Tenant Breaks No Smoking Rules (Podcast #422)

In this week’s podcast, Andrew Schultz discusses tenants that like to break the no smoking clause that is clearly laid out in your lease agreement. Find out how to do a final walkthrough with a tenant and how to use a move-out checklist while doing so. And, last, but not least, discover how much of…Read More

Fair Housing Testing: What To Know (Podcast #418)

In this week’s episode, Podcast Host, Property Manager & Business Owner, Andrew Schultz, chats about fair housing testing and its role in uncovering evidence of racial discrimination in rental housing. Ready to digitize your rent payment system? We’ll give you tips on how to set up rent payments for tenants digitally. Last, but not least,…Read More

Should Tenants Carry Insurance? [Podcast #415]

We are back with another episode of the RentPrep for Landlords Podcast with your host, Andrew Schultz. In this podcast, we’ll explore tenant insurance and what exactly a tenant needs to include in their policy in order to protect themselves and the property. We’ll also go over your typical wear and tear damages and what…Read More

How To Hire A Property Management Company (Podcast #413)

We’re diving deep into the world on property management on this podcast! Community Manager and RentPrep For Landlords podcast host, Andrew Schultz, explores the topic of property management and what exactly that entails. From start a management business to hiring one, check out these top tips from a property manager himself. Find out if your…Read More

Interview With DoorLoop’s David Bitton (Podcast #412)

RentPrep Community Manager, Andrew Schultz, chats with Co-Founder & CMO, David Bitton, of DoorLoop about how landlords can market themselves to find new tenants. We’ll even touch on the possibility of creating a website for your investment properties to find better tenants and gain more visibility. Plus, find out how Bitton started in the industry…Read More

How To Build Business Credit For Your Real Estate Venture

If you want to take out loans and find lines of credit for your real estate business, your business needs to be considered creditworthy. A strong business credit score will make you look more attractive to banks offering loans and mortgages and more viable to other businesses that you might want to work with. But…Read More

do landlords have to accept section 8

Is Section 8 Good For Landlords? A Simple Benefits Guide

Updated July 2023 Sometimes, you’ll meet a potential tenant that you really like, but they just can’t afford the rent at your property so you have to let their application pass by. In the right situation, however, tenants that have hit hard times will have a Section 8 housing voucher they can use to rent…Read More

How To Use Rental Key Lock Boxes: Short-Term Rental Guide

Changing the entire lock on a short-term rental property every time tenants come and go would be prohibitively expensive for landlords. That’s why using a rent lock box for short-term rentals has become so popular. With the rise of short-term rentals for business and leisure travel, many landlords work to manage a variety of properties…Read More

What Is A Joint Venture In Real Estate? (Investment Guide)

As capable as you are, some investment projects are too large, too risky, or too far out of your wheelhouse to get involved with on your own. That’s where joint ventures in real estate investing come in. Joint ventures bring together multiple investors, project managers, landlords, and other parties to work together to manage a…Read More

Financing For Investment Real Estate: A How-To Guide

Whether you’re new to the business or haven’t yet needed investment loans, learning how to get loans for real estate investment properties is crucial to success. Without loans, your business may not have the capital to expand, renovate, and nurture properties into profitable investments. What are the biggest challenges while securing real estate investment loans,…Read More