Landlord Balderdash: Round 1

This is the first inaugural game of “Landlord Balderdash.”
In this game our co-host Eric Worral relays two tales to fellow host, Steve White, of crazy landlord stories involving their tenants.
It’s up to Steve to guess which story is real and which story is Landlord Balderdash.

Interesting takeaways from this episode:

We discussed the sad epidemic of meth labs in rentals in the US.
This blog post on landlords and meth labs had over 25,000 visits just in 2016.
Which is extremely sad but also means as a landlord it’s something you have to consider as a possibility.
An easy deterrent for something like this is to build in times that you do a checkup into the lease. Perhaps after 3 months and 6 months.
Also, another takeaway from this episode. If you’re ever in a situation with a sale that has conditions on leaving certain tenants, make sure you have a strong lease in place that gives you protection to remove that tenant if they become problematic.