Podcast 147: Can a Landlord Install a Coin-Operated Toilet in a Rental Property?

In Melbourne, Australia a tenant has claimed his landlord installed a pay-per-use toilet in the apartment.

This discussion started on reddit on this thread.

It brings up a good discussion on things that make financial sense but aren’t worth the extra money.

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Interesting takeaways from this episode:

A landlord cannot legally install a coin operated toilet mid-lease.

You would find yourself in hot-water making changes after the lease because you are changing the rental after an agreement was formed.

It’s also important to set the tone at the beginning of the relationship. The better the communication from the beginning of the relationship the easier it will be moving forward.

Eric mentioned how not putting a mention of rent going up after a year lead to an awkward conversation with a renter. If that had been addressed in the initial lease then it would have been a much easier conversation to navigate.


In conclusion:


Don’t be a jerk with your rentals.