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As adults working in the world of real estate, it might be easy to forget that there’s still a lot of ways that having a teacher or coach on your side can help you learn! After all, what more is there to learn once you have your real estate license?

Spoiler: a lot!

Real estate is a constantly changing business. In addition to needing to keep up with new codes, laws, and regulations, there are also many best practices that you can discover. These practices can ensure that you are able to turn a bigger profit year after year, but what is the most efficient way to research these tactics?

For most agents, landlords, and other individuals in the business, turning to the best real estate coaches is going to be the right way to learn more. These coaches devote their time to examining, learning from, and being the top agents around, and the title “top agent” doesn’t come without skill.

Through their coaching programs, the top real estate coaches and trainers are willing to share that knowledge with you! While it is certainly possible to do your own research, time is money. And your time can be most efficiently spent with a coach than sifting through hundreds of articles yourself!

Today, we’ve gathered up a list of real estate agent coaches that may be able to help you become a stronger agent. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a few coaches that stand out to you and give their trial course a go. 

The list is divided into three coach types: real estate agent coaches, investment coaches, and commercial real estate coaches. Depending on the specific area of real estate that you want to focus on, you’ll be able to find the best fitting coach!

A Table Of Contents For The Top Real Estate Coaches

Industry Legends

1. Mike Ferry

Mike FerryMike Ferry is one of the most well-known names in the real estate world. In many ways, he was the first modern real estate coach who took on the task of educating not just his colleagues but the entire industry.  

The coaching offered for agents under Ferry comes in many forms. From weekly one-on-ones to retreats and even full seminars, there are a variety of ways that you can access the knowledge that Ferry’s plan has to offer. 

Mike Ferry’s real estate coaching solutions are best for those who want the reliability of one of the biggest names in the industry to back up their investment into education.

2. Brian Buffini

Brian BuffiniAnother well-known name in the real estate industry, the popularity of Brian Buffini’s coaching program has been growing for many years. Once, Brian said this about the value of receiving coaching: “A coach can get more out of you than you can get out of yourself.”

And largely, that is the basis of his program. The goal is to connect you with a coach that can help you highlight and hone the skills. These might even be skills that you don’t even realize can be used to improve the success of your business! If you want to be pushed to success, this is a great choice.

3. Tim And Julie Harris

Tim And Julie HarrisTim and Julie Harris were successful in real estate as top-producing agents before they moved into the world of coaching. After helping themselves and their teams become great agents, they realized that this knowledge could benefit many others, too.

Their coaching programs come in a wide variety of packages, which range from just $100 up to over $1,000 depending on the level of coaching, commitment, and direct feedback that you want to receive. Even at the lower levels, however, the coaches give you amazing access to daily seminars with Julie to improve your business.

4. Floyd Wickman

Floyd WickmanFinally, let’s talk about what Floyd Wickman offers in terms of coaching. While Floyd was the founder of the company, The Floyd Wickman Program is now headed by Mike Pallin. Floyd has an incredible legacy as being one of the most influential agents ever, and that is being continued under Mike!

The courses offered by the program are geared towards those who are looking to learn from a leader in the industry that has the experience of decades on their side. Their programs focus on selling skills and marketing efforts.

5. Richard Robbins

Richard RobbinsThe Richard Robbins programs are offered in two varieties. There are solo agent focused training programs and also team focused programs. Pending your current needs, you can find a lot of guidance in these programs. 

Both levels take on different perspectives of the same real estate requirements. The key focuses in Robbins’ programs are systems, system implementation, ROI analysis, and addressing weak points in your overall business model.

6. Corcoran Coaching

Baba MillsCorcoran Coaching is led by CEO Bubba Mills, an impressive agent in the world of real estate. Whether you are a solo agent looking to grow your profit or a broker trying to extend the power of your team, Corcoran has a program that will fit any situation.

The systems and training that Corcoran can provide are particularly valuable for those that are just getting started and have little experience, but they can also be great models for experienced agents and brokers that want to streamline their production.

7. Ken Goodfellow

Ken GoodfellowCoach Ken International was founded by Ken Goodfellow who was a successful broker managing over 200 agents before selling his business and moving into coaching.

