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The real estate industry is a huge, sprawling industry that intersects with many other industries in the United States and around the world. There are always companies coming and going, and it can be hard to have a complete understanding of what currently operating businesses have to offer.

CBRE is one of those companies. They have more than 200 offices around the United States, and the professionals they hire to man those offices assist clients in the real estate industry with marketing, insights, reports, studies, tools, resources, and more. Their business touches nearly every aspect of the real estate industry.

Today, this article will delve into CBRE reviews to get a better look at what CBRE is doing, what types of services they offer, and how their business might affect yours. Do they offer tools that could be improving your business right now?

By the end of today’s article, you’ll be able to understand if working CBRE and using their products can help you do more with your business.

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CBRE Rating

Today, CBRE earns a ⅘ star ranking for their company mission, services, and other offered products.

Company Review Of CBRE

CBRE earned a ⅘ star rating today. Ultimately, this rating was given because CBRE offers many great products that are great for landlords, investors, and real estate developers, but many of those services can seem a bit out-of-reach for new landlords or those that aren’t looking to go big business.

Of course, the services that they offer can and are being adapted for smaller clientele at all turns. While their overarching services and values are somewhat towards large firms, landlords with huge portfolios, and investors, there are also services offered by local CBRE offices that can be beneficial to the any-man landlord.

For that reason, CBRE gets a great rating, but not a perfect one. CBRE isn’t the type of company that will for sure have a positive impact when working with a landlord, but the potential for support and growth is there.


  • Produce unique and important real estate research
  • Listing portal useful for finding investment and leasing opportunities
  • Offer a variety of services in the advisory, investment, and workplace industries
  • Maintains a global property management platform


  • Services not practical for landlords with small portfolios, but their other offerings can still be beneficial
  • Large-scale operations can make it hard to connect on a local level, but you can overcome this by reaching out to a local CBRE office directly

CBRE Product & Services Analysis

CBRE Product & Services Analysis

Now that you have an idea of the very basics of what CBRE does, let’s talk more about their foundation and what the company does. Then, you’ll be able to check out some deeper analyses of the service sectors that they work in and how that work might be beneficial to you as a landlord.

What CBRE Does?

CBRE is a very large company that works in many different industries. Primarily, the company focuses on housing, legal, management, and investing-based needs, but the way that these needs present is different in each industry.

In the aerospace industry, for example, CBRE works to help businesses in this sector find and build properties that meet their needs for security, defense, and more. In the healthcare industry, CBRE does senior housing valuations as well as advisory reports on the way that healthcare housing is being handled.

As you can see, most of their services are housing- or real estate-based, but that can show up in incredibly unique and specific ways depending on what sector their clients are in.

Is CBRE Good For Landlords?

You might be wondering how CBRE and landlords might interact.

Landlords that work closely with investors, manage non-residential properties, or manage huge portfolios of properties are going to find a huge number of benefits from the services offered by CBRE. From advisory to financial to management, there is a lot that CBRE can do to help lighten your workload. Keep reading to find more about these services.

If you are a residential landlord that only works on a few properties at any given time, using massive services from CBRE might seem like a stretch. Still, your local CBRE office is sure to have some tools that can help you.

From local research reports about housing trends to legal support or advice when you aren’t sure what to do in a tough situation, reach out to your local CBRE office to find out what kind of services they offer. If you have any problems relating to their primary sectors, you might be surprised at what they’ll offer.

Really, it seems like CBRE has such a wide variety of professionals working under their umbrella that they could, for the right price, help with nearly any problem in the real estate industry. When you’re not sure what to do next, consider seeing if CBRE has any tools or resources that can help you out.

Research And Reports

The primary thing that CBRE puts money into that can be beneficial to all landlords, regardless of size or industry, is their research. CBRE regularly looks into local and national trends in real estate and other industries, and this research is shared on their website.

A recent report on Short Term Rentals, for example, can enlighten you about whether or not moving into this market is a good move for you at this time or if you should hold off and pursue other opportunities instead.

They’ve even made this particular report into a short video format:

They also put out quarterly reports about office, multifamily, flexible office, and other types of leasing. Each of these reports, such as this one on multifamily leasing, can help you to get an idea of what the market is doing. The snapshots provided give a lot of great national (and sometimes, local) information about industry trends.

In many cases, this is information that you could gather and analyze yourself, but it isn’t easy to make sense of this much data. CBRE is already doing that work for you (and giving the reports away for free), so why not take a closer look?

