildium

Propertyware logoPropertyware BuildiumBuildium

The Overall Winner

So, in the battle between Propertyware vs. Buildium, who comes out on top? Buildium wins by just a hair. According to user satisfaction polls, 96% of people prefer Buildium, whereas 93% of people enjoy Propertyware. 

They’re both amazing software options but Buildium has way more features and costs much less than Propertyware. You can tackle accounting tasks, there are 50 different templates that can be used for lease agreements, and Buildium has more payment plan options. 

I think one of the things that sent Buildium into the winners circle is Buildium Academy. This is where users can access classes, quizzes, and online education on how to become a better landlord. It’s full of useful information and helps make you better at your job! 

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Rating Criteria

propertyware vs buildium rating

So, when you’re comparing two or more things, there’s usually a standout winner; in this instance, you’ve read that it’s Buildium. What sets Buildium apart from Propertyware? Which features do they both have, where one software excels more than the other? 

I wanted to break down a few of the key features and tell you which software is better for each category. The categories I’ll be discussing are listed below: 

  • Notifications and reminders
  • Demo and trial options
  • Marketing and screening
  • Paying rent and maintenance

Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

With so many property management software options available, it can be hard to keep track of which software does what. I tested out Buildium vs. Propertyware to be able to give you an in-depth review on which features they both have and who’s the overall winner. 

While both options have all the features listed below, that doesn’t mean they perform the same. Let’s talk a bit more about each feature in detail to help you choose which software would work better for you!

Notifications And Reminders

One of the best features that you didn’t know you need until now has to do with notifications and reminders. Have you ever had to remind the same tenant multiple times to pay rent? 

Maybe you’ll be having the parking lot worked on and you need to notify the tenants that they need to park elsewhere during certain dates. Property management software programs have the feature of notifying and reminding tenants for you.

They’ll have the option to set up monthly reminders that let them know that rent is about to be due, or if they have a late fee that needs to be paid. This can be an automatic reminder that appears on their mobile device or computer each month. You don’t have to lift a finger!

You can also be notified when someone’s lease is about to expire or if you have showings to attend to. Tenants can also be reminded of when their lease is coming to an end or if something changes. This can come in handy for just about everyone, since we all get forgetful from time to time. 

Buildium Notifications And Reminders 

Buildium offers plenty of notifications and reminders. You can get push notifications for tasks that need to be done, including inspections, showings, maintenance requests and more. Tenants also have the option to be reminded about rent via an email notification

Propertyware Notifications And Reminders 

Again, this software also has plenty of notification and reminder options. The difference being that Propertyware will notify you and tenants when a lease is ending and gives the ability for both you and the renter to adjust the notifications to a preferred schedule. 


Propertyware wins here, simply because you can use the lease ending reminder to actually renew a lease. That’s pretty impressive for property management software. Both Buildium and Propertyware are great in this area, but Propertyware wins thanks to the leasing options included! 

Free Trial And Demo

Free Trial And Demo

Now, another thing you should be on the lookout for when you’re comparing property management software is whether or not they offer a free trial or a free demo. I think if you come across one that offers neither of those options, it’s safe to skip it. 

When a software offers a free trial, you’ll get a specific amount of time to spend using the software. For some it’s a day, for others you can use the software for up to a month! This allows you to really get to know how the software works and you get some hands on experience with it. 

Free demos, on the other hand, usually take place when a customer service representative sets up a time that works with you to show you how the software works. This is generally a long process, and can take up to two hours. During this time you will see the ins and outs of the software and get the chance to answer any questions you may have.

In my opinion, if I had to choose between the two, I’d go with a free trial. This allows you to actually use the software yourself, instead of just seeing how it’s used. You get to play around with it for a longer period of time and really be able to see if it will work for you and your business. 

Buildium And Their Free Trial/Demo 

Out of the two options, Buildium offers a free trial. The trial is 15 days long, and when you sign up, you don’t need to provide credit card information. During those 15 days, you get to use the software fully, as if you owned it 

Propertyware And Their Free Trial/Demo 

There isn’t too much public information about Propertyware when it comes to the free demo they offer. You do find out more information when you sign up, as you’ll get a follow up email discussing the details of the free demo. 


Buildium is the winner when it comes to this feature. Signing up for the free trial takes less than 30 seconds and doesn’t require you to put in a credit card number. You get to take it for a test drive for over two weeks and really get to see if it will work for you. On top of all of this, if you don’t want a free trial, Buildium also offers a free demo! 

Marketing And Screening

One of the most time consuming tasks as a landlord or property manager is marketing available properties. I bet you’ve had days where you’ve sat down, only to spend hours uploading photos, videos, and descriptions of each available unit on every site across the board. Sounds exhausting just thinking about it. 

Thankfully, property management software takes this mundane and time-consuming task and basically does it for you. For most software, you simply fill in the information such as how many bedrooms, bathrooms, the rent price, and upload photos. It just takes a click of a button for the software to put this information on all the popular sites such as Trulia or Realtor!

