How To Address A Tenant Overstaying Notice: A Complete Guide

Eviction is a difficult process to go through. This isn’t just because there is a lot of paperwork and time involved, but also because there are always cases where the tenant overstays their notice and simply won’t leave! When a tenant won’t leave after eviction, landlords find themselves stuck, frustrated, and losing money fast. While…Read More

California Eviction Process

How To Evict A Tenant In California: Every Situation Explained

When working as a landlord, it’s your responsibility to keep up with not just federal laws but also with local and state laws as well. In fact, most aspects of renal property management are dictated by state laws and further refined by local laws. Everything from how many days notice you must give a tenant…Read More

The Eviction Process: Fundamentals All Landlords Must Know

There are certain situations that landlords never want to have to deal with. From fixing a major problem like a burst pipe at a rental property to filing for eviction, landlords may even avoid thinking about these disasters. The thing about rental disasters, however, is that they will happen whether you think about them or…Read More

60-Day Eviction Notice: Ultimate Guide for Landlords

There are many different notices that landlords can give to their tenants. From “cure or quit” notices to 14-day eviction notices, it can be hard to be familiar with every single notice option that could be used. The simple fact, however, is that it is your job as a landlord to become familiar with each…Read More

3-Day Notice To Pay Or Quit: Best Practices For Landlords

Handling an eviction is never fun. Dealing with complicated laws only makes it more complicated, and the process can be further delayed if you make any mistakes in your notice, filing, or court procedures. As a landlord, it is very important for you to fully understand when, where, and how 3-day notice to pay or…Read More

Eviction Notice Texas: Timeline and Complete Landlord Guide

No matter where you live, thinking about needing to evict a tenant can cause a lot of stress. In some states, it is all-but-impossible to evict a tenant without repeat offenses because the state’s landlord-tenant laws heavily favor the tenant. Texas eviction laws, on the other hand, are more on the landlord’s side. When you…Read More


How to Write an Eviction Notice: 4 Essential Components

When you’re dealing with a serious tenant problem, it might be time for you to stop fighting the inevitable and send an eviction notice. If this is your first time in this type of situation, however, you might not yet know how to write an eviction notice. And that’s okay! Every landlord has to learn…Read More

Court Costs for Eviction

Court Costs For Eviction: Is It Worth What It Will Cost You?

When you’re dealing with a tenant that is always paying late or blatantly breaking the rules of your lease agreement, you may get to the point when you decide that it is time to file for eviction. That will be the end of that, right? Well, yes and no. While filing for eviction may finally…Read More

Eviction Notice California: The How-To Every Landlord Needs

No matter how much you may dislike the idea of needing to learn more about eviction procedures, knowing what to when it comes to an eviction situation is one of the best ways to protect yourself from an unnecessarily long case. Even landlords who spend weeks vetting and selecting tenants may find themselves needing to…Read More

How To Evict a Tenant in Florida: A Simple Guide for Landlords

Landlords may often find themselves getting frustrated with eviction guides, which give you only general information rather than information that is specific to your location. Unfortunately, most comprehensive guides can only go into so much detail! This guide, however, is specifically for landlords looking to learn how to evict a tenant in Florida. It’s not…Read More