Real Estate Reddit: How Community-Based Learning Is Beneficial

Reddit is home to more than 2.8 million subreddits, and there are more than 100,000 active communities on the site. Some of those subreddits, like r/realestate, are spaces specifically for real estate discussion. Here, you’ll find many landlords, investors, and buyers all talking about the latest market news and beyond.

Are these communities on Reddit the right place for learning about real estate investing, or are they more likely to carry toxic culture due to the groups’ public nature?

These groups are often home to interesting discussions and posts about the latest in local real estate and landlord-tenant laws, but that doesn’t always translate to real value for landlords looking to focus on the long-term growth of their business.

Today, learn how real estate Reddit provides benefits to landlords and fills a particular online niche, before deciding if that community is right for you to join.

Table Of Contents On Real Estate Reddit

Do you ever want to hear the latest from the rental community to see if your current standards line up with those of other landlords? Getting involved with the real estate community has led many to the real estate and related subreddits on Reddit. Are these communities what you’re looking for? Learn more today to find out:

What Is Reddit?

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a massive online forum where subcommunities can access news, commentary, content creation, and discussion. The simple format of Reddit has made it possible for many different types of communities to create their own subreddits on the site.

A subreddit is a specific community. Within each particular subreddit, there are moderators who create rules for community members and guide the way the community is used. Some subreddits do not have moderators or regulations beyond the site’s rules, but most find guidelines to be beneficial in creating strong communities.

Are There Realty And Rental Subreddits?

Many different subreddits have been created about real estate, renting, rental management, and similar markets. Some of these subreddits are used more than others, and it can be difficult from an outside perspective to get an idea of what is happening within each community.

Landlords and real estate investors use three main subreddits:

1. r/landlord

r/landlord is the subreddit for landlords run by landlords. Here, individuals talk about the latest news, discuss their personal rental problems, and look for ideas from other landlords about how to handle challenging situations. Posts here are filtered by location, so it is possible to get perspective for your specific area when needed.

2. r/realestateinvesting

r/realestateinvesting is a community for those interested in any aspect of real estate investing, from rehab to flipping to property management. Monthly discussions, daily encouragement, and advice about investment practices can be found here.

3. r/realestate

Compared to r/realestateinvesting, this subreddit’s focus is broader. There is less moderation here, and both homeowners and investors tend to post in news and discussions. However, with a reduced focus on landlord issues, many rental property owners don’t find this to be the ideal online community for them.

The Pros And Cons Of Real Estate Reddit

Now that you have a better understanding of what Reddit is and what types of communities exist there, it’s time to consider the pros and cons of these subreddits. Are you missing out by not being part of the communities, or would spending time there be a waste of time?

Pros Of Reddit Realty Subreddits

  • Lots of experiential learning
    Many landlords value the vast number of landlord experiences that they can read about and compare to what they are currently going through. Understanding how others solved a similar problem can inspire personal solutions.
  • Current news and events
    For some landlords, the latest national and local news about renting, realty, and the rental market can be easily missed due to the dynamic nature of their jobs. You might find it easier to keep up with these things when regularly visiting a subreddit.
  • Dedicated feedback channel
    The discussion aspect within each of these subreddits is vital. Landlords find a lot of value in being able to post about their issues, experiences, or questions and receive feedback from experienced landlords.
  • Links to valuable resources
    Sometimes, landlords and investment fanatics will share incredible tools or resources discovered in these communities. Without the community’s notification, these tools might not make it into your arsenal as rapidly, if at all.

Cons Of Reddit Real Estate Subreddits

  • Sifting through information
    One of the most challenging things about these subreddits is the sheer amount of information that may be posted at any time. Keeping up with every post will be time-consuming, and that time may not have a great return depending on your needs.
  • Rocky advice
    Another issue landlords may encounter in this and other online communities are the posts containing bad landlord advice. Not all landlords are good at their job, and many follow invalid or illegal practices. Unknowingly following rocky advice could lead to serious trouble.
  • Limited connections
    While many subreddits on Reddit have powerful communities where everyone knows each other, the listed r/ communities in the realty and investing side of things do not seem to have this type of familiarity. Making strong connections may be possible, but it is unlikely.
  • National vs. local
    Some local communities of landlords may have their own subreddit that you can discover, but these larger subreddits are devoted to landlord information at a broader level. Sometimes, local help is what you need most, and you won’t always be able to find that in Reddit real estate communities.

