Shower Door vs Curtain for a rental property

Water from the shower can cause a lot of damage to a rental property’s bathroom floor. Some landlords choose the option of putting in sliding shower doors, while others stick to the shower curtain.

So what are the advantages or disadvantages to a shower door vs curtain for a rental?

Shower door or curtain? Pros and Cons

Sliding shower doors are designed to move from side to side along a track at the bottom. They are often seen as a more secure way to prevent water from spilling out onto the floor. The large safety glass panels and deep-set tracks make it very easy to block water. Many people feel that shower doors give the bathroom a more upscale look.

As a downside, shower doors provide a smaller access to the tub/shower area. This could be seen as a negative to many people, and may make it hard for parents to help out their younger children as they bathe in the tub. It could also hinder a thorough cleaning of the tub area.

One disadvantage for shower doors is that the track where the doors slide can be very difficult to clean. It’s easy for mold and bacteria to thrive there. The tempered glass can also become clouded if there is hard water or if the tenant doesn’t clean them regularly.

Pros and Cons for Shower Curtains in a Rental

Landlords like the simplicity of shower curtains when it comes to cleaning. If the tenant has moved out and left an unclean shower curtain, it can be unhooked and thrown away.

When a shower curtain is used correctly, there is minimal water on the floor. However, it is easy for tenants to overlook gaps in the curtain when the shower is in use, which can lead to water on the floor. If it is not taken care of, repeated flooding onto the floor can cause property damage.

Shower curtains also require little to no maintenance and many landlords have their tenants provide the curtain and rings while they provide the tension rod. This means a minimal cost to the landlord and zero maintenance, unlike shower doors.

RentPrep’s Take On Shower Doors or Curtains for a Rental

Landlords should choose the best solution for their most pressing bathroom problem. If they want to put in shower doors, they must be prepared for extra cleaning duties. Conversely, shower curtains mean a higher risk of water on the floor.

There’s no universal answer on whether shower doors or curtains in a rental is the best choice. Landlords may just need to start with shower curtains to see if they are satisfied. If not, they can install shower doors.

What Are Other Landlords Saying About Shower Doors or Curtains for a Rental

Every landlord needs to protect their rental property, and there are several different ways to do so.  Choosing between shower doors and shower curtains should best reflect how the landlord wants to deal with the tenants and with the rental property.

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