proof of income

What Is Proof Of Income? (And How To Get It From Applicants)

Everyone from credit card companies to landlords is now asking for proof of income from consumers and applicants, but why is this piece of information so important? What is proof of income, and how can you legally collect this personal information from prospective tenants? When landlords request proof of income, it can feel like an…Read More

fake pay stubs

How To Verify Pay Stubs: What You Should Know About Fakes

Have you ever had a rental applicant provide falsified information when filling out their rental application? Did you notice it during screening or were the lies discovered later on? Many landlords have had this experience, and some have even been tricked by fake pay stubs. Pay stubs are one of the most commonly faked documents…Read More

What Is A Rental Ledger? Landlord Guide And Sample Ledger

One of the most underutilized management tools that landlords often forget about is the rental ledger. A rental ledger is a simple way to get immediate insight into your rental portfolio, your finances, and how profitable your business is at any given moment. Do you have a tool that allows you to find discrepancies quickly…Read More

Tenant Employment Verification: What Questions To Ask

Updated March 2022 Screening is an essential part of your business as a rental property landlord, but what you do during screening is even more important. One of the most important aspects of screening is knowing what to ask a tenant’s employer when you are verifying their income, job, and other facts. Doing this ensures…Read More

Using Social Media To Research A Tenant: RentPrep Guide

Updated March 2022 These days, it’s not uncommon to see signs about posting on social media when visiting public places. At the gym, for example, you may see a sign that says something like, “If you do not check in on Facebook, were you ever really here?” Does this type of social media presence extend…Read More

Landlords And Cash For Keys: 5 Tips And 5 Common Mistakes

Updated March 2022 Do you know about cash for keys, and if so, do you find it to be a good way to get unwilling tenants to move so you can retake control of your property? Cash for keys is controversial whether you’re talking about a landlord and a tenant or a bank foreclosing on…Read More

Signs Of Meth Lab In Apartment: What Landlords Should Know

Updated February 2022 When assessing the risks to your rental property, have you ever considered the risk of meth labs? Landlords know meth labs are dangerous, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily know how directly those labs could affect their business. Landlords everywhere need to understand the importance of educating themselves on meth labs and…Read More

Automated Pre-Screening Tenants Saves Time: RentPrep Guide

Updated February 2022 New landlords and those unfamiliar with the rental industry may think the tenant selection process is limited to reviewing applications and taking potential tenants on rental property tours. However, there is more to the screening process than these two steps. Many landlords automate the pre-screening process, so tenant applicants have already made…Read More

What Is A Rental Judgment? (RentPrep Guide For Landlords)

Updated February 2022 Every year, more landlords rely on tenant screening reports to get the information needed while reviewing and comparing rental applications. Sometimes, however, the data gathered through tenant screening isn’t easy to interpret. As tenant screening coordinators, we get landlords calling into our office all the time, asking us questions about rental judgments…Read More

Christmas Gifts For Tenants: RentPrep’s Guide To Gifting

Updated February 2022 Whether you want to thank your tenants for taking care of your property or are simply filled with the spirit of the season, giving Christmas gifts to tenants can be a lovely gesture. It’s a nice way to build goodwill and hopefully encourage longer tenancies. However, deciding exactly what to give tenants…Read More