How To Take Photos Of Rental Property

If you have a vacant rental property, your goal is to get the best tenant possible for your rental. To get a good tenant, you want to get many people interested and apply. Good photos of your rental property will help you do just that. Have no fear! Good photos don’t mean spending thousands on…Read More

how to start a property management company

Starting A Property Management Company: How To Succeed

Property management is an essential business for many in the rental industry. Landlords and tenants work with property managers on both sides, making their role necessary. If you’re ready to learn how to start a property management company and get involved in this thriving market, today’s your day to know more. Running a property management…Read More

wear and tear checklist

Wear And Tear Checklist For Landlords

Most successful landlords understand the importance of a move-out checklist. It’s the document that requires both landlord and tenant to go through the rental property a week or so before the tenant moves out. Landlords prepping a unit for turnover might think that the condition of the property is good enough or they are so familiar with the…Read More

traveling nurses rental

How Rentals For Traveling Nurses Could Change Your Business

When thinking about your ideal tenant, have you ever considered a traveling nurse? Many landlords focus on leases that range from six months to over one year, but what if you tried your hand at traveling nurse rental property management? Traveling nurses are often on the road and constantly looking for unique housing options that…Read More

Illegal Rental Application Questions

12 Illegal Questions To Ask Rental Applicants

As a landlord, you want to find the perfect tenant, but also want to make sure not to ask illegal rental application questions. With that, that means carefully screening applicants and getting to know them as best you can. But, there are questions that landlords cannot ask an interested renter. Part of the process of…Read More

RentPrep Podcast #394

Reimbursing Tenants: What To Know (Podcast #394)

In this week’s episode, Podcast Host, Property Manager & Business Owner, Andrew Schultz, chats about reimbursing tenants. In this specific case, we’ll talk about a renter with a running toilet that now wants to be reimbursed for the water bill. How do you keep stray cats away from your property? Find out how to harmlessly…Read More

Do Landlords Supply Rental Appliances?

Do Landlords Have To Provide Rental Appliances?

Landlords are required by law to behave a certain way, such as providing notice before entering and delivering written notices for lease violations. They are also required to provide their tenants with a number of things when renting out a property, such as working electricity and plumbing systems. When it comes to appliances, however, many landlords…Read More

How To Write Rental Reference Letter

How To Write A Rental Reference Letter

A tenant may ask you to write a rental reference letter in order to help them rent another place down the road. Writing a rental reference letter doesn’t take much time, but some landlords may get confused about what to say. As a landlord, you appreciate an honest and thorough rental reference on prospective tenants, but are…Read More

Top 10 Rental Property Upgrades

Every real estate investor wants to see their property increase in value. While waiting for an upswing in the housing market can get the value to go up, there are some physical and immediate things that landlords can do to boost the property value of a rental home even more. We’re going to cover the…Read More

How To Buy Your First Rental Property

There are more than 23 million landlords in the United States, according to the Rental Protection Agency. Many landlords own rental property as an investment, whether they inherited the property or purchased it on their own. Some are just beginning the jump into the rewarding, crazy, interesting and sometimes frustrating business of being a landlord…Read More