How To Make Your Apartment Handicap Accessible: 10 Tips

Updated December 2021 Millions of people in the United States have disabilities. Often, these individuals find that traditional housing options don’t meet their needs. Landlords can attract these potential tenants by taking time to make an apartment handicap accessible so that these rental properties are more comfortable, welcoming, and friendly to those with special needs….Read More

how often should landlords paint rental properties

Landlord Painting Responsibilities: When Should You Paint?

Updated November 2021 It’s easy to know that you need to repaint your rental property when there are clear damages or when you are getting it ready to rent for the first time, but what happens after that? How often should landlords paint rental properties to keep them in the best condition and habitable for…Read More

spring cleaning and maintenance for property owners

Spring Cleaning Tips And Maintenance For Property Owners

Updated February 2021 Even though it is still early, spring is setting in. That means it is time to do some important spring cleaning for your rental properties. Where should you begin? Spring cleaning and maintenance for property owners can feel overwhelming at times because of how many things there are to get done. This…Read More

pest control landlord tenant responsibility

Do Landlords Pay For Pest Control? Everything You Must Know

Updated October 2020 When bugs and other pests make their way into rental properties, it can cause conflict between tenants and landlords as to who is responsible for pest control. It’s a part of your responsibility as the landlord to ensure that pests are not able to infiltrate the property, but the tenants share in…Read More

how long does a landlord have to fix something

How Long Does A Landlord Have To Fix Something

If you are a landlord for an apartment building or rental property, then you know the pitfalls of the profession. Getting tenants in the building who will pay bills on time and who understand how much work you do can sometimes seem like too big of an ask when problems are constantly arising.  Well, when…Read More

rental property repairs vs improvements

Rental Property Repairs Vs. Improvements

As a landlord, you’ve probably received a call when a tenant has told you there is a repair needed. These calls often come in the middle of the night, or when you’re trying to enjoy what little time off you have. Sometimes, the call will result in you as a landlord needing to make an…Read More

normal wear and tear

What Is Normal Wear and Tear, and How Do You Measure It?

Naturally, some problems will develop at your rental properties over time. The roof will wear out, the floors will lose their luster, and the walls will need to be repainted. Budgeting this normal wear and tear into the cost management of your property is key to keep your bottom line. But what happens when the…Read More

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Pamphlet For Rental Tenants

Landlords are responsible for the well-being of more than just the property itself. The reason for many of your legal responsibilities is to keep your property in livable conditions for the tenants who occupy your space. This means keeping the water running, land safe, and also keeping the tenants informed about crucial disclosures. Lead-based paint…Read More

Best flooring for rental property

Best Flooring For Rental Property (updated for 2019)

When trying to decide on the best flooring for rental property there are three main factors to consider. Price Durability Design The best flooring for rental property is also going to be determined by the room. We will focus on two main ares in this guide: Kitchen & Bath Living room/Bedrooms Different flooring is best…Read More

Tree trimming landlord or tenant

Tree Trimming at Your Rental Property (landlord or tenant?)

Tree trimming is an active maintenance program that removes branches from a tree. It can be done as a preventative measure to keep branches from damaging structures or overhead lines, or it can be done as a pruning technique to keep the tree healthy. Trees next to a home can add beauty and shade, but…Read More