Ken Goodfellow now coaches the best-known names in real estate to achieve outstanding results. He has been acclaimed as one of the top and most trusted real estate coaches in North America.

Coach Ken International’s programs specialize in top-performing agents and teams making $1,000,000+ CGI a year and looking to grow and scale their business to become the best of the best. He also has programs that develop team leaders into successful CEOs and hosts mastermind groups with the top real estate agents in North America.

8. Craig Proctor

Craig ProctorCoaching by Craig Proctor is very unique. Seminars for this program are actually given for free in many areas so you can get a lot of the most basic knowledge of their coaching program in about three hours.

Of course, you’ll want to invest in the program to get the full experience, but these short and free sessions can help you decide if the program will be effective for your needs.

Change Is Good: Newer Coaches

9. Tom Ferry

tom ferry-Like his father, Tom Ferry has a passion for educating, but his style is a bit different from his father’s. While the same basic principles of what it takes to be a great real estate are taught in Tom’s program, this program blends more of modern technology with the old favorites.

For those agents that are hoping to be connected with a coach and really use tech on their side, Tom Ferry’s program could be a great fit.

Group phone calls, lead generation support, and more resources can be accessed via a monthly fee to the Tom Ferry program.

10. Michael Simms

Michael SimmsOld, familiar names and big programs are great options for coaching, but they aren’t the only options. Michael Simms is a Century 21 agent that has consistently ranked in the top 1% of brokers on Long Island for a number of years. Working with both residential and commercial properties, Michael is an accommodating and talented agent with a lot of knowledge to share.

11. Bernice Ross

Bernice RossBernice is an amazing woman who works in the world of real estate. Her coaching specifically focuses on helping solo agents move on to running their own teams or even brokerages. If you are ready to scale up what you are working on by yourself, there’s no better teacher than Ross. 

There is a huge range of programs available with Ross, and the fees will depend on how much direct feedback and personalization you would like to receive from Ross and her team.

12. Joshua Smith

Joshua SmithJoshua Smith’s program, GSD Mode, is also known as the “Get Sh*T Done” program. Josh has an incredible amount of ongoing personal experience in the industry with more than one home sale on average per day.

He is dedicated to helping you to learn how to effectively start creating results that look more like his and less like the frustrating path you may have been traveling down. If your goal is huge growth, GSD is a great program for you.

13. Travis Robertson

Travis RobertsonTravis Robertson of the Don’t Settle Group has a program known as The Real Estate Playbook. This 10-module coaching program walks you through each step of what it truly means to be a knowledgeable and successful real estate agent. From marketing techniques to properly managing your listings, the program will cover it.

If you find yourself spending your time inefficiently, Robertson’s program is a great choice. Try out an hour-long complimentary strategy session to find out if his coaching will work for you.

14. Lee Davenport

Lee DavenportLearn with Dr. Lee, run by Lee Davenport, is an inspiring coaching company. If you have tried coaching programs before and found that your personality didn’t fit with the programs, you might find that success with Lee. She believes in the power of individuality in real estate and will help you hone yours. 

As an experienced educator, Dr. Lee will ensure that you find ways to grow your strengths even more!

15. Julie Youngblood

Julie YoungbloodWhen it comes to getting sales and leads in the industry, Julie Youngblood has figured it out. And the Youngblood team is ready to share with you the secrets to that success. Their coaching relies on structure, accountability, analytics, and a no-excuses mindset to ensure your success.

Those who can benefit from a tough mentality will thrive under the Youngblood coaching method.

16. Jared James

Jared JamesFor agents that want to have a lot of deep analysis down to their business to see where they are falling short, Jared James’s coaching program is a great choice. The program immediately matches you up with a trained coach that can help you improve. They’ll examine routines, systems, and more to figure out what you need to do to grow.

The coaching with these coaches isn’t easy, but it does work. Jared James does accountability and human behavior right, and that will make a difference.

17. Liz Bentley

LIZ BENTLEYIf you want to learn about how human behavior plays a role in your real estate business, Liz Bentley and associates are the right coaching team for you to work with.

In addition to real estate coaching, this company has a lot of experience in personal and business level performance feedback and coaching. This means that you can get a well-rounded and incredibly insightful look at how your business is working through a partnership with Liz Bentley.

