Podcast 218: Daniel Breslin on Investing Outside Your Market

Daniel Breslin of https://reidiamonds.com/ comes on the podcast to discuss investing in out of market properties.

He has a great story of how he’s built a great life for himself sprouted from challenges along the way.

Listen in to hear his insights.

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Show Notes:

0:00 – 02:09 Pre-summary of the podcast. Daniel Breslin shared what he had experienced during the time his family needs to move out from Philadelphia to Chicago and to start a new life with their extended family while he was in jail during that time of his life.

2:10 – 4:29 – Introduction to our guest Daniel Breslin, real estate expert and author of “Become a Wholesale Real Estate Master: Buy and Sell Houses with No Money. Additional Information for Daniel Bresline who is Founder and President of Diamond Equity Investment, a real estate investment company that is a flipping property in Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Tampa and Atlanta. Full time real estate since 2006 and average 25 deals per month. Currently it went to 50 deals per month now.

4:30 – 7:09 Daniel Breslin talks about his past experiences and how he started and changed his perspective in real estate while reading book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” of Robert Kiyosaki while he was in jail. He tells the story how got into jail. How he made his first deal with real estate.

7:10 – 8:57 – Seminar Daniel has attended to which helps him a lot. He learned a lot of vocabulary and knowledge for real estate.

8:58 – 10:24 – He tells how his dad helped him put together his real estate business. His dad is one of his investors.

14:55 – 30:31 Daniel shares experiences on how to expand outside your market in buying and selling real estate. It all started with his jail experience and being a super dad.

30:32 – 32:37 Steve shares how background checks help landlords makes a decision. And Eric, shares his takeaways in today’s podcast.

32:38 – 35:18 Eric ended the podcast and you can check out Dan’s by going to this link: https://reidiamonds.com/

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