partial payment agreement

What Is A Partial Payment Agreement? Sample For Landlords

Every landlord has heard this statement before: “Never accept partial payments, or you won’t be able to get your property back or any money in court if you need to evict the tenant.” While this is a widely held belief, is it true that you can never accept partial payments? The truth is more like…Read More

violation of rental maintenance

Rental Maintenance Issues: Dealing With Violations (Form)

As a property owner, it is natural for you to feel a lot of pride in the condition of each of your properties. Even if you are not the one currently living at a property because it is a property that you are renting out, that sense of pride does not disappear. In fact, you…Read More

Quiet Enjoyment

Intro To A Quiet Enjoyment Clause (And How It Can Help You)

Renting out one of your properties means that you are giving someone else the right to use that property in specific ways. Once the lease is signed, you can no longer come and go at will, and the tenant gains some type of control over the management of the property. Of course, this doesn’t mean…Read More

mn crp form

How To Write & File A Certificate of Rent Paid in Minnesota

As a landlord, you already know that every state has a particular set of rules that must be followed when it comes to renting out properties. Laws for tenant-landlord relationships and property management businesses are primarily set on the state level, so it is up to you to be familiar with the particulars of your…Read More

water shut off notice to tenant template

How To Write And Send A Water Shut-Off Notice The Right Way

The basis of every law about landlord responsibilities point to this fact: You are responsible for maintaining your properties in livable condition. There are certain necessities of life that you cannot block or prevent your tenants from having at your property, like water and electricity. When you do need to turn off a service for…Read More

security deposit disposition

Ultimate Security Deposit Disposition Letter Sample (Free)

While every landlord knows that collecting a security deposit is an essential part of protecting their investment when renting properties out, not every landlord knows how to handle withholding some of that money for repairs when a tenant is moving out. Sure, it’s your right as a landlord to keep some of that money for…Read More

key retrieval receipt

Landlord’s Guide To Using Our Key Receipt Template Form

Working as a landlord often means a lot of document management. From rental agreements to pet addendums, there are many different forms that you need to be sure are filled out accurately and completely to protect you and your property from the basic risks of property management work. One form that a lot of landlords…Read More

5 day notice to quit

How to Write The 5 Day Notice Form (Free Template)

No matter how much care you put into finding a great tenant or ensuring that your rental agreement covers all the necessary details, there will come a time when you need to deal with eviction forms. Even if you don’t ultimately end up in a court proceeding through a full-blown eviction hearing, there are going…Read More

Send A No Smoking Memo To Tenants: What Landlords Should Do

Send A No Smoking Memo To Tenants: What Landlords Should Do

When you own a rental property, there are certain things that you have to do to protect your property. Sure, a lot of your responsibilities as a landlord are to keep the property in good and habitable condition for your tenant; however, those are not your only responsibilities. In addition to keeping things in good…Read More

Rental Invoice Template: Landlord’s Guide To The Rent Bill

Rental Invoice Template: Landlord’s Guide To The Rent Bill

Depending on your specific experiences as a property manager or landlord, it’s possible that you’ve never dealt with a rental invoice before. Rent invoices, also known as rent bills, are sometimes given to tenants before or after they have paid rent as a means of organizing and recording the payments. While a rental invoice is…Read More