accelerated depreciation real estate

What Is Accelerated Depreciation In Real Estate? (Guide)

Ensuring your profit margin as a landlord is about more than property management—it’s also about tax management. Taxes play a significant role in the overall finances of your business, and they can even provide big breaks. Understanding your options for accelerated depreciation on real estate is essential so you don’t miss out on this potential…Read More

landlord-tenant law

Landlord-Tenant Law: The Foundation Of Your Rental Business

If you’re working as a landlord or property manager, you’re likely already familiar with landlord-tenant law. Even if you don’t know these laws by that name, they outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties that must be followed during a tenancy. Landlords unfamiliar with applicable laws often find themselves in trouble. Financial and legal…Read More

landlord retaliation

What Is Landlord Retaliation? Dos And Don’ts For Landlords

When things get frustrating for landlords, retaliation against tenants occasionally happens. Feeling out of control of the property they own, landlords sometimes make the mistake of overstepping their legal boundaries and committing landlord retaliation. Retaliatory action, however, is a serious offense. These actions typically move landlords further from conflict resolution and closer to fines or…Read More

wholesale real estate

What Is Wholesale Real Estate? (And How It Affects Landlords)

Wholesaling is not a new practice, but is growing in popularity in the current investing world. Wholesale real estate involves a middleman finding a seller rather than the buyer or the buyer’s agent handling this marketing and research process. But what is it about wholesaling that’s valuable to real estate investors and even landlords working…Read More

How To Run Credit Check On Tenant

Updated September 2022 If there’s one piece of advice that landlords need to remember above all other advice, this is what we would say: Always take enough time to properly review rental applications before you offer to rent your properties to any tenants! No matter how great a tenant might seem when you first meet…Read More

California landlord-tenant law utilities

Utility Laws In California (RentPrep Guide For Landlords)

While landlords are required to provide access to utilities at their rental properties, are they also required to cover the cost of those utilities? Now, you don’t have to pay for utilities for your tenants, but you do have to follow the terms of California landlord-tenant laws on utilities when renting in the state. There…Read More

rental co-signer

Cosigner Lease Agreement: Landlord Guide To Rental Cosigners

Working with tenants requiring or requesting a rental cosigner is not uncommon in most locations. Many landlords say it’s more common than not to work with multiple individuals on a lease and sometimes use a cosigner lease agreement. Do you understand why and when to bring in a cosigner on leases? Cosigners can be a…Read More

what is a monthly rent concession

What Is A Rent Concession: Landlord Lessons From RentPrep

To some landlords, it might be hard to understand why you would want to give tenants discounts, free rent coverage, and other rent concessions. What is a monthly rent concession, after all, but less money toward your bottom line? In reality, a rent concession is a discount that builds your long-term profit. Even if rent…Read More

what a landlord cannot do

What Is Illegal For A Landlord To Do? Must-Know For Landlords

There’s a common misconception that landlords wield more power than tenants when it comes to rentals. While there are state laws that may provide additional rights to one party or another, the truth of the matter is that both landlords and tenants have to abide by specific rules. What a landlord cannot do is clearly…Read More

building maintenance guide

Building Maintenance Checklist For Landlords: RentPrep Guide

Managing buildings with multiple units or homes that require regular servicing brings new issues to landlords that you might not be familiar with. Preventative maintenance is essential for the long-term profitability of buildings, but not all landlords know how to manage these tasks effectively. What you need to succeed in this respect is a high-quality…Read More