Should I Join These Subreddits?

Should I Join These Subreddits?

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if joining any of these subreddits about real estate or rental management will benefit you. We urge you to consider exactly what you seek when looking at these communities.

Do you want a place to vent your frustrations or to receive advice from other landlords about a tough situation you are dealing with? If so, these communities can be a great resource as they bring together experienced individuals who may have new perspectives for you to consider.

Are you looking for a dedicated group of landlords you can learn from in a specific and focused way? If so, the subreddits described above are unlikely to meet your needs. Instead, meeting local landlords or joining a smaller community is probably the better move for you.

There isn’t a cut-and-dry answer about joining these communities.

Thankfully, there also isn’t a significant barrier to accessing the information. You typically do not even need to make an official Reddit account to browse the site unless you want to comment or create your own post for these subreddits.

We recommend using these communities as another resource to visit occasionally rather than a home for all of your landlord-based needs and learning. That process should be personal and specific to your needs, and it is unlikely that these subreddits can provide that structure.

The Right Resources

The key in accessing any resources online is making sure that you are choosing the right ones. While community resources like Reddit’s realty subreddit can be a great location to learn about other landlord experiences, it isn’t the right option for everyone.

Here at RentPrep, we devote significant energy to creating high-quality resources to meet the needs of landlords like you. Access our latest resources, for free, here. Once you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll be alerted to the latest news about the rental market, and we regularly engage with the community at large to find out what you want to see next.

Make the most of your time as a landlord by making sure you’re utilizing the right resources to keep your business thriving.

FAQs On Reddit Real Estate Communities

Is Reddit a safe site?

As with all online communities, there are some risks associated with talking about your personal experiences online. There isn’t any more risk in creating a Reddit account than creating any other online account, but you will want to protect yourself with a strong password.

Additionally, it is essential to remember that your posts on Reddit are public and can be seen by anyone. Avoid posting personal, identifying details about yourself or your tenants, which could lead to issues or even legal trouble. Keep things as vague as possible when seeking advice, and be sure to utilize safe online practices.

Is Reddit free to use?

Yes. Reddit is a free site. There are ways to spend money on the site, such as buying Reddit gold or unlocking specific types of badges, but those are not required to use the site and will not be necessary for landlords.

Can I learn anything about my city’s rental market on Reddit?

Many landlords want to check out Reddit’s rental communities, but they feel like the landlords they see there are not having experiences that apply in their area. However, you might be able to look at other parts of the website to learn more.

For example, this landlord in Pittsburgh posted in the r/Pittsburgh subreddit accepting questions about their experience and knowledge of the area.

If you are looking for area-specific information, try searching through a search engine or in Reddit’s search bar to find landlord posts from your area or state. You may be surprised at where these posts are located. However, if the information provided is good, it doesn’t matter which community the post came from.

Can I join multiple Reddit communities?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of subreddits you can join at one time. They will dictate what appears on your home screen. There are some customization options you can apply to this page, but it is easiest to limit the communities that you join to only those that interest you most.

If you plan to use real estate Reddit and also use Reddit for other aspects of your life, you may find it beneficial to create multiple Reddit accounts. This will allow you to join specific communities on specific accounts. By doing this, your home feed and notifications will be less cluttered and more manageable.

However, it is of course possible to keep everything in one place if you prefer.

Are there any subreddits for property managers?

If you are a property manager or a landlord looking to learn more about how these positions are implemented, you might be interested in visiting r/propertymanagement. This subreddit focuses on property management specifics, such as repair requests, move-out inspections, and other managerial aspects.

Landlords with fewer than 10 properties often do these things independently, but others hire property managers specifically for these tasks. The posts in these communities showcase the situations that happen while doing management work, but the community isn’t as active as the previously mentioned subreddits.

Find Your Community

If the Reddit realty communities aren’t for you, that’s okay! There are many different community platforms, and not every one will have the tools you are looking for.

Consider what you need in a group:

  • Are you looking for factual or experiential information?
  • Do you need links to professional resources or an acquaintance to vent to?
  • Are you hoping to connect with local landlords, or can they be located anywhere?

You can better narrow down what you need in an online community for real estate investors and landlords by asking yourself these questions. Don’t settle for communities that don’t provide you with real benefits.

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