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What is skip tracing in real estate

Unlocking Real Estate Opportunities: A Landlord’s Guide To Skip Tracing

If you’re a landlord looking to expand your rental property portfolio, one of your foremost challenges is likely finding suitable properties in desirable areas that are available for purchase, especially in competitive markets where real estate moves swiftly, often before listings become widely accessible. To gain a competitive edge, it can be invaluable to identify…Read More

7 Tips For Landlord Tax Deductions

7 Tips For Landlord Tax Deductions

Updated February 2024 If you’re navigating the complexities of rental income tax deductions and seeking some answers, you’ve landed in the right place. The current tax system can be advantageous for landlords because it allows them to deduct expenses from their income, reducing their overall tax bill. Yet, taxes can be a maze. Landlords, regardless…Read More

selling a rental house with tenants

Selling Your Tenant-Occupied Property: A Landlord’s Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the sale of a rental property with tenants requires meticulous planning and communication. This guide equips landlords with essential strategies and legal insights to ensure a seamless transaction, respecting tenant rights and optimizing the sale process for all parties involved. Key Takeaways: Clear Communication: Keeping tenants informed with a notice of intent to sell…Read More

How to buy a vacation rental property

How To Buy A Vacation Rental Property For Short-Term Rentals

Embarking on the journey of investing in a vacation rental property can open doors to a promising opportunity, whether you’re a new landlord or a seasoned investor looking to expand your portfolio. Beyond providing a retreat for travelers, a vacation rental holds the potential for lucrative returns through short-term rentals. Are you curious about how…Read More

How to buy a rental property with no money

How To Buy A Rental Property With No (Or Little) Money Down

Many people dream of diversifying their income streams through investing in rental properties, which can help you to accumulate high-value assets for your long-term financial security. So why don’t more people do it? The most significant barrier to investing in a rental property is coming up with the large down payment needed to make the…Read More

what is a certificate of occupancy

What Is A Certificate Of Occupancy? Landlord 101

Ever wondered, “What is a certificate of occupancy?” It’s like your property’s official stamp of approval, issued by the local building and zoning department. This legal document specifies the approved uses of the property, such as residency or commercial activity, and confirms that the building is suitable and safe for those purposes. As a landlord,…Read More

how to find off market properties

How To Find Off-Market Properties: Your Next Real Estate Investment

Are you finding that more people are vying for fewer ideal rental properties? This can be frustrating when you’re looking for a good investment. The best deals are often snatched up by the time you hear about them, or get more expensive as multiple buyers compete for a purchase. If you’re struggling to find a…Read More

Metaverse Properties

Metaverse Real Estate: Introduction To Virtual Real Estate Investing

In 2021, Republic Realm purchased property in The Sandbox Metaverse with the intention of developing 100 island villas. On their first day of sales, they sold 90 of their islands for $15,000 each, and they are now reselling for over $100,000. This is an incredible return on investment considering no one will ever set a…Read More

What Are The Best Places For Airbnb Investing? (Guide)

Airbnb property investment continues to skyrocket in popularity. Are there still profitable cities in which to start your own short-term rental properties today? The best cities for Airbnb may surprise you as you begin to research expanding your investment portfolio. While popular tourist destinations like Florida remain on the list, cities with less obvious tourist…Read More

What Is A Joint Venture In Real Estate? (Investment Guide)

As capable as you are, some investment projects are too large, too risky, or too far out of your wheelhouse to get involved with on your own. That’s where joint ventures in real estate investing come in. Joint ventures bring together multiple investors, project managers, landlords, and other parties to work together to manage a…Read More