How to read a transunion full credit report [2023] (1)

Landlord Guide: How To Read A SmartMove Report [2024]

Updated April 2024 Congratulations! You’ve embarked on the crucial journey of tenant screening, a vital step in ensuring the right fit for your rental property. As a diligent landlord, you’ve already run a background check, and now you have your results in hand. But here’s the question: What does it all mean? In this comprehensive…Read More

NYC Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening NYC

Updated August 2023 The Big Apple has plenty of rental properties to choose from. According to the latest census data, approximately 66% of the city’s housing is occupied by renters. If you are a landlord from some of the major cities in NYC such as the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, etc., reading this article is…Read More

Illinois Tenant Screening Services

Illinois Tenant Screening

Updated July 2023 Though tenant screening in Illinois may share some similarities with the rest of the country, it also entails some distinct practices that are specific to the state. This article will cover some of the most important questions that Illinois landlords have about selecting a tenant that is most suitable for their rental…Read More

Texas Tenant Screening Services

Texas Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is essential for all landlords in the Lone Star State of Texas. Conducting thorough tenant screening helps landlords find responsible and reliable tenants, minimize risks, and maintain a positive rental experience. Texas is a unique state, as the laws and regulations concerning tenant screening differ in certain ways when compared to other parts…Read More

New Jersey Tenant Screening

New Jersey Tenant Screening

Updated June 2023 Tenant screening can be a bit complex in certain states across the country, and New Jersey is one of those states. Knowing how to screen in New Jersey will help landlords, like you pick tenants who are the best fit for your rental properties. Today we will cover some of the most…Read More