what is a tenant estoppel certificate

What Is A Tenant Estoppel Certificate?

Have you heard of a tenant estoppel certificate (TEC)? If the answer is no, then you need to get informed, and quickly.  A tenant estoppel in real estate can be a lifesaver and save you a lot of hassle in disputes or property sales and investment. We want to make sure that you’re in a…Read More

how to prove tenant is smoking

How To Prove A Tenant Is Smoking Inside

No matter which state you live in, most landlords require tenants to smoke outdoors, often a certain amount of feet from the building door. Smoking inside the unit is virtually never allowed. You probably have it in your lease agreement that smoking is prohibited within the unit. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always stop some people from…Read More

residential tenant files bankruptcy

What To Do When A Residential Tenant Files For Bankruptcy

For many landlords, one of the scariest things that they can imagine is a tenant that doesn’t pay rent and eventually needs to be evicted. The time, money, and effort that goes into dealing with non-paying tenants and the entire eviction process is extreme, so landlords are right to be cautious of ending up in…Read More

average apartment turnover rate

How To Calculate Apartment Turnover Rate (Landlord’s Guide)

When you want to make as much money as possible while managing rental properties, keeping your turnover rate in check is going to be very important. Every month that your property sits vacant is a month of losses, and those losses are going to have a big effect on what your overall profit margin is…Read More

Smoke alarm

Landlord’s Smoke Alarms Regulations: A Guide To Keeping Safe

Smoke alarms may seem like a no-brainer to install at home, but did you know that you may be required to install smoke alarms at all of your rental properties as well? Most landlords will want to install these alarms to protect their property regardless, but it’s important to understand what are the smoke alarm…Read More

can landlords ban guns

Guns In Apartments: What Landlords Can And Cannot Ban

There are a lot of things in the world that can be dangerous when used improperly. Something as simple as an oven to a more obviously dangerous item like a gun can be risky to have around the house, but that does not necessarily mean that a landlord is allowed to ban them. With changing…Read More

does landlord insurance cover vacancy

Unoccupied Landlord Insurance Explained: Vacancies & Beyond

We insure our cars, our homes, our phones, and our bodies. Insurance has become an essential protection in life, and there are many areas where having insurance can save you from financial ruin in case of emergencies or other unexpected, life-changing events.  Did you know that landlord insurance can do the same thing for your…Read More

All About Rental Law: What Landlords Like You Need To Know

Being a successful landlord is about more than just collecting rent when the due date rolls around. It’s about more than going over and fixing a jammed door from time to time. In fact, there are hundreds of laws that you are required to follow when you are running rental properties as a business. Don’t…Read More

Squatters’ Rights: California Squatter Laws for Landlords

Part of the joy of being a landlord is the pride that comes with maintaining your properties and making them available to tenants who want to rent out a great space. Unfortunately, there may come a time when someone tries to take that pride away from you. Squatting has been a problem for as long…Read More

Florida Landlord Tenant Law: The Landlord’s Ultimate Guide

Landlord-tenant laws are the complete guidelines that dictate what you can and cannot do while also giving instruction to the tenants who live in your units. Your responsibilities as a landlord extend beyond simply renting out your property; you must also follow the codes that are laid out by your state’s government. While these guidelines…Read More