real estate cryptocurrency

Crypto And Real Estate: Understanding Their Relationship

Recent years have seen the popularity of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and NFTs skyrocket. News media cover stories about crypto companies, and many stores have begun their own forays into transactions involving cryptocurrencies. So, what is the relationship between real estate and cryptocurrency like today? As recently as five years ago, many landlords and investors felt…Read More

cap rate rentals

Rental Property Cap Rate Explained (For Landlords)

Tracking the success and growth of your rental business is only possible with the right figures, formulas, and perspectives. One of the most valuable tools for investors is the cap rate for rentals, also known as the capitalization rate. Cap rates boil down a variety of information that gives you an idea of the expected…Read More

mileage for rental property

How To Calculate Travel Expenses For Rental Property

There are a lot of numbers to keep track of in the rental industry. From vacancy rates to rent averages, numbers are a constant source of information and wealth generation. But there’s one number that some landlords forget to keep their eyes on: mileage for rental property management. Tracking travel expenses for rental property management,…Read More

virtual property tour

Real Estate Virtual Tours: A How-To Guide For Landlords

Virtual reality is a hot term in the tech industry today. But, does this have any effect on the rental and real estate markets? It does: in the form of a virtual property tour. Real estate virtual tours already existed before COVID-19-related shutdowns required this innovation, but there’s no doubt these tours became more commonplace…Read More

how to list property on zillow

How To List On Zillow: Getting Started On The Site

Whether you’re advertising your rental properties or selling off one of your investments, knowing how to list on Zillow is essential. This listing site has become one of the most popular. You want to be sure that you are reaching all potential renters and buyers, and your listing needs to be on Zillow for this…Read More

Rental Property Deductions

Tax Deductions For Rental Property: Write-Offs For Landlords

Every landlord and real estate investor who owns rental property carries responsibility for paying their taxes each year. This is an overwhelming process for many, and it’s easy to miss out on substantial money-saving deductions. However, missing out on essential rental property tax deductions knocks down your business profits. Deductions consider your business’s expenses when…Read More

how to buy commercial properties

How To Purchase Commercial Property (RentPrep Guide)

Buying a business property for your business or investment needs is a complex process. In either case, finding a property that fits and fulfills your needs requires the coordination of many moving parts. It can be overwhelming when you don’t yet know how to buy commercial properties. There are also substantial potential profits in buying…Read More

landlord property management app

Should You Use A Property Management App? (Landlord Guide)

One of the biggest obstacles landlords face in their line of work is a need for more time. Being as a landlord means that you may also be working as a property manager, handyman, and even a rental broker. Take back some of your time with a landlord property management app. Property management apps provide…Read More

rental agency

How Rental Agencies Help Landlords Succeed: A Guide

Many landlords point to the same part of the rental process as their number one priority: tenant selection. Filling vacancies is vital to success, and finding the right tenants for each property is just as important. Using a rental agency to assist with advertising vacancies, screening tenants, and choosing a good fit is one of…Read More

how to start a property management company

Starting A Property Management Company: How To Succeed

Property management is an essential business for many in the rental industry. Landlords and tenants work with property managers on both sides, making their role necessary. If you’re ready to learn how to start a property management company and get involved in this thriving market, today’s your day to know more. Running a property management…Read More