How To Create Multiple Email Aliases For Your Rental Business

This week we’re talking about how to create multiple email aliases using Google.

This is helpful if you’re handling leasing and management of a rental property because you can create different email aliases to use:


Now you can separate and organize emails easily between tenant applicants and current tenants.

This creates separation in your communications which allows you to create automated responses depending on what the person is inquiring about (more on this next week).

Multiple email aliases aren’t for everyone but in this story we’re showing how Tori the Tortoise sets up her business and communication strategy.

In last week’s chapter we showed how to setup a custom email domain. Now let’s take a look on how to setup alternate aliases inside of that domain.

If you created a G Suite account you’ll have access to the alias options shown in the video above.

In next week’s edition of Tori vs. Harry I will show you how you can automate email replies and sync a calendar app into your business.

This will allow you to automate parts of your prescreening process and make it easier to setup times to chat with prospective tenant applicants. This is really handy for someone who has a busy schedule with little time to respond to rental listings.