Tenant Applicant Doesn’t Have An Email Address

If you’re currently screening tenants and a tenant applicant doesn’t have an email address it can make things difficult.

An article from September 2016 finds that 13% of Americans don’t use the internet.

When running a background check many services fall under the, “tenant involvement” category.

This means you’ll need a tenant applicant’s email address in order to run a background report.

This is because many tenant screening services use a “token system” where the tenant applicant possess the background report and gives permission to the landlord to view the report.

For instance, SmartMove is a popular screening service that requires an email so the applicant can authenticate their identity.

tenant applicant no email address

The screenshot above shows a three step process the applicant goes through that requires an email address from the applicant.

How Do I Run A Background Check Without A Tenant Email Address?

You’ll need to use a “zero tenant involvement” service where the screening company can run a background report without needing an email address.

Our RentPrep Background Checks are all zero tenant involvement. This way you can run a background report on your applicant as long as you have signed consent (typically this is a part of your rental application).

Someone might be a good renter despite not having an email address. You still want to make sure you run a background check to make sure they meet all of your screening criteria.

Advantages of zero tenant involvement

One of the advantages of zero tenant involvement is that it’s much easier to complete a screening report because you don’t have to wait on a tenant applicant.

With SmartMove (which is a service we offer as well) the process begins once the applicant responds to the email and goes through the screening process.

If the applicant loses that email, doesn’t open it, or doesn’t have an email address the report won’t get completed.

We’ve found about 70% of our SmartMove orders are completed because 30% of the applicants never take the necessary steps.