Top 25 Real Estate Blogs To Follow In 2018

From small rental portfolios to big time investors this list will give you a little bit of everything in the world of real estate. We selected these blogs to create a diversity of interests that focus on rentals, apartments, funding, flips and tax laws that real estate investors should be aware of. Check out each listing to learn a little bit about their blog and what you can expect.Top 25 real estate blog 2018Max Real Estate Exposure



1. Max Real Estate Exposure

Bill Gassett writes this Massachusetts based real estate blog that focuses on providing helpful tips to buyers, sellers and real estate agents alike. The site has great evergreen real estate content and is a tremendous resource to investors interested in the New England area.

Area of Focus: Massachusetts Real Estate


 Joe Manausa Real Estate



2. Joe Manausa Real Estate

This Tallahassee Real Estate Blog covers both local information about neighborhoods and home sales, as well as real estate advice that is valid in all US housing markets. Featuring several thousand articles, posted daily since 2007, you will find the answers here for all of your Tallahassee real estate questions.

Area of Focus: Tallahassee Real Estate & Nationwide Housing Market Conditions


Michael Blank

3. Michael Blank

Go big or go home. Michael’s website isn’t focused on single family homes. He goes right to apartment buildings and how to get started with no experience. You can find his latest podcasts on his blog where he interviews some of the brightest minds in real estate.

Area of Focus: Building Wealth Through Apartments


1-2-3 Flip

4. 1-2-3 Flip

This blog does a great job of detailing flips and rentals done by the owners J. & Carol. They provide an extensive amount of information on their past projects and have written books on flipping as well. They also provide insights on their rental portfolio as well.

Area of Focus: Flipping Homes


Louisville Gal Real Estate

5.  Louisville Gal Real Estate

Sharon Vorholt is a real estate investor in the Lousiville market. She shares articles on investing, managing tenants and coaching advice. She has an active podcast as well.

Area of Focus: Real Estate Investing  & Coaching


Cash Flow Diary

6. Cash Flow Diary

J. Massey does a masterful job sharing his experiences via his blog, podcast and videos. He teaches others how to find and manage similar opportunities, including getting Deals At Discounts and Raising Private Capital to Investing in Multi-Family Properties, getting leads and negotiating the deal.

Area of Focus: Creating Cash Flow & Passive Income


Clayton Morris

7. Clayton Morris

Clayton is a former broadcaster who believes every person has a freedom number. He provides resources to help you figure out what your number is and how to get there. He has videos, podcasts, and a great blog that shares how to build towards a life of passive income.

Area of Focus: Finding Your Freedom Number


Invest Four More

8. Invest Four More

In 2013 Mark Ferguson started his blog with five rentals. Since then he has over 16 rentals and has flipped over 120 homes. He also runs a real estate team of 9 and writes about all of it in his blog with articles every week. He also hosts a podcast and has a private forum for investors.

Area of Focus: Help People Become Real Estate Investors


KKOS Lawyers

9. KKOS Lawyers

This law firm has a focus on helping the small business owner. They have a unique angle in that they also provide accounting services and they have plenty of content specific to landlords and real estate investors. This is the place to learn about liability protection, SDIRAs, and how to structure your business to save on taxes.

Area of Focus: Help Small Business Owners Through Liability Protection And Tax Strategy


Leading Landlord

10. Leading Landlord

Al Williamson has an engineering background and he takes that approach to his rentals. He works on ways to increase revenue of his rentals through long-term corporate rentals. He treats his business like an ongoing experiment and he shares the results on his blog.

Area of Focus: Maximizing Profit On Rentals


McCreary Realtors

11. McCreary Realty

Based out of Atlanta, this property management company does a great job sharing their insights on their blog. They write content for the property manager and the tenant. They have informative articles such as how to soundproof an apartment and how to prepare for changes with upcoming seasons.

Area of Focus: Tenants and Property Management


Bigger Pockets - Brandon Turner

12. Bigger Pockets – Brandon Turner

Bigger Pockets has loads of free resources and forums to learn about everything real estate related. Brandon Turner is our favorite of the authors and he shares great advice on managing and building a rental portfolio. He’s also the co-host of their popular podcast and has written several best selling books on real estate and property management.