18. Real Estate Mavericks

Greg HagueGreg Hague runs Real Estate Mavericks with the knowledge that he knows he can help you to run your business more successfully. When joining the program, you’ll get an entire package of advertising materials that can be used immediately. 

His proven ideas and strategies have brought his business success for many years, and you can expect the future of yours to do the same with his targeted coaching support. 

If your main goal is to learn how to find more seller leads, this is one of the best programs that you can choose.

19. Candy Miles Crocker

Candy Miles-CrockerCandy is one of the most hardworking real estate coaches around, and that’s part of why she is so memorable! Her work focuses on teaching real estate agents to manage their own expectations while also educating the consumers’ opinions of how working with a real estate should be.

Candy and her team are still working real estate agents, and that means that all of their material is up-to-date and actually proven! When you work with Candy, you can expect to gain confidence, knowledge, and sales.

20. Josh Altman

Josh AltmanThe Altman Brothers team, led by Josh Altman on the real estate front, have a lot of valuable knowledge to offer. The books, videos, and programs offered by this team focus on the negotiation, charism, and confidence that must be built up in your deal-making skills in order to have a million-dollar real estate business.

If you find that you feel anxious or stressed when negotiating a deal with or for your clients, you need this program to help you find your groove that will lead to more closes.

21. Mike Stott

Mike StottThe basis of Mike Stott’s business at Your Coaching Matters is that many coaching programs out there aren’t as fully developed as they should be. For that reason, YCM has been working since 2009 to make sure that all coaches in their program are fully educated and accredited so that they can properly help you improve!

If you are someone who needs to feel the passion and inspiration from their coaches to get motivated, the YCM team may be the right fit for you!

22. Steve Shull

Steve ShullSteven Shull’s business Performance Coaching helps agents to focus on mindset, accountability, and efficient use of their time. The coaching helps you to find ways to do what you didn’t previously believe was possible for you to do. 

As a former professional athlete, Shull didn’t set up a program that’s going to coddle you. Instead, the coaching will push you forward with incredible enthusiasm to ensure that you can reach all of your goals.

23. Kevin Ward of YesMasters

Kevin WardThe YesMasters program relies on the idea that you can make things happen in your business by believing in their success. In particular, the 100 ListMaster aspect of their program has helped agents to successfully re-envision the way that they personally succeed, and each program is limited to no more than 25 agents. 

The Challenge is ideal for new and even experienced agents who will benefit from higher levels of accountability to their own work and success.

Investment Coaching 101

24. Stefan Aaronio

Stefan AaronioThe most popular training item from Stefan Aarnio’s coaching program is the 100k Challenge Boxset. This set is focused on the investor side of real estate and aims to teach you how to get investors to back your real estate investments within your first year. 

This is not the only course offered; Aarnio also offers selling, marketing, and complete process systems that you can learn from. For the most part, agents who are ready to become investors will benefit most from these programs.

25. Mark Ferguson

Mark FergusonInvestFourMore is an investment focused coaching program originally set up by Mark Ferguson. If you are ready to start investing more into the flip and management aspects of real estate, this is a great coaching program.

Though he is an agent, Mark also owns many rental properties and flips dozens of houses each year. This means that he can help you on every front as you spread your wings across the industry lines.

26. Justin Williams

 Justin WilliamsThe House Flipping HQ program run by Justin Williams is more on the investment front than the real estate front. The training you can gain here is all about what you need to do to be able to flip houses efficiently, without too much stress, and for big profits.

Learning about the best ways to research rehab to finding the best deals, all of these areas will be touched on through the detailed coaching that can be found in the program.

Choosing Your Coach

Now that you’ve learned more about the best real estate coaches, you might be wondering which is going to work for you.

Ultimately, the best real estate investment coaches for your business is going to depend on the specific goals that you want to focus on. If you want to work with more commercial property, commercial real estate coaches are going to be the way to go. If you’re just getting started in the industry, go with real estate coaches for newbies.

And remember – you can always invest in more than one coach over time! While most coaches aim to be comprehensive in their education, it’s also possible to select them based on specific areas of expertise that they have. Choose wisely, but don’t be afraid to try out more than one coach over time!