Remote work has become increasingly popular over the years since the COVID-19 pandemic. With the ability to work from anywhere, remote workers are taking advantage and traveling for extended periods, working from new destinations.

This growing interest in traveling while you work means that people will need places to stay, preferably somewhere thats furnished and feels like home. Consider opening your home to people traveling to your hometown while youre away.

Not only will this allow you to have eyes on your home while in your absence, but it will also provide you with additional income. Check out these tips to turn your home into an Airbnb.

How To Prepare For Airbnb Guests

If you have decided to turn your home into something like an Airbnb, there are certain things you will want to protect, remove, and replace when you prepare your home for guests. Since there will be an influx of guests in your home, youll want to, for example, ensure any valuables are locked up. Items like glass vases or expensive collectibles could be accidentally broken or stolen, so its best to put them away where guests cant access them.

Fix Anything Broken

Before renting your home, check for broken fixtures, furniture, or appliances before guests arrive. Tenants have expectations of their rental, especially if theyll be staying there for a more extended period, so make sure everything is in working order before your guests arrive.

In addition to fixing anything damaged around the house, stock up on necessities like extra linens, toilet paper, and soap. Having a surplus of supplies can help make your guests feel comfortable in your home and they will appreciate the extra care that you put into their stay.

Set Some Ground Rules

Before creating your listing, clearly understand what you expect from your guests. You dont want to leave anything up to assumption. Let your guests know your rules before arriving at your home. Consider including whether or not pets are allowed, your cancellation policy, and other rules you may have for your home.

Create a handbook or welcome package that includes rules and contact information for your guests to have on hand upon their arrival. The topic of rules can bring down the mood, but your guests must understand your expectations to keep your home in the best condition possible.

If youre worried about your guests staying in your Airbnb, since this is still your home, you can consider going through an Airbnb-screening process. This process will allow you to feel confident in who stays in your home, ensure that they are a real person and not a robot, and you can communicate with them before they stay at your property.

Open communication with your guests before they stay can relieve some of the stress you may be experiencing. Ensure they know the rules and policies you put in place and want to be respected.

Create a Fun and Safe Environment

Rental homes are often used by tourists looking to get the true experience of your city. Consider designing your home with a trendy aesthetic that encapsulates the city. For example, if you live in an area known for partying and attracting bachelorette parties, set up your space with bold backdrops and photo props.

You could also go for a nautical theme for those looking for a beach vacation or cozy neutrals for a cabin in the woods. If you want to host families, consider creating a playroom to entertain kids. When setting up your rental, look at your ideal guest and research what about your city appeals to them to determine the best ways to decorate your space.

Take advantage of your outdoor space by designing an area where people can gather and spend time together. For extra amenities, put in a pool, add a fireplace, or provide some outdoor games for your guests. Families are always looking for ways to entertain their little ones and providing outdoor activities can enhance your home. Creating an outdoor oasis can attract more guests looking for a homey, yet entertaining stay.

Regarding paying your mortgage and other bills, the cost of what guests pay for their stay can help cover them. But, if you want to make significant updates, consider taking advantage of your home’s equity and use a cash-out refinance option to help pay for any additions or renovations. Making necessary updates and investing in your rental can pay off in the long run. Satisfied guests will recommend your place and may even return in the future.

Keep Up With the Maintenance of Your Home

Since you are renting your home to guests, youll be in charge of all the maintenance. From plumbing to electrical issues, youll have to keep everything up to date to ensure your guestssafety. Your home will also have to be appropriately cleaned between each visit. Cleanliness is the key to receiving positive reviews on your rental. Whether you hire a team to clean your home or do it yourself, this is crucial when turning your home into an Airbnb or long-term rental property.

The exterior of your home should be up to date and properly maintained as well. Mowing the lawn and keeping your backyard space clean for when new guests arrive is another way to receive a positive review. Houses that look dilapidated and unkept make guests feel uneasy before they even walk through the door, so its crucial to maintain your home not only for safety reasons, but also for appearance purposes as well. Exterior construction is #1 on the building maintenance checklist here at RentPrep, as we know how important it is to guests. Ensuring the driveway is safe, there isnt a build-up of water, or any roofing issues will be critical to your guest enjoying their stay.

Leave Your Guests With a Positive Experience

Owning a rental property can be stressful, but it could also open up an excellent opportunity for you to earn extra money. If you want to keep your rental running for years to come, youll need to make the proper investments in your property. Cleaning and maintenance are expected, but dont be afraid to include some additional luxuries. Your guestssatisfaction is vital to retaining a rental business.

If guests enjoy their experience, theyll leave a stellar review and consider staying in your home again. Establishing great working relationships with those guests can help boost your ratings and provide word-of-mouth business for your stay. Guests who leave an Airbnb with a positive experience are more likely to refer your home to their friends and family when they need a place to stay, extending the life and success of your Airbnb.

Ready To Host Airbnb Guests?

With any rental, keep in mind the importance of things like background or credit checks. And, yes, it’s definitely a thing, especially when renting out your own home as an Airbnb. To ensure you get the best guests on your property, consider starting an account here at RentPrep to help screen your potential guests.