how to buy commercial properties

How To Purchase Commercial Property (RentPrep Guide)

Buying a business property for your business or investment needs is a complex process. In either case, finding a property that fits and fulfills your needs requires the coordination of many moving parts. It can be overwhelming when you don’t yet know how to buy commercial properties. There are also substantial potential profits in buying…Read More

Top 10 Rental Property Upgrades

Every real estate investor wants to see their property increase in value. While waiting for an upswing in the housing market can get the value to go up, there are some physical and immediate things that landlords can do to boost the property value of a rental home even more. We’re going to cover the…Read More

How To Buy Your First Rental Property

There are more than 23 million landlords in the United States, according to the Rental Protection Agency. Many landlords own rental property as an investment, whether they inherited the property or purchased it on their own. Some are just beginning the jump into the rewarding, crazy, interesting and sometimes frustrating business of being a landlord…Read More

smart home for rental property

Smart Home Rentals: Should You Explore This Rental Niche?

Smart devices are more affordable these days and thus more commonplace than ever. Homeowners and renters alike are interested in the security, convenience, and integration that having this home technology provides. Does this also mean that creating a smart home for rental property purposes makes sense? As with many things in the real estate business,…Read More

manage real estate portfolio

Top Real Estate Portfolio Management Tools For Landlords

Successful investors aren’t likely to stop at one property. One profitable rental quickly turns into two, three, and then dozens. Learning how to manage a real estate portfolio is critical to continue growing your business and generating profits. Portfolio management doesn’t have to involve dozens of real estate professionals or hired financial advisors, but you…Read More

accelerated depreciation real estate

What Is Accelerated Depreciation In Real Estate? (Guide)

Ensuring your profit margin as a landlord is about more than property management—it’s also about tax management. Taxes play a significant role in the overall finances of your business, and they can even provide big breaks. Understanding your options for accelerated depreciation on real estate is essential so you don’t miss out on this potential…Read More

real estate YouTubers

The Best Real Estate YouTube Channels For Landlords

Continuing education is one of the most essential tools that landlords can use to have ongoing success. However, finding the right resources to learn from can feel too time-consuming when you already have a busy lifestyle. Enter real estate YouTubers and the value they provide. Real estate YouTube channels offer a vast amount of information…Read More

wholesale real estate

What Is Wholesale Real Estate? (And How It Affects Landlords)

Wholesaling is not a new practice, but is growing in popularity in the current investing world. Wholesale real estate involves a middleman finding a seller rather than the buyer or the buyer’s agent handling this marketing and research process. But what is it about wholesaling that’s valuable to real estate investors and even landlords working…Read More

how to buy an auction property

How To Buy A House At Auction (And Why You Should)

It’s a common belief that buying auction homes is a great way to find a deal and expand your portfolio when working as a landlord. Experienced landlords, however, will tell you that simply knowing how to buy an auction property is not enough. You must also learn when the risk is worth it because buying…Read More

How To Sell A Tenant-Occupied Property (Notice Template Included)

Updated June 2022 There are many reasons for landlords to get into the real estate investment business, and there are just as many reasons for them to exit it. In other words, there may come a time where a property owner decides to put a rental home on the market and look for a buyer….Read More