What Is A Triple Net Lease? (Landlord Q&As)

It’s widely agreed upon in the rental industry that the bottom line of your success often relies on your lease. Ensuring that this document is clear, thorough, and legal further ensures that you can profit while protecting your assets. For commercial landlords, an NNN, or triple net, lease is often considered the best-case scenario depending…Read More

Landlord Forms: 30-Day Notice To Tenant Sample Template

Updated June 2022 During your time as a landlord, it is inevitable that you will eventually need to terminate a lease you hold with one of your tenants. Whether you plan to renovate the property, do not want to rent on a monthly basis any longer, or the tenant has violated the lease terms, you…Read More

best air conditioner for rental property

Best Apartment Air Conditioners For You And Your Tenants

Landlords who manage rental units that don’t have central AC will need to consider if they will provide or permit apartment air conditioners. The best air conditioner for a rental property will attract tenants who want a cool, comfortable home year round, but how do you ensure you can provide that? Learning about the air…Read More

top blogs for starter landlords to follow

Top Property Management Blogs For New Landlords

New landlords are often overwhelmed with information. There’s a massive world of property management, and determining exactly what is relevant to you as you start your journey into this can be challenging. What information matters most to beginner landlords, and how can you access it? Today, we’ve gathered a list of the top blogs for…Read More

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The Best Rent Collection Apps For Landlords (RentPrep Guide)

For decades, rent collection was primarily done via cash or checks, but that has changed dramatically in the last decade. Now, rent payment apps and other online payment systems are taking over the industry. Landlords, both new and experienced, must learn more about these rent collection apps to see how to best utilize these updated…Read More

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Best States To Be A Landlord: A Simple RentPrep Guide

Landlord-friendly states have laws and procedures that allow landlords to exert more control over their properties. That’s why many small business owners are attracted to working as a landlord in these areas. From the eviction process to programs like rent control, many parts of landlord-tenant law tend to favor tenants. However, not all states slant…Read More

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Houses For Rent On Marketplace: How Ads On Facebook Work

Landlords have an incredible number of options when it comes to advertising their rentals. From local newspapers to online portals, renters browse properties almost everywhere. Marketplace rentals, which are listings on Facebook, are rapidly becoming a place these tenants browse. Do Marketplace rentals near me help landlords find great tenants, or is this just another…Read More

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Real Estate Reddit: How Community-Based Learning Is Beneficial

Reddit is home to more than 2.8 million subreddits, and there are more than 100,000 active communities on the site. Some of those subreddits, like r/realestate, are spaces specifically for real estate discussion. Here, you’ll find many landlords, investors, and buyers all talking about the latest market news and beyond. Are these communities on Reddit…Read More

How To Use Addendums To Lease Agreements: A RentPrep Guide

New landlords often make the same types of mistakes. One common error is believing that a lease agreement will protect you from any and all situations and that your lease will never need to be changed once it is signed. However, lease addendums are commonly used by experienced landlords, and there are reasons they are…Read More

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How To Calculate ROI On A Rental Property (Landlord Guide)

Jumping into the rental industry can feel like you’re going where there are no rules. Without clear guidance about what is and what is not a good investment, it can be overwhelming trying to determine which properties will do well for your business. This is where the rental property ROI calculator is a stress-reducer for…Read More