The research found in these reports can be invaluable for expanding and improving your business, so consider using them as part of your market research when possible.

Project & Property Management

Do you have aspirations not only in managing a decent-sized portfolio but also in real estate development? Is this an area that interests you or lines up with the future of your business?

If so, CBRE has many different services that could be useful for your business. They offer advising and contracts in both property development and property management. The company has a huge network of project managing contractors that you can pair up with to get more done, and their property management services are world-renowned.

While the case studies that CBRE leads their marketing campaigns with a focus on huge corporate leases such as Shanghai Tower, brokers and managers in the CBRE network help with smaller projects as well.

The only way to find out if a local CBRE agent will be able to help you using the tools that CBRE offers is to connect with them online or at a local office and ask! CBRE’s services are very flexible, so it’s good to investigate the options that you might have. They may be able to offer access to property management tools that will make your landlord life easier.

Valuations & Advisory Reports

CBRE offers another service that can be very helpful to all types of landlords. In addition to the reports that are put together quarterly or yearly of their own accord, CBRE also opens its doors to your research interests. It is possible to order your own reports or valuations.

Specifically, you can request a report, valuation, or advice in these areas:

  •  Appraisal Reports
  •  Alternative Valuations (Evaluations)
  •  Consulting and Advisory Reports
  •  Feasibility and Market Studies
  •  Valuations for Financial and Tax Reporting
  •  Property and Transaction Tax Services
  •  Right of Way/Eminent Domain
  •  Valuation Portfolio Services

Depending on what type of real estate you are working with or your current ambitions, you may need a reliable company to do some research for you. CBRE could be that company. It’s simple to order your own report through their website, and they will connect you with experts to help you get the information that you are looking for.

Litigation Assistance

No landlord wants to find themselves in a courtroom with a tenant-landlord dispute, but these things happen. Should you ever find yourself needing to go to court because of a problem with a tenant, CBRE offers litigation services.

On the national scale, these disputes typically involved corporate or industrial leases. Even if you do not work in these sectors, however, your local CBRE office may be able to help with a multifamily or apartment complex litigation issue.

CBRE Offerings

As mentioned a few times in today’s CBRE reviews, their business is not restricted to any singular industry or service. For that reason, it’s difficult to concisely cover everything that they offer.

Instead, let’s talk about the different industries that CBRE does real estate work in:

  • Industrial & Logistics
  • Data Centers
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Law Firms
  • Student Housing & Education
  • Life Sciences
  • Technology, Media & Telecom

These fields are all pretty different, so CBRE employs experts in each area to ensure that they can adapt properly to their client’s needs, no matter what the niche is.

Additionally, CBRE says that they specialize in the following types of assets:

  • Office
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Airport Properties
  • Affordable Housing
  • Data Centers
  • Hotels
  • Industrial & Logistics
  • Gaming
  • Golf & Resorts
  • Omnichannel
  • Land
  • Manufactured Housing

As you can see, their services cover a very wide range of things! Regardless of how your portfolio fits into the grand scheme of things, there is a good chance that CBRE has some tools and resources that can help you succeed. Even if you aren’t a perfect match for their services, remember that sometimes getting creative when you get help can make all the difference.

Where To Connect With CBRE

Where To Connect With CBRE

The secret to making CBRE work for you is to reach out to local agents first. While there are going to be experts higher up in the company that can help you as well, you’re going to have a better chance of making a real, beneficial connection if you focus on experts that know your region.

To do this, you can visit CBRE’s website and search by location. To get an idea of which offices handle valuations and advisory reports, you can also check out this detailed list. There, you can find out which offices are currently working on those types of services and who is managing those offices.

If you aren’t sure who will be able to help you, try using the more general contact buttons on CBRE’s website, and ask that you be redirected to a party that can devote their attention to you. CBRE has a huge network of professionals, so your goal should be to find someone that will put their time into your success.


CBRE reviews show that CBRE has earned a ⅘ star rating. They are a high-quality and reputable company that offers a huge variety of services, but not all of those services are going to be practical for the everyday landlord to make use of.

Still, the tools and network that CBRE has created can be incredibly beneficial to become involved with should you find yourself in the position to make use of them. Whether you plan to expand into a new market or you are someone that has a high-profile portfolio that needs to be managed better, CBRE may be able to help.

If you don’t plan to hire CBRE as they don’t fit with your marketing plans, that’s okay, too! But keep in mind that their website does have a plethora of free research and information available, so be sure to take time to include that information in your market research when possible.