Carpet Cover for Pets (protect carpet from pets)

You may be devoted to your furry, four-legged family member, but few would argue that he could wreak havoc on your carpet if he wanted to. If you are living in a pet-friendly rental home, you have probably paid a bigger than usual deposit to cover extra wear and tear, but if the actions of your pet lead to a carpet replacement, you may be more out of pocket than you ever expected.

Carpet cover for pets

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The carpeting in a room can make or break the décor and offers guests one of their first impressions of your home. Owning indoor animals means that you must take extra measures to keep it looking nice and clean. Some of the best ways to protect your carpet from your pet require a little bit of preparation and some extra care.

Accident Patrol

You may think that you have Fido fully trained, but it always makes sense to keep a close eye on corners or other out of the way areas where he may have relieved himself without your knowledge. A friend of mine with several pets was very excited to get new carpet a few years ago and confidently told the workers that came to do the labor that her well trained dogs never urinated anywhere except outside. When the old carpet was pulled up, they found that her dogs had actually designated a few corners in the home as an indoor bathroom from time to time and she never knew.

Black Light Flashlight

Because you cannot follow your pet every minute of the day, the best way to check for trouble spots is to get an black light flashlight that makes urine spots light up when the overhead lights are off. Such flashlights are inexpensive and found at most pet stores. This is also an effective way to find the source of any suspicious smells that you can clean up using special products designed for pet odors.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are a good way to keep your carpet clean, especially if you have pets that like to come and go and may track in mud and dirt. Patterned rugs are ideal since they forgive the odd smudge of dirt or drift of pet fur. Just don’t forget to clean them regularly as you would carpet.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

Regular Carpet Cleaning

It is a good idea to get your carpets professionally cleaned every six months, but a smaller residential carpet steamer is ideal to have on hand for spot cleaning. When you make appointments, look for a company that specializes in pet odors and deodorizing to take care of any pet-related smells.

Pet Vacuum

Pet hair can accumulate on carpets and furniture and will clog up your vacuum just as quickly. Purchasing a vacuum that is designed to take care of pet hair will keep your surfaces fur-free and clean.


A very determined cat can pull up the fibers on an entire section of carpet in short order. When I moved into my current home, my landlords had to replace a section of carpet outside the master bedroom, where a needy kitty had pulled up all the carpet under the door in an attempt to get into the room. Make sure that your cat has a carpet lined scratching post, so it will leave your floor (and the furniture) alone.

FAQs On Protecting Carpet From Pets

How to protect carpet from dog urine?

Dog urine will wreck a carpet if not treated immediately as it is difficult to soak up once the pad is wet. A dog carpet protector will help to avoid urine issues as the sheets are water/urine resistant. They’ll also help you to avoid punctures and ripped up carpets from claws.

How to protect carpet in rental?

Carpets are ruined in a variety of ways from spills, wear and tear, and pets. Make a conscious effort to not keep any stainable items near the carpet. This means putting drinks on solid coasters and centering them on the table. You can spray carpet protectors such as this one to help repel any spills as well. A chair mat underneath an office chair will help to protect the carpet as well.