Carpet Cover for Pets (protect carpet from pets)

How To Protect Carpet From Pets [Rental Property Edition]

You may be devoted to your furry, four-legged family member, but few would argue that he could wreak havoc on your carpet if he wanted to. If you are living in a pet-friendly rental home, you have probably paid a bigger than usual deposit to cover extra wear and tear, but if the actions of your pet…Read More

What You Need To Know About California Rent Increase Laws

What You Need To Know About California Rent Increase Laws

Updated November 2023 In recent years, California has seen significant changes in legislation impacting landlords and rental properties. Since the end of 2019, the state has implemented a series of laws that place restrictions on when, how often, and by how much landlords can raise rents, aiming to address the severe housing shortage and homelessness…Read More

What Is a Pet Screening for Rentals?

Landlord’s Guide To Pet Screening For Rentals

Landlords who allow pets do so under specific regulations that protect their properties, and pet screening is a big part of how these landlords succeed. Without a pet interview or screening, landlords may accept tenants with pets that aren’t a good fit for the property. The relationship between landlord and tenant needs to include the…Read More

rentometer reviews

Rentometer Reviews & Analysis: Is This Tool Worth Your Time?

Whether you are a new landlord working on setting up and renting out your first property or you have a huge portfolio of units that you are working with at any given time, you might be missing out on a crucial tool to help you improve your bottom line. How are you currently determining what…Read More

Free Landlord Legal Advice

Landlord Tenant Lawyer Free Consultation: When To Hire

Whether you’re a seasoned landlord or a new property owner, there will likely come a time when you need free landlord legal advice to settle minor tenant issues. While there are many resources available, how do you know which ones you can trust? How do you know where you can get free legal advice for…Read More

Guide to Appliances in a Rental Property

Optimizing Appliance Management For Rental Properties: Key Tips For Landlords

Master the management of appliances in your rental properties with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to inventory, maintain, and legally handle appliances to enhance tenant satisfaction and safeguard your investment, ensuring a smooth and profitable rental experience. Key Takeaways Inventory Management: Establish a detailed inventory of appliances to track their condition, repairs, and maintenance history….Read More

How to Deal with Apartment Parking Problems

6 Apartment Parking Types You Should Know

Apartment parking plays a significant role in the comfort, safety, and satisfaction of residents, as well as the overall attractiveness and compliance of the property. It’s an essential amenity that contributes to the quality of life in apartment communities. Sure, parking depends on factors such as location, size of the complex, and amenities offered. Whether…Read More

how to get rid of tenants without eviction

Effective Tenant Transition How To Encourage Tenants To Leave Without Eviction

Explore practical strategies to encourage tenants to vacate without resorting to eviction, balance legal rights with respectful communication and incentives, and learn how to navigate tenant turnover smoothly and ethically. Key Takeaways Respectful Communication: Clearly and politely communicate with tenants about their need to move out, ensuring a transparent and understanding approach. Cash for Keys:…Read More

RentPrep Podcast #427

California Prohibits Pets In Rentals? (Podcast #427)

In this week’s podcast, Andrew Schultz discusses the latest on the new bill introduced in California to prohibit pets in rentals. Will it pass? Find out what we have to say. We’ve got a new update on the Buffalo, NY landlords involved in the lead poisoning fiasco affecting renters within their portfolio. And, last, but…Read More

security deposit mistakes

How to Advertise an Apartment for Rent and Attract Good Tenants

Looking for marketing ideas to help you fill an apartment vacancy quickly? Maximize your rental property’s potential with our top marketing strategies. Discover how to fill vacancies fast, attract quality tenants, and enhance your apartment’s appeal in a competitive market. Turn your rental challenges into opportunities with our expert guide. Key Takeaways Diverse Marketing Channels:…Read More