The Best Real Estate YouTube Channels for Landlords

Continuing education is one of the most essential tools that landlords can use to have ongoing success. However, finding the right resources to learn from can feel too time-consuming when you already have a busy lifestyle.

Enter real estate YouTubers and the value they provide. Real estate YouTube channels offer a vast amount of information from experts who have experienced many of the issues you are now facing firsthand. Their videos share this information and give you another perspective on what it means to be a landlord, property investor, and small business owner.

What are the best YouTube channels to learn from right now? We’ve gathered a list of fantastic channels and some of their best videos for you to start discovering today.

Table Of Contents On Real Estate YouTube Channels

Real estate YouTube channels cover various topics, from taxation to investing forecasts. Take a look at what these top channels have to offer you:

The Value Of Real Estate YouTubers

The Value Of Real Estate YouTubers

In a way, the experts sharing their knowledge through these YouTube channels act as mentors to other individuals. They also create communities in their comment sections and channel forums where you can discuss different perspectives and experiences.

In particular, these are some of the most significant benefits of learning from these YouTubers:

  • Access to expert advice
    Everyone has different niches. Learn more about a new business trajectory or an adjacent line of work through YouTube videos.
  • Different perspectives
    There’s incredible value in seeing how another landlord, investor, or real estate investor would approach a problem you’re experiencing. Consider other perspectives by learning what else your situation can look like.
  • Gain motivation
    There’s something to be said about seeing others excel in a line of work you are passionate about. Passion often inspires passion. Gain motivation from investors on YouTube who are working hard in a field you already love.
  • See the roadmap
    You might not have a clear idea of how you will develop your rental business or move forward with improving profits. Understanding how others started and grew helps you set up your own roadmap to success.

The Best Real Estate YouTuber Channels

#1: BiggerPockets

If you’re familiar with, then you know the creators behind the following real estate YouTube channel.

The BiggerPockets YouTube channel offers content about a wide range of real estate investing topics. Every aspect is covered at some point. Whether you want to learn more about finding undervalued properties or how to do a market analysis, BiggerPockets can be considered a good resource.

Explore what BiggerPockets’ channel has to offer with the following videos:

#2: Mark J. Kohler

Mark J. Kohler is an author, real estate investor, and lawyer specializing in wealth management strategies, small business taxes, and advice for handling every business owner’s turbulent economic climate.

After helping thousands of people through seminars and other connections with small business owners and individuals, Mark started adding videos to his YouTube channel to continue this mission of educating individuals on how to reach success.

The videos on Mark’s channel are full of knowledge from a lawyer, investor, and accredited CPA. This unique perspective is one that can be hard to access even as an experienced landlord, so pay attention to the financial and tax advice Mark has to offer in particular. Some of the best videos for landlords on Mark’s channel include:

#3: Jerry Norton’s Flipping Mastery TV

Jerry Norton’s YouTube channel, Flipping Mastery TV, is focused on techniques for success in wholesaling real estate and flipping real estate. Over 600 videos have been uploaded that give notes on following these investment strategies and overcoming the most common obstacles in your journey to financial freedom.

Even if you are a landlord not planning on flipping properties or getting into wholesaling, there’s still a lot of helpful advice about construction, project management, analyzing the market, and more on Jerry’s channel. You may even want to learn about wholesaling to understand your options for offloading underperforming properties.

Check out some of the channel’s best videos for landlords here:

#4: Lili Thompson

Lili Thompson is a real estate investor and YouTube personality who’s been documenting her journey from start as she explores investing in the real estate world. The perspective offered on Lili’s channel differs significantly from that of many other gurus in this sector. It can be a refreshing perspective to experience in comparison to the dry business of some other channels.

Some of Lili’s best videos that may help landlords and new investors learn more about this sector of business include:

#5: Epic Real Estate Investing

Epic Real Estate Investing is a channel focused on creative options within this field. From market updates to predictions on how investing will develop in coming years, Matt Theriault covers it all.

Matt’s goal is to share what he has learned with others so they can also achieve financial freedom and success while saving for their future. These videos have a consistent motivational tone that can help you stay focused on your goals and the possibilities out there with creative investment opportunities.

