social media apartment communities cheat sheet

Let’s face it, social media is taking over and doing it fast.  With nearly 90% of people ages 18-29, 60% of people ages 50-64, and 73% of the entire population of internet users currently using at least one social networking site, the “social media boom” is 100% in full effect.

Some recent stats that are just staggering revealed Facebook has recently surpassed the 1.15 billion user mark while Pinterest rose from 47 to 70 million users. With stats like that how could any business or industry possibly ignore social media?

Now as apartment communities and property managers you may believe that social media doesn’t necessarily have it’s place in your business or routine.

Au Contraire!

Social media’s main purpose shouldn’t always be to bring in more renters to your apartments. You should use it to draw more attention to your business online by sharing creative and interesting updates across all of the major social networks.

Some examples would be:

  • Important updates about your business
  • Share industry related news from around the web
  • Post photos of a local event your company participated in over the weekend
  • List any rental vacancies you may have with enticing images attached

Just writing one post a day on your social network(s) of choice can increase not only your visibility but your business and personal relationships with your renters. That increased communication will make your renters stay for longer periods of time and make your property managers more alert to your renters’ needs, which in the end will make everyone’s living and working experience much better.

Creative Marketing Ideas for Apartment Communities

Creative Marketing Ideas for Apartment Communities

When you begin your new social media effort, you may come to realize that you can’t post the same stuff across every platform your business is on. That is why we have created the following cheat sheet and beginner’s guide every apartment community and property manager should use. Just utilize the following list across all of your social media accounts watch your business grow!

Apartment Facebook Post Ideas

  1. Post updates frequently: 1-2 times per weekday
  2. Test posting times for your timezone
  3. Avoid 3rd party posting tools & post manually for best results
  4. Share funny photos & videos for sharing
  5. Ask for “likes”
  6. Post “this or that” types of questions
  7. Tag & like local business pages
  8. Ask poll questions with multiple choices
  9. Share local deals, specials, coupons, etc.
  10. Post tips & how-to’s that are helpful
  11. Follow-up with responses & tag individuals to encourage conversation


  1. Share event photos & news
  2. Tweet and Retweet local business updates
  3. Share community pet photos
  4. Tweet your Pinterest photos
  5. Share fun quotes
  6. Post “this or that” types of questions
  7. Share pet-lover updates ie. vets, spas, sitters, etc.
  8. Send out the community newsletter
  9. Reply to questions about your community
  10. Host a Tweet-up for your city or local social group


  1. Add multiple administrators
  2. Share local event information
  3. Post fun photos & videos to share
  4. Have a Community meeting? Use Google Hangout
  5. Promote the page on your website
  6. Remember that page updates are shared in Google search results


  1. Share event videos
  2. Create fun community videos
  3. “Interview” pets at your community
  4. Create a video challenge at your community ie. funniest, best decorations, most-talented
  5. Everyday maintenance tips and how-to’s
  6. Moving-in/Moving-out advice
  7. Tour the local area/city & share videos
  8. Create & share fun commercials


  1. Share moving tips & advice
  2. Post maintenance tips & how-to’s
  3. Update career advice & industry news
  4. Add available units to products & services section
  5. Add videos & images to services
  6. Share promotions of services
  7. Request recommendations from employees & residents
  8. Advertise career opportunities


  1. Share links to your business within the descriptions & comments to drive traffic
  2. Create a board for each community
  3. Assign a board for each community
  4. Assign a board for decorating each room
  5. Have a community events board
  6. Make a board for organizing spaces
  7. Create a shopping list for students
  8. Indoor gardens, food, & recipes
  9. Book ideas, quotes, & inspirational images
  10. Share local deals, specials, coupons, etc.
  11. Fitness tips & how-to’s are helpful
  12. Consider a contest or scavenger hunt
There are even services that will make the entire process easier for you. PropertySpark is one that caters to Real Estate Agents who want to get more exposure to their listings through social media.

What other resources have you come across to increase your social media engagement with your renters and other property management professionals? Share them and help us all become better at social media!