can you evict a tenant without a lease

How To Evict Someone Without A Lease: Landlord Guide

Do you have someone living in your rental property who is not on the lease, and you want them to leave or need to pursue eviction? Knowing how to proceed can be challenging for landlords, whether it’s because of expired leases or inherited tenants. Under the law, someone living in your rental property without a…Read More

write rental reference letter

How To Write A Rental Reference Letter

As a landlord, you may receive a request from a tenant to provide a rental reference letter to help them secure a new rental property. Writing a landlord reference letter or tenant reference letter is a quick and easy process. Still, it’s important to know what to include to provide the necessary information on prospective…Read More

RentPrep Podcast #421

How To Build Tenant Credit (Podcast #421)

In this week’s podcast, Andrew Schultz chats about how to build up your tenant’s credit by properly reporting rent payments to various outlets. We will also explore the difference between battery-operated and hard-wired smoke detectors, the properly protocol for the different types of rental properties, and more. And, last, but not least, whatever happened to…Read More

Disadvantage of LLC for Rental Property

What Are The Disadvantages Of An LLC For Rental Property?

As landlords grow their rental businesses, many choose to set up LLCs to create a divide between business and personal matters and shield personal assets from potential business liabilities. While this strategy boasts numerous advantages, it comes with its own set of drawbacks. This article will focus on the disadvantages of using an LLC to…Read More

Renting a house vs apartment

The Difference Between Renting A House And Renting An Apartment: A Landlord’s Guide

Considering whether to invest in single-family homes or an apartment complex is a crucial decision for landlords looking to expand their portfolios. The choice between renting out a house vs. an apartment involves various factors that can significantly impact your investment strategy.  What are the key differences in property investment, tenant demographics, and landlord obligations…Read More

How To Self-Manage Your Rental (Podcast #420)

In this week’s podcast, Andrew Schultz discusses how to self-manage your rental property like a professional. We will also explore what to do when you find out your tenant has been smoking in a non-smoking rental. And, last, but not least, how can landlords incentivize contractors to do amazing work? Find out all this and…Read More

Rental Forms

A Guide To Rental Forms And Documentation For Landlords

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on rental forms, the essential paperwork that shapes the landlord-tenant relationship. In the realm of leasing, paperwork is pivotal. Ever wondered about the key rental forms you should keep on file? Look no further. In this guide, we’ll navigate the crucial documents every landlord must have, from the foundational rental…Read More

landlords guide to avoid harassment

What Is Landlord Harassment? The Legal Consequences And How To Avoid It

Updated December 2023 As a landlord, navigating the complexities of tenant relationships is a critical aspect of property management. Unfortunately, disagreements between landlords and tenants do sometimes escalate to the point where actions taken by either party may be considered harassment, which is an illegal activity with serious potential consequences. In this guide, we delve…Read More

RentPrep Podcast #419

Smart Rental Homes: Is It A Thing? (Podcast #419)

In this week’s episode, Podcast Host, Property Manager & Business Owner, Andrew Schultz, chats about whether or not smart homes are worth the investment or not for landlords. When it comes to work and rental references, what should a landlord ask? Find out the top questions to ask when chatting with references to see if…Read More

What You Need To Know About California Rent Increase Laws

What You Need To Know About California Rent Increase Laws

Updated November 2023 In recent years, California has seen significant changes in legislation impacting landlords and rental properties. Since the end of 2019, the state has implemented a series of laws that place restrictions on when, how often, and by how much landlords can raise rents, aiming to address the severe housing shortage and homelessness…Read More