Some of Epic Real Estate Investing’s creative solutions to landlord problems are covered in these videos:

#6: R.E. Tipster

R.E. Tipster is a YouTube Channel focused on giving real-world advice to investors working in the real estate market. Whether your goal is to flip homes, become a landlord, or otherwise engage with passive income from real estate, R.E. tipster has advice that will apply to your situation.

Videos that may be of particular interest to landlords in the current climate include:

#7: RentPrep

At RentPrep, we are a company focused on providing our clients with the highest-quality tenant screening services. We offer services from tenant background checks to liens searches—different packages have different offerings.

Our YouTube channel, however, goes beyond just tenant screening. We talk about top issues landlords face, share expert opinions on rental investment management, and even have a podcast regularly uploaded to our YouTube channel.

These are some of our top-performing videos. You can learn about these topics (and more) by visiting the RentPrep YouTube channel:

Learn More With RentPrep

In addition to our YouTube channel, where we upload podcasts and other informational videos for landlords, we also regularly put together a variety of other resources. We have blog posts, interviews, and general state-by-state updates that can provide you with necessary knowledge.

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FAQs: Learning From Real Estate YouTube Channels

What is the best way to learn about real estate?

Learning From Real Estate YouTube Channels

The best way to learn about real estate is to constantly search for new perspectives and learn from experienced investors, landlords, property managers, and agents working in the field.

There’s no doubt that many say the best way to learn is from experience, but those experiences don’t always have to be your own. Those working in the rental industry have a lot of knowledge to share, and many share that value through their blogs, books, and YouTube channels.

Talking with local agents and mentors is helpful but not always possible. Try turning to online sources such as YouTube to find more information on specific issues that you’re encountering and the rental market at large. You’ll be amazed at just how much information is available, for free, in videos that other investors and landlords release every day.

Is YouTube good for real estate investing?

YouTube can be a great place to learn about real estate investing. Many landlords are posting videos about how they manage their properties, and there are also investors sharing their secrets to success in a constantly growing industry.

Utilizing YouTube channels on real estate to learn more about the current market, updates to laws that affect landlords, and individual experiences is a great way to expand your knowledge base. You can even search for specific issues and find out how other individuals have overcome similar challenges.

Remember, however, that not all information posted online is accurate or relevant to your own situation. The channels that we posted above are the best channels not only for their followers but also for the factual information they share. Always consider the validity of the source when you start taking advice from a new channel, and remember that not all advice will fit your needs.

Should I promote my real estate business on YouTube?

Many real estate agents and landlords wonder if they should be starting their own YouTube channel to market and share their business. Whether or not this will be valuable for your business, however, is dependent on many factors. Ultimately, it depends on your goals.

If you hope to someday become a respected investor or agent in the field who advises others, it can be valuable to start documenting your knowledge and experiences in videos. Many others seek information and will start coming to your channel to learn more.

If, however, you want to stick within your current realm of purchasing and managing properties, making your own videos isn’t going to have a massive effect on your bottom line. You’ll likely find yourself spending too much time on videos with no direct benefit to your current business plan.

Devoting some of your time to producing videos for YouTube is likely only the right choice if an online following is part of your long-term business plan. Otherwise, keep enjoying and commenting on other channels’ videos instead.

Is real estate advice on YouTube accurate?

The advice you get from YouTube videos may or may not be accurate. Mostly, the people giving their outlook on investing, managing rental properties, and the market at large offer their opinions and perspectives. There isn’t a definite way to judge if they are right or wrong because they speak about their own specific situations and experiences.

It is always important to consider what direction and perspective individuals are coming from when you watch YouTube channels.

If you are receiving advice on laws or taxation, you will always want to double-check the information before you put it into action. It could be accurate, but implementing changes based on inaccurate advice in these areas could also be financially devastating. Keep that in mind as you move forward.

Expand Your Expertise With Real Estate YouTube

No matter how experienced you are in the real estate industry, there will always be someone who knows more about a particular area. Learning from others will be critical to your success as you grow and expand your business.

These great YouTube channels can help you do just that. Keep growing and learning while keeping the following in mind:

  • Not every piece of information will be accurate—use your discretion when choosing channels to learn from.
  • Check out adjacent channels from tax experts, real estate agents, and more for even more perspectives.
  • Subscribe to your favorite channels to make it easy to see their updates without additional searches.

Kick start your learning today—explore what YouTube real estate channels have to offer.