stop your rental property from becoming party central

Why You Need A No-Party Clause In Your Rental Agreement

Updated April 2021 One of the most frustrating parts of being a landlord is dealing with out-of-control tenants and their out-of-control guests. There is no more significant event that highlights this frustration than when a tenant decides to throw a party. Landlords: You need to stop your rental property from becoming party central. Allowing parties…Read More

how rental income is taxed

Landlord Fact Check: How Rental Income Is Taxed

Rent money typically changes hands from tenant to landlord without taxation, but does that mean it is not taxable? No, it does not. When owning and renting properties generates income, you are responsible for paying taxes on that money! How rental income is taxed is something every landlord needs to have a good grasp on….Read More

landlords sue defamation tenant complaints

Guide: What To Do When A Tenant Complains About You Online

Updated March 2021 The rise of social media has made it easier than ever for tenants to broadcast their opinions about a landlord or property management company – and it has made it harder than ever for landlords to scrub negative opinions or outright falsehoods connected to their names. Should landlords sue for defamation over…Read More

landlord access tenant occupied property

Landlord Guide: How Often Can A Landlord Inspect A Property?

Updated March 2021 Even though you are the rightful owner of your rental property, the law is quite clear on when and how often a landlord can inspect a property. Landlord access to a tenant-occupied property is limited by these laws, and you cannot simply enter at will without good reason. Breaking these rules could…Read More

late rent notice

Late Rent Notice Template For Landlords (5 Free Forms)

Updated March 2021 What do you do when your tenant is behind on rent, and you’re left wondering how exactly to handle a late rent notice? It can feel very awkward to send out a late rent notice to tenants you like. Nothing strains a relationship quite like someone owing you money. It’s important to…Read More

what is a good credit score for tenants

Landlord Guide: What Is A Good Credit Score For Tenants?

Updated February 2021 Credit scores are one of the primary factors used by many landlords to screen renters, but what is a good credit score for tenants? Understanding how credit scores can be used to screen tenants is important for landlords when reviewing rental applications. Choosing reliable tenants is an important foundation for your business;…Read More

spring cleaning and maintenance for property owners

Spring Cleaning Tips And Maintenance For Property Owners

Updated February 2021 Even though it is still early, spring is setting in. That means it is time to do some important spring cleaning for your rental properties. Where should you begin? Spring cleaning and maintenance for property owners can feel overwhelming at times because of how many things there are to get done. This…Read More


The Art Of Dealing With Demanding Tenants (Landlord Guide)

Updated February 2021 Successful landlords have learned how to be effective business managers. Real estate investment is a business. As a landlord, you are responsible for making the necessary decisions that allow your business to be profitable, all while staying within the law. One of the most effective things a landlord can do to run…Read More


What Happens In Eviction Court? Preparing For Your Hearing

Updated February 2021 At some point in a landlord’s career, it will be time to attend an eviction court hearing. How to prepare for an eviction court hearing is something many landlords are unfamiliar with because they do not think they will ever be in that situation. However, that’s unlikely to be true. Whether it’s…Read More

damage wear tear security deposit

Landlord Guide: What Is Considered Normal Wear And Tear?

Updated February 2021 When tenants move out of your property, the property is not going to look exactly as it did when they first moved in. When considering both damage and wear and tear, the security deposit returns to the tenant may be affected. Why is that? The law allows landlords to deduct portions of…Read More