rta direct cabinets review

Many landlords and property investors look for simple, affordable solutions when dealing with home renovations. Whether you’re working on a new property or remodeling one you have been renting for a while, having the right supplies at the right prices can make a huge difference in your profit margin.

RTA cabinets, also known as ready-to-assemble cabinets, are a great choice that balances cost with style. The cabinets come at a variety of price points and finishes, and you save money by assembling and installing them with your own team.

Today’s article will be an RTA Direct Cabinets review; RTA Direct is known for being a popular choice for contractors, renovators, and landlords looking to spruce up their properties. Are the products and supplies they offer a good choice for you? Let’s find out.

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RTA Direct Rating

RTA Direct Cabinets earns a 5/5 star rating.

RTA Direct Cabinets Review

RTA Direct Rating

This review gives RTA Direct a 5/5 star rating for the high-quality RTA cabinet options that they have available. The quality of furniture they source in accompaniment with great design services, customer service, and delivery all shows that this company has taken the time to optimize their services for their customers.

Contractors, landlords, homeowners, and more are likely to find cabinets that they like from the wide selections available through RTA Direct, and the service to accompany the cabinets is exceptional.


  • Amazing design services
  • Samples available and encouraged
  • Great customer service
  • High-quality furniture with premium features
  • On-time delivery


  • Limited problems with back ordered items
  • RTA cabinets, in general, take a lot of time to install

RTA Direct Cabinets Analysis

Before you learn the specifics about RTA Direct, it’s important to make sure you know exactly what RTA cabinets are. RTA stands for ready to assemble; these cabinets come in pieces that you or your team will need to put together. Buying cabinets this way is very affordable and tends to have a better outcome than buying from big-box retailers.

If you aren’t familiar with how RTA cabinets need to be assembled, this video from RTA Direct gives you an idea of what the process may look like:

Let’s get into what RTA Direct offers for your next rental remodel.

Design Service & Sample Products

Design Service & Sample Products

RTA Direct offers a free design service to all of its customers. If you fill out a form and provide some information to their team, they will pull together incredibly detailed renders of what your kitchen could look like. This gives you the chance to make a good decision about your cabinets.

Sample doors are available from RTA Direct at a low price with free shipping; if you end up ordering from RTA Direct, the cost of the door will be credited towards your order.

Fast, Reliable Shipments

RTA Direct Cabinets reviews all point out how fast the shipping from RTA Direct is. Not only are samples often sent out the same day, the company offers a variety of shipping upgrade options that can be used when your time is worth a little higher investment. The shipping policies of the company are clear from start to finish, leaving little room for confusion.

Great Customer Service

When it comes to cabinets, Direct RTA reviews always mention that the customer service team knows exactly what types of problems they might be dealing with. The team is always ready to answer questions in a knowledgeable way, respond to any concerns about the products, and quickly resolve issues if something should arrive damaged. Things happen during shipping, and the team is open to resolving any and all problems.


The high-quality products from RTA Direct show that this company truly earns a five-star rating in this RTA Direct Cabinets review. From start to finish, the company takes the time to make sure that you are going to get a cabinet setup that will improve your profit margins.

Their design service gets you started, and the premium finishing touches such as soft-close drawers that are standard on their cabinets means that your products will truly improve the rental value of your properties.