Tenant vs Occupant

Understand The Difference Between A Legal Occupant vs Tenant

Renting property is a highly lucrative business, but knowing your clients ensures success and helps you avoid pitfalls. Many landlords use the terms “tenant” and “occupant” to refer to the same person(s), yet that shouldn’t be the case. So, what’s the deal with the tenant vs occupant labels? And how does it impact your enterprise?…Read More

tenant leaves without paying rent

Landlord Next Steps: Tenant Didn’t Pay Rent And Left

When a tenant leaves without paying rent, you might be left with hundreds or thousands of dollars missing from your business funds. The exact amount will depend on the property and how much rent is owed, but the bottom line remains the same. Your business could suffer due to this loss of income. Is it…Read More

can a tenant sublet without permission

FAQ: My Tenant Is Subletting An Apartment Without Permission

At times, you may find that subleases can be a great way to bridge the gap between a broken lease and a long vacancy period. There are situations, however, when tenants will skip official protocol for an unofficial roommate or renter. Can a tenant sublet without permission? Landlords who realize their tenant is subletting an…Read More

Landlord Questions: What If A Tenant Abandons Property?

For most people, it can be hard to imagine packing up, leaving, and never coming back to claim the property you left behind. In the rental business, however, tenant-abandoned property is a more common occurrence than you might imagine. There are two primary types of property abandonment that you might be concerned about as a…Read More

Landlord Problem: My Tenant Got A Dog Without Permission

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they aren’t always a landlord’s best friend! One of the worst things you can imagine has happened. Your tenant got a dog without permission. While you love dogs, this is not allowed under the current rental contract. The entire situation is awkward, and you aren’t sure what to…Read More

FAQ: Can A Tenant Change The Locks Without Permission?

If a tenant changed the locks without permission on the rental property once they move in, is that okay? Or is this against proper rental regulation? Think about it this way. When a tenant is living in one of your rental priorities, they take over many of the rights associated with property ownership. If the…Read More

The Benefits Of Using A Month-To-Month Lease (For Landlords)

Updated December 2020 While all landlords know having a solid lease agreement in place is key to good business, they might not always know what the right type of lease agreement is! The lease agreement is the legal contract between tenant and landlord. There can be many variations within it as long as they comply…Read More

Coronavirus Guide For Landlords (Resources & Updates)

Though the situation changes daily, it is clear the coronavirus pandemic will continue to have an effect on the rental industry in the coming months. As a landlord, you may be finding it difficult to manage the new challenges presented by COVID-19. This article pulls together a COVID-19 guide & resources for landlords like you….Read More

Becoming A Landlord: Complete Guidance For Future Landlords

Becoming a landlord is one of the most appealing types of entrepreneurship, but it isn’t the right choice for everyone. Whether you’re wondering how to become a landlord because you inherited a property or you are considering investing in one, you need to know the risks and struggles you could face. Being a landlord can…Read More

Negotiate lower rent

What To Do When Your Tenant Wants To Negotiate Lower Rent

Updated November 2020 New landlords don’t often prepare for this occurrence, but sometimes, tenants will ask to lower the rent. It happens more often than you think — the lease expires in the next month or two and an excellent tenant leaves you a message about possibly renewing. However, they want to negotiate a lower…Read More