Area of Focus: Building Wealth Through Real Estate


Imagine Your House

13. Imagine Your House

Lynn Pineda is a realtor in South Florida and she shares plenty of great content on her blog. There are some great reads on questions you should ask your realtor and free resources you can use to ready your home for sale. Her blog is a great place to learn about realtors and home buying.

Area of Focus: Realtors and Home Buying


San Jose Real Estate Blog

14. San Jose Real Estate Blog

Mary is a realtor in the Silicon Valley area and her blog covers topics on market conditions and trends. It’s an interesting insight into one of the most expensive real estate markets in the entire world. She walks the bay area frequently to stir up creative blog ideas.

Area of Focus: Bay Area Investing


Rental Rookie

15. Rental Rookie

Emily Du Plessis is learning by doing when it comes to real estate and property management. Her weekly podcast shares everything she learns along the way and encourages newbie investors to take action. Her website also has free resources and courses to give a helping hand to new investors.

Area of Focus: Guiding New Landlords & Investors

16. has a host of free resources, tools, and calculators for real estate investors. Their blog has helpful insights on investing in rentals, wholesaling, flipping, and seller-financing.

Area of Focus: Real Estate Investing


Anita's Corner

17. Anita’s Corner

Anita writes on real estate in her local area of Warner Robins, Georgia. She also does a great job of creating content on a national scale as well. You can read up on home additions you should consider or how to protect your home from pests.

Area of Focus: Real Estate & Home Improvement


Mark Brian

18. Mark Brian

Mark writes a “Today’s Ugly But Honest News!” segment on his South Carolina Real Estate blog. Many of the posts are relevant for a national audience where he covers topics of mortgage rates, construction costs and household spending patterns.

Area of Focus: National Trends That Effect Real Estate Investors


Matrix Blog by Jonathan Miller

19. Matrix Blog by Jonathan Miller

This blog is definitely for someone who likes to read and analyze numbers. They cover topics from median sales prices to the new GOP tax bill. The focus of this blog is on the NYC markets but there is plenty of great content for a national audience.

Area of Focus: NYC Real Estate and Valuations


Andrew Fortune - Colorado Realtor

20. Colorado Springs Real Estate Blog

This blog has a focus on Colorado Springs but has some great content for a national audience. A couple of recent posts show how to prepare for a home inspection or what marketing to focus on when selling real estate

Area of Focus: Colorado Springs and Home Selling


Ohio Cashflow

21. Ohio Cashflow

This blog focuses on turnkey real estate investing. Engelo also has an active YouTube channel where he interviews people and shares tips from his experience. This is a great read if you’re interested in turnkey rental investing.

Area of Focus: Turnkey Real Estate Investing


Sally Forester Jones

22. Sally Forester Jones Blog

This blog gives a great look into luxury real estate in the Beverly Hills market. From “Palatial Playgrounds” to “Supervillain Lairs in Hollywood” this blog will give you insight to the life of a realtor selling multi-million dollar homes.

Area of Focus: Beverly Hills Real Estate


Rochester Real Estate Blog

23.  Rochester Real Estate Blog

Kyle Hiscock is a realtor from Rochester, NY and he shares some great resources on home improvement, mortgages, appraisals and selling your home. He also has plenty of content geared specifically to help buyers and sellers.

Area of Focus: Real Estate Buying & Selling


The Tenant Advisor

24. The Tenant Advisor

Coy Davidson is a real estate professional from Houston, Texas. His blog focuses on corporate real estate and tenant representation. If you’re looking to buy or lease corporate space this is a great blog to visit.

Area of Focus: Corporate Real Estate


RentPrep Facebook Group

25.  RentPrep Facebook Group

Admittedly, this one is a little self-serving, but our Facebook group provides a voice to over 5,300 landlords and property managers. It’s a great resource to get immediate feedback on questions or concerns from peers.

Area of Focus: Connecting Landlords & Property Managers