Landlord Responsibilities: A Complete Guide

Landlord Responsibilities: A Complete Guide [2024 Edition]

It’s true, a landlord’s responsibilities often require the property owner to wear many different hats. In this guide, we will assess all the landlord responsibilities you should be aware of before investing in self-managed rental properties. By understanding your basic obligations it will allow you to avoid unnecessary issues with tenants and the governing bodies….Read More

rent roll template

What Is A Rent Roll & Why Does It Matter? [Free Template]

A rent roll is a simple concept that sometimes is misunderstood, but landlords need to realize the benefits that using one regularly can have on their business. Why are rent rolls so easily misunderstood? Because the roll can have different applications depending on who is requesting the rent roll. What landlords need to know is…Read More

best property management software

The Best Property Management Software – Top 6 Picks Reviewed

Updated March 2024 Streamlining rental property management can be a tedious task, diverting valuable time that could be better spent on more rewarding or productive activities. The solution? Leveraging the capabilities of the right property management software to minimize the time invested in these administrative responsibilities. For landlords like you, effective property management software consolidates…Read More

Utility Laws in California

Understanding Utility Responsibilities in California Rentals: A Guide for Landlords and Tenants

Navigating utility responsibilities in rental agreements is essential for landlords and California tenants. Understanding who bears the cost can prevent legal issues and ensure a smooth tenancy. Key Takeaways: California landlord-tenant laws do not mandate landlords to cover utility costs but require clarity in lease agreements. Landlords must ensure tenants can access utilities and cannot…Read More

The Landlord Guide to Assistance Animals

ESA Vs. Service Animal: What Landlords Should Know

Let’s chat about animals in rental properties, shall we? It’s not uncommon for the subject for landlords and tenants to not see eye to eye. And, yeah, there is no doubt that some animals, despite assisting humans in some capacity, can be a bit destructive. But, that doesn’t change the fact that an animal is…Read More

who needs to sign the lease?

Understanding Lease Signings: Who Should Be On the Lease And Why

Navigating lease signings involves understanding who needs to be on the lease, from minors to adult children, and the implications of each. Key Takeaways: Legal tenants are those of legal age who sign the lease. Minors should be listed as occupants, not tenants. Adult children (18+) should be on the lease for legal clarity. Co-signers…Read More

What Is A Triple Net Lease?

What Is A Triple Net Lease & How Does It Work?

It’s widely agreed upon in the rental industry that the bottom line of your success often relies on your lease. Ensuring that this document is clear, thorough, and legal further ensures that you can profit while protecting your assets. For commercial landlords, an NNN, or triple net, lease is often considered the best-case scenario depending…Read More

accepting late rent during the eviction process

Landlord’s Guide to Handling Late Rent and Eviction: Strategies and Legal Considerations

Dealing with late rent during eviction can be complex for landlords, balancing legal obligations and financial implications. Key Takeaways: Eviction starts with a pay or quit notice. Accepting late rent may waive eviction rights. Partial payments can reset the eviction process. Tenant screening can help avoid late rent situations. State and local laws may affect…Read More

How to buy a vacation rental property

How To Buy A Vacation Rental Property For Short-Term Rentals

Embarking on the journey of investing in a vacation rental property can open doors to a promising opportunity, whether you’re a new landlord or a seasoned investor looking to expand your portfolio. Beyond providing a retreat for travelers, a vacation rental holds the potential for lucrative returns through short-term rentals. Are you curious about how…Read More

how to evict a squatter

How To Get Rid Of A Squatter [The Right Way]

Are squatters unlawfully living in your property? The rise of squatter incidents have left many landlords feeling helpless, as some laws actually protect squatters and don’t consider the negative impact this activity has on landlords. Along with the frustration, increased stress, and financial strain caused by illegal occupancy, the eviction process can be drawn out…Read More