This is one of my favorite features because it saves you so much time! Another feature that goes along with marketing your properties, is screening potential tenants. Since you’re listing your vacancies across the internet, it’s best to get a software that can screen applicants for you.

When someone is screened, the software will perform three important tasks: a credit check, a background check, and a list of any prior evictions. This service isn’t free, but that’s what an application fee is for. Screening is an important step to make sure your properties stay safe and that you have tenants who are likely to pay rent on time. 

It’s good to note that some software even allow the potential renter to perform the screening on their computer. This can be great if they’re a little unsure of what the results may show, or if they don’t want certain sensitive information out there. 

Buildium Marketing And Screening Feature 

Buildium is one of the best property management software options when it comes to screening and marketing. You can easily upload photos and videos to multiple renting websites with just one click.

The screening is done easily and quickly and helps you weed through the applications to find the perfect person for the vacancy. 

Propertyware Marketing And Screening Feature 

Propertyware also has amazing marketing and screening features. They do have a listing widget to help you view leads and get your listings out to a larger audience. 


Overall, I’ll be giving the trophy to Buildium for this category. They’ve paved the way for other software to perform screenings and easily market and list properties all over the internet. 

Rent And Maintenance

Personally, I think having help with maintenance and collecting rent is one of the best features a property management app can have. Usually, the software will have a portal that’s accessible by landlords, maintenance employees, and tenants! 

On the tenants end of things they’ll be able to easily pay rent online using the portal. Most software won’t charge if the tenant is using an ACH transfer to pay their rent online. If they want to pay using a credit or debit card, the average fee seems to be 2.75% of their rent total each month. 

Along with being able to pay their rent, tenants will be able to easily submit maintenance requests or pay any additional fees such a monthly charge for a pet or a parking pass. This is incredibly convenient for tenants who are busy, or want to save time and money running to an ATM every month. 

On the landlord end of things, software that has maintenance and rent options saves you a ton of time too. As property managers we know how maintenance issues often occur at odd hours or on weekends or holidays. Using property management software to take in these requests saves you from being interrupted from you life outside of work. 

You’ll be able to view requests on the software, along with see any photos the tenant has added and schedule a time for the request to be fixed. Tenants and landlords can easily communicate, and if needed, you’ll be able to assign tasks to specific maintenance employees. 

Buildium Rent & Maintenance Feature 

Buildium can tackle all of the rent and maintenance tasks that are listed above. It stands out because renters have the ability to upload photos of any maintenance issues they’re having, which can make it easier for landlords and saves time during assessments. 

Propertyware Rent & Maintenance Feature 

Landlords enjoy this feature on Propertyware because it decreases rent processing time up to 42%. Renters can even use this software to pay with a check or cash, which is rare to find in property management software. 


I have to give the winning title to Propertyware for this feature. You can’t find many other property management software that accept checks and cash for rent payment. This really stands out and makes Propertyware the overall winner for this important feature!

Mobile Friendly 

If I asked you to leave your phone at home when you went to work, would you do it? If you’re like most other people, your phone is an important asset to your daily life and that includes the workplace. There are plenty of landlord tasks that are much easier to do with your phone available to you. 

Many property management software options are mobile friendly, though this is an area where several software programs can lack. I like having my phone with me during inspections and when I’m not physically able to be at each location in one day. 

While most property management software companies have websites that work fine on mobile device browsers, it can be crucial to have an app that runs smoothly on both iOS and Android devices. 

Buildium On Mobile 

If you have an Apple device, you’ll be able to download their mobile app from the App Store. If you use an Android device, you’ll find the same app on the Google Play Store! Having the app is a great way to stay in contact with tenants and even collect rent on the go! 

Propertyware On Mobile 

Just like Buildium, Propertyware is available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. You can do a plethora of tasks just by using the app, but why don’t you read about that in the winners section! 


Propertyware takes the cake when it comes to being mobile friendly. While both software programs have apps that run great on both iOS and Android devices, I found that Propertyware tackles three more tasks that Buildium doesn’t on mobile. Those tasks that make Propertyware stand out are listed below:

  • Vendor management
  • Create work orders directly from inspections
  • One work order, multiple vendors

If any of these three features are important to you to have on the go, you may want to consider Propertyware over Buildium. 

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It doesn’t matter if you decide to go with Buildium or if Propertyware is more your style; your work life is bound to improve. Yout won’t have to tackle mundane tasks such as listing properties on multiple sites or going door to door collecting late fees each month. You don’t even have to worry about hiring an accountant when you use property management software like this! 

Though Buildium does stand out and is my overall winner, they’re both great choices. The more property you have, the more I’d suggest Buildium because of all of the extra features that it’s equipped with.

Whether you’re collecting rent, screening future tenants, or need accounting help, Buildium and Propertyware are built for the job! You’re one step closer to making your life a lot easier and freeing up time to do things you actually enjoy! 

If you’re tired of trying to handle everything that a landlord does on your own, consider using one of the two options I told you about today. Good luck and happy searching!