Lying on Rental Application

Yes, Tenants Lie on Rental Applications

Lying on a rental application is nothing new. It’s been happening for years.
Sometimes it’s hard to blame the tenant who’s in a tough position trying to find a rental. After all, a roof over our heads is one of the main essential needs for people.
But… that doesn’t mean it should be glossed over for a landlord.

What if a tenant lied their rental application?

There are many rules a landlord must follow when screening tenants according to the FCRA.
However, if a tenant provides falsified information on a rental application it’s within the landlord’s rights to disqualify the tenant based on that information.
We always encourage landlords to institute a “No Blank Space” policy. This means that you do not accept a rental application unless it is 100% filled in.
Once the application is completed and handed in, the landlord will want to call the previous landlord and current employer. These calls are a great way to find out if a tenant applicant was lying on the rental application.

Things Tenants Usually Lie About on Rental Applications

In addition to running background checks, we also make income verification calls for clients who prefer that extra level of screening.
Here are the most common lies we spot on a rental application:

  1. Says they’ve never been convicted of a felony but the background check says otherwise
  2. Provides a fake landlord reference for current landlord
  3. Provides a fake employer reference
  4. Lies about monthly income

Those are the most four commons lies we come across. Any one of these on their own is enough of a red flag to move to the next applicant in line.
If an applicant is willing to lie at this stage of the game it’s not going to get better with time.
Your job as a landlord is to find the best fit for your rental and a little white lie on a rental application is enough reason to proceed to the next applicant.