how to list a rental on craigslist

How To Post Your Rentals On Craigslist: RentPrep Guide

Updated December 2021 A huge part of being successful as a landlord is to find the best way to bring in the best tenants possible. Do you know how to list a rental on Craigslist so that you can expand your reach? When you’re trying to find great tenants, you’ll want to list your property…Read More

write rental reference letter

Top Tips For Writing A Rental Reference Letter – RentPrep

Updated December 2021 As a landlord, you’ve likely asked prospective tenants for a landlord reference. Now, learn how to write a rental reference letter for your own tenants, with all the necessary details. Many landlords have answered phone calls to give tenant recommendations, but tenants may also ask for a physical written letter from time…Read More

escrow account for security deposit

Escrow Account For Security Deposit: A Guide For Landlords

Updated November 2021 Did you know that you might be required to keep the funds given to you as a security deposit for your rental unit in an escrow account? Security deposits often need to be managed in specific ways, but not all landlords know this. There are laws for where to keep tenant security…Read More

how to calculate prorated rent

How To Figure Out Prorated Rent: Why It Matters To Landlords

Updated November 2021 When a tenant won’t be living at your property for a full month, it’s unlikely they will want or be willing to pay for an entire month’s rent. And you shouldn’t expect them to! Instead, you should make the most of flexible move-in dates while still keeping consistent rent due dates by…Read More

notice of termination of lease

Termination Of Lease: How Landlords Should Write This Notice

Updated November 2021 While no landlord wants to have to write this type of notice, you must learn how to handle a notice of termination of lease. Whether the tenant has broken the lease or you are changing the property in a way that requires them to go, a termination notice is a must. However,…Read More

tenant screening cost

How Much Does Tenant Screening Cost? Average Pricing Guide

Updated June 2021 Tenant screening is crucial for landlords, but does that mean it needs to be an expensive part of the business? Whether you have property managers handling tenant screening or do it yourself, you need to know what tenant screening costs your business will incur. Many landlords hear tales of the hours of…Read More

stop your rental property from becoming party central

Why You Need A No-Party Clause In Your Rental Agreement

Updated April 2021 One of the most frustrating parts of being a landlord is dealing with out-of-control tenants and their out-of-control guests. There is no more significant event that highlights this frustration than when a tenant decides to throw a party. Landlords: You need to stop your rental property from becoming party central. Allowing parties…Read More

how rental income is taxed

Landlord Fact Check: How Rental Income Is Taxed

Rent money typically changes hands from tenant to landlord without taxation, but does that mean it is not taxable? No, it does not. When owning and renting properties generates income, you are responsible for paying taxes on that money! How rental income is taxed is something every landlord needs to have a good grasp on….Read More

landlord access tenant occupied property

Landlord Guide: How Often Can A Landlord Inspect A Property?

Updated March 2021 Even though you are the rightful owner of your rental property, the law is quite clear on when and how often a landlord can inspect a property. Landlord access to a tenant-occupied property is limited by these laws, and you cannot simply enter at will without good reason. Breaking these rules could…Read More


The Art Of Dealing With Demanding Tenants (Landlord Guide)

Updated February 2021 Successful landlords have learned how to be effective business managers. Real estate investment is a business. As a landlord, you are responsible for making the necessary decisions that allow your business to be profitable, all while staying within the law. One of the most effective things a landlord can do to run…Read More