landlord property management app

Should You Use A Property Management App? (Landlord Guide)

One of the biggest obstacles landlords face in their line of work is a need for more time. Being as a landlord means that you may also be working as a property manager, handyman, and even a rental broker. Take back some of your time with a landlord property management app. Property management apps provide…Read More

RentPrep Podcast #396

Zillow Fair Market Values: What To Know (Podcast #396)

In this week’s episode, Podcast Host, Property Manager & Business Owner, Andrew Schultz, goes over basic landlord responsibilities including property maintenance. The NY rent assistance program could come to an end here soon. We’ll go over everything you need to know about the upcoming changes. Are the fair market values for rent on Zillow reliable?…Read More

rental agency

How Rental Agencies Help Landlords Succeed: A Guide

Many landlords point to the same part of the rental process as their number one priority: tenant selection. Filling vacancies is vital to success, and finding the right tenants for each property is just as important. Using a rental agency to assist with advertising vacancies, screening tenants, and choosing a good fit is one of…Read More

Tenant Pre-Screening Questions

20 Tenant Pre-Screening Questions To Ask

When finding the right tenant, you can save a lot of time by knowing what questions to ask potential tenants. Marketing a vacant rental property means getting emails and phone calls from interested prospective tenants with questions. Save time by asking tenants pre-screening questions before passing over a rental application or scheduling a rental showing….Read More

tenant reimbursements

How To Pay Tenant Reimbursements For Improvements (Guide)

Remaining successful in the rental industry requires constant improvements to your properties. Tenants expect properties that align with the current state of the market, and they may even be willing to make some of those changes themselves. In commercial spaces, it’s common for tenants to build out properties to fit their needs. Offering reimbursements to…Read More

Hiring A Property Manager

10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Property Manager

Ready to hire a property manager? According to an infographic on MySmartMove, 44% own, but do not manage their rental property. You need to ask the right questions to hire the best property manager for your rental portfolio. A property manager has experience in finding the right tenants and managing all those tedious tasks that…Read More

Guide To Appliances In A Rental Property

With every rental property, landlords must consider maintaining each part of the unit, from the walls and windows to the electrical and plumbing systems. One significant area that landlords deal with is the rental unit’s appliances. Because there is no single approach to appliances—from providing them in the first place to keeping an inventory or…Read More

Rental Screening Process

How To Automate The Rental Screening Process

This week we’re focusing on automating the rental screening process with tenant applicants. This will include automated emails to rental requests and calendar synching with appointment reminders. It can be frustrating when you post your rental listing and get replies that seem like they never read it. Why Automate The Screening Process? So it may…Read More

RentPrep Podcast #395

When Tenants Fail To Move In (Podcast #395)

In this week’s episode, Podcast Host, Property Manager & Business Owner, Andrew Schultz, chats about tenants that signed a lease agreement, but then inform the landlord they won’t be moving in because they’ve found another property. What do you do? Emergency funds are a thing to have when owning a rental property. Find out just…Read More

How Much To Charge For A Rental Pet Deposit

It can be challenging for pet owners to find rental properties that allow their pets. Many are happy to pay extra to live in a nice place with their dogs or cats. Landlords can tap into a massive source of highly qualified applicants if they allow pets on their properties. However, they may find themselves…Read More